Iron Bowl: Stallings, Dye and Housel on the game

The AP talks to former Alabama Crimson Tide coach Gene Stallings and former Auburn coach Pat Dye about the intense Alabama-Auburn rivalry game.

The quotes from Dye include: “It’s not like we have the Falcons or the Braves,” said Dye, looking eastward to the big city of Atlanta. “The people over here, this is their culture and mentality. You know there’s one day out of the year when the poorest people in Alabama and the richest people in Alabama are on the same team.”

However, why didn’t the AP ask the most important question of the moment: Has Pat Dye been interviewed by the NCAA or the FBI?

The quotes from Stallings include: “You got to declare when you’re a youngster,” said Gene Stallings, the former Alabama coach. “Certainly by the time you get to first grade, you’re for one of ’em.”

Oh, and one interesting quote from Auburn fundamentalist David Housel: “If Auburn wins, the Auburn guy, no matter how low his status in life might be, will think he’s a better person than an Alabama doctor or heart surgeon,” he said. “It’s the same if Alabama wins. But that’s just not true either way. People internalize it too much. It’s not good enough for my team to win. I want you to know your team lost. That is a problem.”

Funny that Housel would have a problem with such attitudes since he encouraged them with his infamous speech. (Witness the speech). If you want, below is more on the Iron Bowl: