AU wins it all*

Picture credit to LSUFreak. From one artist to another, nobody does it as well as him. But the picture tells it all.

Everybody knows something stinks in Lee County, and like the Reggie Bush/USC stink that never went away until the NCAA finally kicked them both in the crotch several years later, this one won’t either.

Congratulations to the Abarn Tigers. You have had your day.

But the reason OJ Simpson is rotting in jail today is two-fold. One, his unbridled arrogance kept him on a trek where he believed he could get away with anything. And two, those in authority, when the time came for them to be able to do something about it, did.

That day is coming for Abarn. Tonight, they fornicate with goats, throw butt paper into a dying tree and do all the things they do in Lee County. But in the near future, it all comes crashing down.

Tonight, all I can say is, thank God the 2010 season is finally over. Thank God that 10-3 is finally a down year again at Bama. And thank God that the FBI has the goods on a select few that will bring new evidence to light, making this asterisk of a season fade away into the night.

It won’t matter to barners. That’s what makes them barners. But the world will know…again…that the only way you win in Lee County is to cheat. And from Eric Smith kicking a helmetless Oregon player in the head (and continuing to play) to Nick Fairley continuing to be the dirty son of a bitch he is, to the Newtons deciding to come to Auburn over an $180,000 offer from MSU for good rea$on, the world will know again that cheating has been perfected in Lee County.

For now.