Paterno back for 2011 Alabama game?

Could legendary football coach Joe Paterno be on the sidelines when the Alabama Crimson Tide travels to Penn State on Sept. 10, 2011?

It looks like it could happen.

According to the AP (entire story embedded below), “Joe Paterno says he plans to return as Penn State coach next season, putting an end to any speculation about retirement.”

And Paterno said some important things about his team. “I’m looking forward to it. … We’ve struggled a little bit this year, the youth and the injuries and the whole bit,” Paterno said Tuesday at his weekly news conference at Beaver Stadium. “But I think with a good spring and preseason practice … We’re going to be a good football team, and I’d like to (be) part of it.”


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    crimson hammah

    i luv the espn sportsnation poll – who plays in the biggest shadow – au leads nation in percentage and leads in 40ish of 50 states

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