RECRUITING: Oklahoma State crybabies

Oklahoma State is crying foul over Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban’s visit to the state.

The crybabies are upset over Saban’s bump into Barry Sanders Jr. According to the report, “My job is to deal with compliance on our campus, but when another coach from another institution comes in and starts doing stuff like that in our backyard it certainly causes us some concern,” said Kevin Fite, the Associate Athletics Director of Compliance at OSU.

And OSU wants to go running to the NCAA or the SEC over the bump.

“Institutions can contact other institutions, or that conference, and say ‘Hey, this is going on,’” Fite said. “Especially because things like that are out in the media, it quickly becomes known so it’s almost like we don’t have to. But at the same time, if you have a certain level of concern, I think it’s important to express it.”

Want to know why Big XII football sucks and can’t compete with the SEC? They are crybabies. Maybe if they took football seriously out there OSU might have a chance against Texas or Oklahoma.

If OSU’s only hope is the NCAA then don’t expect a very good recruiting year.


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    This is nothing compared to Scam being shopped around. I expected to hear all you Auburn fans whining about it though. Considering the controversy you have going on, you look pretty stupid right now.

  2. 4
    Indiana Vol

    Same old Bammer, same old Satan: BOTH HABITUAL CHEATERS!!

    Rammer-Jammer Yeller-Hammer; GO TO HELL ALABAMMER!

  3. 6

    Not a gawddamn one of you inbred motherphuckers knows the circumstances surrounding this incident. From the reports I’ve read not even the media actually knows much of anything. But one thing I do know is that Saban is sneakier and smarter than anyone when it comes to recruiting. Not in your pathetic lifetimes would he do anything that could come back on him or his program. Anybody who knows college football knows OSU and their ultra rich sugar daddy are whinny, snotty, horses asses with a huge inferiority complex. There is no way they could stomach Saban coming into their territory and trying to steal their poster child, son of their greastest hero. They are certainly pissed and will say anything to extract vengence. Actually I don’t understand why Saban is even recruiting him. The apple doesn’t always fall close to the tree and we have shite loads of fantastic RB’s with one or maybe two more coming in Feb. Now to change the subject. If you guys aren’t busy you should check out ESPN’s (cont.)

  4. 7

    (Cont.) artical on Darren Thomas and Jerremiah Masoli. It just might be worth your while. Apparently Thomas is the anti-Newton and he’s not a left coaster. He’s from just down the street in Houston, Tx and was committed to LSU until Miles wanted to change his position. The guy seems to be someone to be proud of instead of embarrassed like someone we know. I’ll tell you right now I just became a one day Ducks fan. No more procrastination – Go Nike Nightmares! Comon’ Darren, showup the Barnturd play for pay arsehole. RTR!

  5. 10

    It’s not like Auburn coached have never payed a player before. It’s not like Auburn has very shady boosters and board members that are deeply involved in a Federal investigation or anything, ….oh wait but they are!

    I can see where Saban bumping into a high school kid at his school is a very serious issue. I mean, someone like Saban with his reputation for coaching kids up was to talk to your recruit, well, thats not even fair. If he does it much more, they may have to give him some jail time. Especially if he makes room on his team to get a player he wants. You should go to prison for that.

    Point is, Bama’s problems are good problems to have. You know he’s doing something right if Auburn fans are crying foul.
    Auburn’s problems are not the kind of problems I would want to have. It’s just a matter of time before Auburn gets in trouble again, with the pressure Saban has put on them since he got to Bama.

  6. 13

    Oh and by the way, Go Aggies. USCjr lost, Arky lost, LSU is getting embarrassed. After they lose and the Barnturds lose; based on bowl results Bama will end the season as the SEC’s best team. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  7. 14


    Only a gamma fan could possibly believe a hypothetical 1 loss team is not better than a 3 loss team that they beat head to head. Of course, I shouldn’t be surprised given the comment is coming from a fanbase that claims a national championship from a year they didn’t even win the sec.

    You guys responses to this cheating allegation is so predictable it makes me laugh. Let’s summarize shall we? Bama’s been in trouble with the NCAA 17 of the last 20 years, is currently on probation, and somehow you guys have the audacity to throw stones at au, who was cleared by the NCAA. Now, when it comes out that saban may have broken some rules, you guys applaud it, accuse others of whining, and can’t make up excuses fast enough. With the lack of reason, logic, and moral compass that you guys have demonstrated, I actually feel sorry for you, because it is abundantly clear that genetics have not worked in your favor.

  8. 15

    Saban doesn’t break rules you dumbass . He plays along the edges of the rules and if the NCAA doesn’t like what he does then they are perfectly able to clarify an ambiguous rule to make it more specific. Which Nicky has forced them to do in the past. If he tramples a little too far onto the edges of a visitation or bump rule, well then all he has to do is self report a secondary violation and it simply disappears. A far cry from Limos and Rap music and Big Cat Weekend and playing a player who the whole administration knows has been shopped and probably secretly paid for and then having him lie to the NCAA and say he knew nothing about it. Only the stupidest most ignorant motherphucker ever spit out of an infected cunt could ever believe that chrock of shite. Motherphucker if you think your pissant team could ever beat Alabama again, especially if you can’t even beat Oregon, then you’re right up there on the stupid pedestal with the ones I mentioned above. No lucky breaks or taking the second half off again.

  9. 20

    So in other words, when Auburn is cleared by the NCAA, we are a buch lof cheaters. When Saban, however, breaks the rules, he is really just trampling “…a little too far onto the edges of a visitation or bump rule…”? You guys are laughable. By the way,your comment that “…well then all he has to do is self report a secondary violation and it simply disappears” is not accurate. If your not clear about the issue, you can simply refer back to the article posted on this site. Here’s a quote you may be interested in:

    “If Saban’s contact with Sanders is determined to be improper, it would be categorized as a secondary rules violation. The NCAA recently passed legislation saying coaches could be suspended for one or two games if found guilty of such violations.”

    By the way, welcome to the Auburn family Brent Calloway! WDE!!!

  10. 21

    Yeah, I hate losing the Calloway kid. Didn’t realize he wanted to be a running back instead of a linebacker. I guess the Dee Hart commitment scared him off.

    He is a 5 star linebacker recruit, not sure how he would rank as a running back. Oh well, I wish the kid luck.

    I still think we end up with the #1 or #2 recruiting class this year. As long as you are in the top 5 that is a great year. Saban will continue stockpiling talent in T-town. Roll Tide!

  11. 22

    Says alot when its big news that a recruit decommits from Alabama and commits to Auburn. Saban doesn’t lose alot. That it is such a big deal, makes me feel content.

  12. 23

    From another site…..

    Hilarious stuff that you just cannot make up: Four star WR / LB Kris Frost committed to Auburn during the game, talking the whole “felt at home” and “family” bit the whole damn way. Just one problem, per Auburn UnderCover:

    “Unfortunately for Kris Frost, Auburn doesn’t have room for him and will not be accepting his commitment.”

    The really bad news for Frost is that Auburn probably already put in a stop-payment order on the check. You can’t help but feel a bit sorry for the kid, but he should have known who he was dealing with and he should have had a better understanding of exactly where he fit into their class. He only has himself to blame, but nevertheless hopefully he can rebound somewhere else if things don’t work out at Aubun. He seems like a talented kid, so I’m sure he’ll end up on scholarship somewhere.

  13. 24

    SEC is semi pro football and everyone knows it. It is win at all cost including a paying players…. Actually down here that is not even an issue. Its excepted and expected to cheat. That is SEC football baby… Cheat, Win at all cost

  14. 25
    Pistol Pete

    You stupid Bama’ers can’t even get his name right because it’s NOT Barry Sanders Jr. The first name and last are the only part in common with Dad.
    He also refers to “we” and “our” when speaking of Oklahoma State University.
    And by the way his Dad has plenty of money so trust me when I say he doesn’t need yours.
    And by the way the following Universities have all lodged complaints with the NCCA on Saban’s visit to Heritage Hall.
    OSU,OU,Texas,TexasA&M,TCU,Arkansas and LSU.

  15. 27

    Of course they have dumbass. They all want him too and they know if Saban wants him that bad, Saban will get him. Don’t hold your breath shite for brains. not in a million years would the NCAA touch Saban for a bump infraction. We’re not talking about Kiffin here, fool. Jealousy sucks doesn’t it? Bwaa Haww Hawww! RTR!

  16. 28
    Pistol Pete

    ld ya so – everybody hates cheauting skanks like oj joran van der sloot,…au players booed big time at suns game….dumus players thinks its b/c sec has won 4 in a row…no it’s because ur program is a culture of cheauting skank

  17. 30
    Pistol Pete

    Just for the record it wasn’t a bump.
    Saban went out of his way to visit Sanders in the cafeteria at lunch time.
    The Heritage Hall football coach was out of town and not even present.
    And there are several videos that were made by other students that witnessed the infraction.
    You can now add Tulsa University to the list that have notified the NCAA.

  18. 33

    Obviously you are a retard who likes to hear himself talk. Why waste your time on our board with ignorant bullshit. The major media reported a quote from the schools director of athletics or someone to that effect, that he met with Saban in the cafeteria and it was him to whom Saban was talking and the conversation was overheard by Sanders. Nobody said anything about the damn coach. Some people! RTR!

  19. 34

    Whatever……..Kids in the cafteria are reported to having video of Saban WALKING DIERCTLY TO SANDERS AND ENGAGE IN CONVERSATION….But again. I am sure Saban knows the penalty for such behavior and weighed it before speaking to Sanders.

    Technology is a bitch .

  20. 37

    Yes, Technology can be a bitch sometimes. Facebook, FBI wiretaps, digital pictures, etc.

    Yep, technology will be a bitch at times 🙂

  21. 39
    Pistol Pete



  22. 41
    Pistol Pete

    oregon had plenty oppurtunities to run down time once inside 10

    fixed for au and under
    spread went down all week 3 2 1 game time
    fixed for au fo sho

  23. 42

    Saban broke the rules moron. You ass clowns would be shity comments too, if Bob stoops or mile gundy came to your state and broke rules.

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