State Media Accountability: Charles Goldberg

Charles Goldberg, the Auburn flunky…errr…Auburn beat writer for the Birmingham News is at it again. The Auburn apologist this time has published what looks like a press release direct from the Auburn athletic department in defense of Cecil Newton being at the Auburn-Oregon game last Monday night.

The NCAA made their feelings clear in regard to the elder Newton, who was proven to have solicited funds illegally from Mississippi State to the tune of $180,000 in exchange for his son’s services. An ongoing NCAA investigation is still underway to determine his possible involvement in Auburn’s recruitment and signing of his son, Cameron Jerrell Newton.

Auburn was ordered to provide Cecil “limited access” to the program. Following the Oregon game, however, his access appeared anything but limited as Cam quickly pinpointed him in the stands and went to him for a post-game daddy-son hug.

With so much controversy surrounding his presence at or near an Auburn football event (remember he skipped out of the Heisman proceedings altogether), one would think a journalist would at least take an objective stance at such an encounter, given the circumstances.

At best, there is a story there. At worst, it becomes a dangerous issue to Auburn.

But then, we’re talking Charles Goldberg here. Baghdad Bob didn’t convey press releases more diligently.

While Don Kausler, The Birmingham News’ beat writer for Alabama looks under every rock for dirt to write (remember him going to homes for battered women following an incident involving Courtney Upshaw and his girlfriend?), you will likely read Barrack Obama downing the Democratic Party before you hear Goldberg report anything controversial or negative about Auburn.

Makes you wonder why…