Comparing UA & AU announcements…interesting

This week, Alabama and Auburn players both made decisions regarding their future in college or the NFL.

At Alabama, you had 2010 Heisman winner Mark Ingram and All-Americans Marcel Dareus and Julio Jones flanked by their head coach at an official, University sanctioned press conference. Each player was decked out in matching University of Alabama gear. The three superstars announced their decision to join the upcoming NFL draft, while fellow teammate Dont’a Hightower decided to stay in school for his senior season.

Again today, Mark Barron was joined by Alabama head coach Nick Saban in a University of Alabama press conference, where the talented junior announced he was staying for the 2011 season.

In both instances, players took questions, there was discussion with the media, and there was nothing to hide.

Shifting gears, across the state, Auburn had two players with decisions to make.

Cam Newton, easily the most meaningful player to the Awbuhn Fambly since the now fat Bo Jackson played for the Tigers, announced Thursday night that he would go to the NFL.

No press conference. No Gene Chizik offering an endorsement in-person. Just an awkward, rambling and at at times in-coherent interview in what looked like a closet, hitting ESPN around 9:00pm.

The following day, the dirtiest player to play in the SEC since…ever…had a decision to announce, but like Cam’s announcement under the cover of night, Nick Fairley chose to announce far from Auburn University at his high school. He too would enter the NFL draft, but no Chizik, no Auburn, nothing.

Recruits, sit up and take notice. At one school you have a head coach whose goal is to do what’s best for his players, even if it means what isn’t best for him and his team personally. If Coach Nick Saban can get you to the NFL in three years, where you’ll make millions of dollars simply by signing your name, he will. You will be escorted to the table with honor, and your departure won’t be shady, but rather celebrated.

At the other, the Auburn announcements just felt…icky. What were the players afraid of? Where was the Auburn brass when these players had an opportunity to shine? Is this brass only interested in themselves and not the well-being of their players?

Recruits today are not fans of any one team. They want to make it to the NFL, and want to know they will play somewhere that gives them the best chance to set their families for life. Alabama can get you there, and from outside appearances, wants to.

Possibly the reason Barron’s announcement came today was it is one of if not the biggest recruiting weekend before signing day for the Tide. The talent on campus this weekend is a virtual who’s-who of top 2011 prospects, and no doubt they had a front-row seat to sit up and take notice of a staff committed to getting them their best chance to be employed in the National Football League, if they have what it takes.

Does Auburn offer the same honor? Doesn’t look like it.

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  1. 3

    There is a difference in the way things are done at both schools but I get the feeling over the last two weeks something is bad wrong on the “Plains”.
    I don’t know anything but something “just aint right”.

  2. 5

    Hey, I see where they made it official that we stole The “U’s” O-line coach. Hey, considering Miami’s reputation maybe he can teach us to play dirty like the Barnturds. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  3. 6

    I agree tblakney. The week after we won it last year it was a whirlwind for Saban and the team. It was constant interviews, special appearances, filming advertisments, articals nonstop in SI, ESPN, USAToday, all the media services. Where’s the Barnturd exposure? There’s nothing going on. Nobody wants them, or everybody wants them and they are hiding out cause they know what all the questions are gonna be about! What a phucking joke! Do we even have a new National Champion? I’m not sure cause I haven’t heard or read anything about it except here on our board! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  4. 7
    Mike Reaves

    You Ala University bamers, legends in your own minds. Obviously uneducated people who talk through their rectums!

  5. 9

    Hey Mike, don’t you have a tree you should be throwing toilet paper in to celebrate Aub’s NC* ?

    Toilet Paper and this NC* (and the last one also), seem to go along well with each other 🙂

  6. 10

    Notice! USA Today reported that NCAA president Emmert indicated that the enforcement division is doing an in depth investigation into the Scam scam. Bwaa Haww Haww! Now yall don’t scratch up that crystal football ya hear. It’s going to Corvallis, Oregon shortly. RTR!

  7. 13

    Really??? Lol!!!! you guys are now reduced to comparing NFL announcements????? Congrats, you win the 2010/11 NFL announcement championship. LOL!!!!! Feel better now? Seriously, you guys have to be the most pathetic bunch of bitter losers I have ever witnessed. BTW – I can assure you that there has been plenty of celebrating… You just haven’t been invited.

  8. 14
    Mike Reaves

    13andDone ,toilet paper is to expensive to throw. Can’t deal with AUBURN being National Champions? Maybe you need to seek therapy. Have you ever heard the phrase that ignorance is bliss, you and your bamer friends must be very happy! I HOPE THIS IS NOT TO FAR OVER YOUR HEAD!

  9. 15

    Mike, maybe you can be more specific. “Bamers” are ignorant about…..?

    Please let us know. We want to make you happy.

    Hey man, you team just won the National Championship*, why would you even know us “bamers” are even alive!?

    Talk about being in awe of ignorance…..I’m in “awe” of you!

  10. 16

    Hey Mike, the only thing “over my head” is why your panties are in a wad and you are on a Bama site getting all pissed.

    I guess you really don’t feel like celebrating your NC*. Maybe you can go to therapy to find out why….


  11. 17

    I’m still laughing cause the Barnville Barnturds made fun of us last year cause our NC trophy was displayed at WalMarts across the State. Well well well…what goes around comes around. I bet it ain’t so funny now Barnturds is it?

    13 > 2 – 1 = 1 shared NC Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  12. 18
    Mike Reaves

    13andDone Just ignorant in general, and I can go on any website I choose, I am sworn to stamping out ignorance wherever I can, it just happens to be bamers.

  13. 19
    Mike Reaves

    AUTiger47 These Bamers are to easy! We could dominate this blog just like we dominated Ala University in the Iron Bowl!

  14. 21

    Talk about ignorance. Isn’t the pot callint the kettle black? I guess I must be ignorant cause I fail to see any dominance in the Iron Bowl. A miraculous 1 point win brought about by 2 lucky turnovers, a wide open droped td pass by sure handed Richardson, 2 missed tackles Barron that gave you 14 points because he didn’t tell anybody he had a torn pectorial muscle and couldn’t use his right arm and stayed in the game, You gave up nearly 400 yard passing, 500 yards total offense and were held to a little over 350. And if McElroy hadn’t gotten hurt on that freak tackle you damn well better believe the way he ate your arses with the pass he would have completed a couple to get us in position for a game winning field goal. Yep arsehole you really dominated us. RTR!

  15. 22

    “I am sworn to stamping out ignorance wherever I can”

    LOL! Mike, there is no doubt you are an Auburn Tiger. You guys can come up with the weirdest stuff.

    I give! You have really put us “Bamers” in our place.

    Let me ask you something, are you and all the other Aubies that come to this site, the best and brightest of all Aubie Fans?

    Please say ‘Yes’ ! LMAO!!!

  16. 23

    “We could dominate this blog just like we dominated Ala University in the Iron Bowl!”


    Another good one Mike. Please, come and dominate! I’m sure it will be short lived, but it will be fun to read the s**t you come up with !

    Instead of S**t, maybe it should change to S – Aub NC – Aub NC – t…..LOL

  17. 24

    Congrats to Auburn on thier most
    glorious season ever*
    Congrats on going 14-0*
    And their National Championship*
    You guys earned it*

  18. 25

    Oh the “Ala University” line, really hurt. I’m devastated.

    Actually, I didn’t think when Saban said “University of Auburn” last year it would have that much of an effect on ya’ll.

    I guess I was wrong. Oh well, by turning it around and saying “Ala University” will definitely make all us “Bamers” feel inferior. You got us again !!!

    BTW, I am sorry Saban said that. I had no idea what fragile emotions AweBarn had…ooops sorry. I meant Auburn. Please don’t go kill yourself.

  19. 26
    Mike Reaves

    Crimsonite and 13and Done, sorry i didn’t realize you guys were kids i can tell by your childish responses The Iron bowl was never in question.Auburn could score at will, no matter what Ala. did Auburn would have done more.Sounds like yall have a bad case of the old sour-grapes syndrone. I understand that Ala. fans are taught to be arrogant this is the reason yall went through 7 coaches in 10 years, I would advise yall that yall had better wake up and smell the coffee, get use to being the step child!

  20. 27

    Oh yeah, I can tell already, this is gonna be a fun winter, spring and summer. Hell, I may have more fun phucking with the Barnturds and waiting on the hammer to fall, than I did revelling in our NC last year. It must be a real beotch being a Barnturd right now trying to celebrate the biggest season in their history and at the same time living in denial that the NCAA is going to assfry them; deep down terrified that not only is it all going to evaporate, but that they will be curbstomped into a division 3 alsoran when it’s all over. Hell, even if it never happens, just thinking about the sheer terror they feel in the pit of their stomachs keeping them from enjoying this most joyous of times is enough to keep me happy, warm and comfy as a bug in a rug all through the long winter and into the next national record Bama Spring Game. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  21. 28

    Oh Mike, you are special. How are we suppose to get use to being a step-child when that is Auburn’s label?

    Look lets get serious here, Nostradameus. Alabama will never be labeled as a stepchild. In fact, we won’t even see you on this blog by the time the season starts or if the NCAA investigation gets really serious before then.

    As far as childish responses, I believe you hold that distinction. Why the hell do you think I’ve been making fun of them so much.

    Seriously though, why are you here TRYING to talk trash, instead of an Auburn blog celebrating with your kind on your NC*?

    If we were really the “step-child”, you wouldn’t be here getting so defensive about what we say. You actions are more telling then any stupid thing you write. And that is saying alot!

  22. 29

    I guess little brother is mad again. They still can’t quite live up to Bama’s accomplishments.

    It must suck to know that 73% of the country thinks Auburn’s title is tainted (according to an ESPN poll). Oh that’s right, Auburn doesn’t care. And they will let you know quick and tell you for 3 months how much they don’t care. It doesn’t affect them at all…..LOL

    My prediction? The next 20 years will REALLY give Auburn an inferiority complex.

    Whore Eagle !

  23. 30

    It would also be interesting to compare the last two Heisman Trophy winners, quite a difference there, too.

  24. 31

    You got that right, 8083! There was a reason that over 100 voters abstained from even voting.

    Hint…it had nothing to do with the field statistics. If I remember correctly, I think it was related to a character issue…

  25. 34
    Mike Reaves

    Bamasig8083, an additional imbusul,13andDone and crimsonite, excuses, excuses ,excuses.You people have excuses for everthing your loss to South Carolina which we beat twice,loss to LSU,which by the way we beat , and oh yeah the Alabama University Paciderms who we spotted 24 points and then with the greatest of ease came back to win, the most humiliating defeat ever. You Sons of Saban are pathetic. By the way aren’t yall still on somekind of probation from the text-book affair 3 or 4 years ago. The phrase there is none so blind than those that will not see,this fits bammers to tee!

  26. 35

    Barnergeddon will sho’ be ICKY. There’s so many rats already fleeing the sewers on the plains the local alley cats think it’s a buffet.

  27. 36
    Alex Hamilton

    Mike Reaves thinks anyone is ignorant if they refuse to fellate, $cam Newton. Get a clue, Barners. Not everyone thinks your season is as lilly white as you claim.

    Go swig some more Cammy Cam Juice, Mike. Unfortunately for you and Charles Goldberg, you can’t get it from the source, neither of you are blonde 20 year old white women.

    But hey, at least Rachel Baribeau can dream.

  28. 37


    The whole “aren’t you currently on probation” thing is totally lost on these people. Somehow, despite the fact that bama has been on probation the last 17 of 20 years, and is CURRENTLY on probation, they feel justified in suggestinh Auburn (who has not been implicated by anyone as doing anything wrong) is the most dirty program since the introduction of the NCAA. It’s fairly remarkable to me and I’m still trying to figure out the rationale… Of course, the most probable explanation is that they aren’t rational.

  29. 38

    Barntards are all dumbasses. You’re not capable of a rational thought.If you were you’d realize the shit has already hit the fan.

    Barntard Gilley is on house arrest for trying to bribe Massey with 500K for his silence and this since the federal indictments were handed down.

    Barntard Massey has been told “snitches get stitches” and has asked for federal protective custody by beginning his prison sentence early, even though his sentencing isn’t even scheduled until September.

    Thousands of hours of FBI wiretaps and 200,000 pages of court-filed documents will prove just how corrupt Barntard University is.Just keep your heads buried in the sand dumbasses. Someone will let you know when the NCAA’s PLOI arrives.

  30. 39

    You phuckers just heard from our resident Taxi Chaser so you better straighten your arses up and pay attention! If it’s on e-Bay they better sell it fast cause the tow truck is on the way to reposess it! Wish I had time to get on my computer so I could copy and paste my comments from the Goldberg thread. I’ve got these fist phuckers completely figured. Just don’t care to retype everything on my cell even with the Qwerpy keyboard. Ya’ll just laugh at the stupid bastards. They’re desperated for validation and from fear of the hammer stroke. The bullshite they say in their posts makes less sense that a dick and balls on a settin hen. It’s so phucking rediculous that I have to laugh instead of getting mad. Do you think these retarded phuckers might actually be Bammers just phucking with us, trying to say the most outlandish, inflammatory bullshite that they can dream up? Cause it’s hard to believe even Barnturds could be that stupid. Hell, they’re dumber than Indiana Vol whose brain can’t control his bowels! RTR!

  31. 40

    Tell me… Just what is incorrect about my last post? Is bama not currently on probation? Have they not been on probation 17 of the last 20 years?

  32. 42
    Pistol Pete

    and scumbag scam will tell the nfl scouts what happened and then that will be made public – straight from the little sheets mouth

  33. 43
    Mike Reaves

    AUTiger47,these guys have no response to your last post, at least not any that makes sense.This will be my last post,this is not fun anymore. These bammers are such easy marks it’s embarrassing. I’m telling you AUTiger47 I really do believe we’re dealing with a bunch of school kids. Be honest guys are all of you still in jr high? Just go back and review all these guys posts it’s pathetic. I’m leaving so they can have their site back. They can tell each other how great their elephants are and how great their going to be next year. I KNOW i

  34. 45

    Yeah, thanks AUTiger for the intelligent posts! They were very enlightening.

    I’m sure going to miss Mike…..

  35. 47

    And at the bottom line:
    After all is said and done, Bama is still Bama and Auburn is still the little loud-mouth red headed step-sister, and the Auburn fans still have insecurity issues.

  36. 48

    You said it 13. Damn, did you read that mile long post on the first thread. That phucker quoted every stat in existance to show us the Barnturds have been better the past 25 years. Do those tards ever see me on a Barnie site doing that shite. They had the best 6 or 7 straight years in their history under Tubby. They had several very good runs with Dye and the Smurf Bowden. Almost the entire time Bama was depleted by probation and yet they have a better record than us during that time in only a few categories and they were never able to accomplish the ultimate goal nor establish any dominance. Their wins over even our worst teams were slim while we stomped hell out of them on occasion. Now they get one lucky year with an illegal team knowing they’re gonna suck next year, and suddenly they are the Almighty and the coaches for whom they waited at the airport with a lynch mob when they were hired, whom they wanted to burn at the stake last year – suddenly they are the best there ever was! What obnoxious tards!

  37. 49

    Note: 2008-2011, Bama 12-2, 14-0, 10-3 projected 14-0 and to play for BCSNC in ’11; Barnturds 5-7, 8-5, 14-0* soon to be 0-14, projected 6-6 and 8th in SEC in ’11. Now who is it that has really returned to power? Soooo, you’ve got the greatest coaching staff in the country huh? I think we’ll reserve judgement on that until we see what they do with that shite for a team you’ve got coming back next year. Of course Jacobs and Dye could always go out and buy another team. But that wouldn’t be fair would it? Did I really just ask that question to a Barnturd? Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  38. 50

    Who is this Mike Reaves guy? Poof, just popped in out of nowhere. I think he is just another Auburn fan who all the sudden decided it was okay to finally stick his chest out. So, when did ya start this ‘stamping out ignorance’ campaign? And hows that working out for ya? Have you been to the Auburn boards doing that? For such a small fanbase, the ignorance is pretty rampant on your side. But your teams success is short-lived. No one but your ignorant fan base is giving Auburn much of a chance to sustain it. That’s why there isn’t much hype about your team. It was really all about Cam all along, and now he is gone. Played at three different schools, and he left you guys after one season. That is the only way Auburn will ever amount to anything. Not by building up a program and having a team full of talent, but by recruiting (possibly paying) one shot guns for hire. That is what Saban has reduced you to. But hey, Auburn gambled and it paid off. Congratulations!

  39. 51

    Recruits are taking notice… and they’re choosing Auburn… Ever hear of Brent Calloway? Also, we just landed Frost…. See you all next year

  40. 52

    Good post, Dan. Short and stupid.

    “Ever hear of Brent Calloway?”

    Nah, dip-sh*t, no one has ever heard of Brent Calloway.

    Do you want me to list all the big-time recruits that have “taken notice of Bama” over the last 4 years.

    Look, as long as Saban is at Alabama, you will never out recruit him on a consistent basis (even you are paying ’em). You might get close once every 4 to 5 years, but Alabama will normally out-recruit API. The only game you “might” win, is in-state recruiting. But Alabama recruits nationally now, so that isn’t a killer for us.

    Auburn is recruiting well, Bama is recruiting better.

  41. 53

    Auburn just won the NC, but they depleted, with so many spots for early playing time. Bama is loaded with hardly any room to spare, and is still out-recruiting Auburn. I think all those come-from-behind victories this season has got their heads swelled up. Bama will be back contending for another NC before Auburn is even competitive in the SEC again.

  42. 54

    lessthen13 I have to say I agree with this :

    “Auburn is recruiting well, Bama is recruiting better.”

    Thats what I have been saying all along. Man great post 13!!!!Saban Does less with more the any coach in the nation!!! Man I must be getting through to you.

  43. 55
    Mike Reaves

    BamaBrando, undoubtably my stamping out ignorance campaign isn’t working to well, your’re still ignorant!

  44. 57
    Mike Shannon

    We have possibly the number one pick and another top five pick (who was the best player in college football this year) so they can do what they want. Your sorry ass players need an endorsement from a scumbag like $aban in hopes of getting drafted in the first round. I am going to laugh when $aban ditches you bammers and leaves your asses crying and in line for another 6 losses in a row to us!


  45. 58




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