Iron Bowl: Stallings, Dye and Housel on the game

The AP talks to former Alabama Crimson Tide coach Gene Stallings and former Auburn coach Pat Dye about the intense Alabama-Auburn rivalry game.

The quotes from Dye include: “It’s not like we have the Falcons or the Braves,” said Dye, looking eastward to the big city of Atlanta. “The people over here, this is their culture and mentality. You know there’s one day out of the year when the poorest people in Alabama and the richest people in Alabama are on the same team.”

However, why didn’t the AP ask the most important question of the moment: Has Pat Dye been interviewed by the NCAA or the FBI?

The quotes from Stallings include: “You got to declare when you’re a youngster,” said Gene Stallings, the former Alabama coach. “Certainly by the time you get to first grade, you’re for one of ’em.”

Oh, and one interesting quote from Auburn fundamentalist David Housel: “If Auburn wins, the Auburn guy, no matter how low his status in life might be, will think he’s a better person than an Alabama doctor or heart surgeon,” he said. “It’s the same if Alabama wins. But that’s just not true either way. People internalize it too much. It’s not good enough for my team to win. I want you to know your team lost. That is a problem.”

Funny that Housel would have a problem with such attitudes since he encouraged them with his infamous speech. (Witness the speech). If you want, below is more on the Iron Bowl:


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  1. 2

    Does that mean when Barnie loses to Bama their fans associate themselves to Goat Phucking Shite Farmers? Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  2. 5

    It’s over!!!! Even if they get the score closer, it’s already over. Goat Phucker’s can’t outscore our offense by more than 24 the rest of the way! RTR!

  3. 15

    If they were crapping their pants, then how did you all lose? Also, why would they have to forfeit the game. Looks to me like they won fair and square. You almost had it, though. Just got to keep your hands on the ball next time. They won’t make the championship though.

  4. 16

    Game over.
    Auburn did what they had to to escape from Tuscaloosa county.
    Now if they can do the same with the NCAA, SEC, FBI MBI and the internal revenue service they will be good to go.
    I have to admit Cam Newton is a great player. He isnt the “greatest football player I ever saw” (Pat Dye, English Major) he is a fine player.
    If I am an Auburn fan right now I am thinking crystal. If I am a realist, I am think vacating 14 games and maybe some NCAA sanctions.
    Its a sad thing for Auburn. Even if they do grab the (finally) grab the brass ring it will be tainted. Sure the auburn fans will still make outrageous boasts about this being the best team ever. But lets be honest, Cam Newton would have been fodder for last season’s Bama defense.And Bama is in bit of a down year.
    What does next season hold?
    Bama will reload. LSU will reload,Florida will reload.
    And well…. with 24 seniors leaving Auburn after 6 or 7 years of red shirts. It is not going to be a good year at Auburn.
    Malzahn and Newton will probably be gone too. It is not often you have so many seniors leave. The O-line will be all but brand new. Newty and Malzy would not look so great after next season without decent blocking.
    So my guess is they will get out while thier stock is still high.
    Its time for BPI and other assorted idiots to (finally gloat. Come on boys. Regail us in your 1 point blowout. Tell us how Cam ran over the Bama defense. Tell us about your dominance of all things football for the next 10 years. Tell us how Auburn are the rulers of the universe.
    The simple truth is and will always be. You beat a Bama team that has faced 7 teams that had off weeks (including you) and is not fully restocked for the next National championship run. And then barely by 1 point.

  5. 17

    They will have to forfeit for playing an ineligible player (Newton). We know the NCAA has found enough already that Newton should have been declared ineligible by the institution. They didn’t despite the presentation of substantial evidence already reported by the New York Times and ESPN.

  6. 20

    What evidence?? Y’all are HILARIOUS!!! If Cam were ineligible, he would not be playing. Bammers will hold onto anything, even their own stupidity, to try to find the silver lining for their program. Guess what? There isn’t one this time! YOU LOST!!! WAR EAGLE!!!!!

  7. 21

    The ESPN reports where Cam’s dad asked for money are sufficient to prove Cam’s no longer amateur status.

    They used an agent/runner in dealing with Miss St. and that use of an agent is an automatic ineligibility. AU chose to ignore it.

  8. 22

    Don’t know what adjustments ya’ll made a halftime with that crappy defense, but it damn sure worked. Course it would have helped if we hadn’t had the first case of the dropsies we’ve had in 3 years. Never-the-less, I’ll give you motherphuckers credit for sucking it up and playing a man’s game. Now since we’ve shown USCjr how to stop Fig Newton, you’re gonna have a problem next week. If you get by them then please don’t embarass the SEC in Glendale! RTR!

  9. 23

    Aubies quit arguring with these morons.They are losers. We beat your ass in your own dam place, coming back 24 pts. What a joke you are. We just proved we are the best team i the nation. You bammmer trash are a joke.

  10. 27

    Hey JDCahill,
    GG. Hope you realize we just did the same thing your 2009 team did. We are 12-0 heading to the SEC championship and hopefully to Glendale.

    In front of 101,000 screaming fans, allegations swirling, and beat the supposed dynasty team in their own stadium. How about you and all the other Bama fans man up one time in their life and say Good game. If you ever played sports and left your heart and effort out on the field, you might know what I am talkin about. If not, then even Bama shouldn’t be cursed with you as their fan.

    I hope you guys crush whoever you play next and make the SEC look great. How about it, gg.

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