RECRUITING: Oklahoma State crybabies

Oklahoma State is crying foul over Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban’s visit to the state.

The crybabies are upset over Saban’s bump into Barry Sanders Jr. According to the report, “My job is to deal with compliance on our campus, but when another coach from another institution comes in and starts doing stuff like that in our backyard it certainly causes us some concern,” said Kevin Fite, the Associate Athletics Director of Compliance at OSU.

And OSU wants to go running to the NCAA or the SEC over the bump.

“Institutions can contact other institutions, or that conference, and say ‘Hey, this is going on,’” Fite said. “Especially because things like that are out in the media, it quickly becomes known so it’s almost like we don’t have to. But at the same time, if you have a certain level of concern, I think it’s important to express it.”

Want to know why Big XII football sucks and can’t compete with the SEC? They are crybabies. Maybe if they took football seriously out there OSU might have a chance against Texas or Oklahoma.

If OSU’s only hope is the NCAA then don’t expect a very good recruiting year.