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    Maybe things are clicking for once. Coaching is NOT an issue this year — yes recruiting hasn’t hit full circle — but things are on the kiss of a minimal Sweet Sixteen soon — allow things to play out — basketball is a different animal and even though A.G. doesn’t have the “personality” the media doesn’t partake to, this guy will get it done with the resources. Conference play will be entertaining as hell.

    Only concern — team chemistry — something I haven’t seen in FOREVER @ Coleman & abroad.

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    Wow! We murdered a mid level with a 3-11 record. Damn, next we’ll be a #1 seed in March! Dude, this team sucks. 8-6 against a pussy OOC schedule. We’ll be lucky to win 1 SEC game.

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    Indiana Vol

    What, no mention on this Bammer-biased site about the Lady Vols victory (110-45) over the Bammer men (er women) in BB last night.

    WOW; 110-45 over an 11-4 Bammer team!! That is not a beatdown, that is a full-fledged ASS-KICKING with extra KICKS!!

    Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer GO TO HELL ALABAMA


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    Vol, you are sound so desperate. Bama is a football school, always has been. No one cares about your lady Vols, which by the way is 10 times more successful than your football team.

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