Iron Bowl: Talking Auburn & Cam Newton scandal

Immediately following Alabama’s win the talk turned to Auburn.

The players and Alabama Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban shared their thoughts about the Cam Newton recruiting scandal. Here is a sample:

“Cam Newton’s a great player and I think that if you’re a great competitor you’d like to compete against great players,” Saban said. “I’ve said on numerous occasions that it would be bad for college football if such a great player who has an opportunity to do some significant things individually and collectively for his team not to be able to play.

“At the same time, I don’t know much about the situation and don’t really spend much time on the situation. But I think we all have a responsibility to do things the right way institutionally and individually.”

Perhaps the most interesting statement came from Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy. According to the AP McElroy said, “Tide quarterback Greg McElroy said Newton has handled the situation ‘with a lot of class and dignity.’ …

“Cam seems like a very quality human being, and regardless of what the outcome might be, I won’t lose respect for him,” McElroy said. “It’s unfortunate. College football’s a family. Regardless of what team you play for, we have respect for the individuals on the other side of the field. …

“I don’t think it really matters if he plays, if he doesn’t play,” McElroy said. “We’d love to have him out there. But it’s really not up to us to say. We’re just going to go out there and play the Auburn Tigers, not the Cam Newtons.”

Below you can read more of the Alabama-Auburn Iron Bowl preview story. The story includes comments from Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram.


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    As usual, the players and coaches, i.e., the ones whose lives are actually affected by the game, are the only people with a clear perspective on this.

  2. 3

    Don’t be naive dumbarses. Oh, that’s right, you’re Barnies. You think Saban and the team isn’t up on the situation and feels so amicable toward it? Retards! There is no way you’ll get a Saban coached team to give you bulletin board material. Every comment is controled and calculated. Remember Tricky Nicky’s comment when he first came to Bama.”I hate that team over there”! RTR!

  3. 4

    We have a very clear perspective on this and it don’t look good for you Barners. You are the ones that don’t have a clear perspective on what’s coming your way. I do have to agree with you that our players have sense and they have class as well. AU players need to take lessons from them. RTR!!!

  4. 6

    Crimsonite you are stll here? All those claims you made and none came true. I will remind you of the prophecy I told you kid…I said bama will not goes east and will not go west. You attacked the prophet, but the prophet always make you liike a liite curser. You spew doo doo from your mouth all hype not substance. You do not know football. You are a tard. Everything you said this year has been wrong. Crimsonlite, why would anyone listen to you? You’ve been wrong all year. I’ve been dead on for years. I predicted 2 losses and no western division this year. I predicted Ian Fitzsimmons leaving…I predicted dunaway taking over the RT..I told everyone Saban was ours days b4 it was annouced. You aren’t connected. You never played. Did you hear the fitzsimmons interview trying to get Cam nailed? Cam will not be nailed. I wish he was. What would you say if told you I wasn’t the Redfish? Saban kicked him off the boards. Do you want to get kicked off for cursing the prohet and wishing death on a pharoh?I am the keeper of the 7 keys…tond ssem thiw sgnith uoy tond dnatsrednu…..999 8===D~~ (*)(*)

  5. 7

    Hilarious comments from the Barner “Cult”…I mean “Family”….Let’s seeee…Bama is still on probation…Means was only offered $200,000…..I hear old Milton paid out $250,000 for Scam (petty thief..cheater…GREAT MORALS tho)….”the money was too good”….and he’s at Auburn…and NO OTHER coach…not even Kiffin would touch him?…A smear campaign?…LMAOOOO!….Too bad you guys are so desperate and have an absolute idiot who obviously couldn’t care less about AU’s program or he would have already held Cam out….AU will forfeit every win…Death Penalty is extremely possible…BUT YESSS….BAMA wants Cam to play!!!…The best ever is to hand Cam a nice little reality check before the AuBARN ship fully sinks…No BCS title for AWWBARN….not this year…..Good luck next Friday AU…Bama has an entire team full of talent…You guys have Scam…who is just going to leave and get mo money from the NFL while your beloved team is left in ruins and possibly no games at all for a long time….Open your eyes~ Roll Tide!

  6. 8

    Prophet…You are delusional and have very poor grammar….Impossible to take anyone who sounds that ignorant seriously…..BTW….I too predicted Saban was ours waaay before it was confirmed…Ummm also…Dunaway was no secret….The prophet must be really young or just really…dumb..? :/ Cam will go down as will AU…Some of us ARE actually in the know and have been all season…I’ve been waiting…It is all happening exactly as it was told…MONTHS ago.

  7. 9

    See any fear here Prophet? Phuck you, you retarded demon worshiper. Bring it fool! At least 1/2 a million other people thought the same things as you but didn’t feel they had to come on this board and act special. As for not winning anything – the Iron Bowl will do. Bama is playing their best of the year right now and regardless of being eliminated from the BCSNCG, they are, like Bill Curry said, the best team in the country, and only 1 dropped pass away from all those championships. And I’ll guaranphuckingtee you all the ‘spirits’ in your bottle of tequila had nothing to do with it. RTR!

  8. 10

    BP* you are one to be talking. You are the king redneck around here, as far as I can tell. Too bad for Auburn. Can’t wait for your cocky ass team to come into Bryant-Denny and get that beatdown thats coming to them.

  9. 11

    Crimson…Just cause Bill Curry said it, sure as heck doesn’t make it so….I can promise you that Alabama probablyisn;t even the tenth best team in the country, so enjoy you overratedness…. As far as a beatdown on Auburn….Child please….You will not stop our offense…On the other hand, we will stop yours long enough to get the job donw…I expect to put Ingram on the bench by halftime ( a full quarter earlier than last year), and with Richardson banged up, you will resort to butterfingers Lacy….You will have to pass the ball, and after McElnerd or ……..wait , I have an even better name for him McELTURD !!!!!!!!!!!!! BWAHAHAAHHAAHAHAA !!!!!!!!After Fairly flosses his buttcheeks with McElturd, it’s game over baby !!!!!!!!!

    This one is gonna hurt turds !!!!!!!!

    Not only the loss on the field…But also the fact that your supposed “case” against Auburn is falling apart.

    FBI concluded no correspondence between Newtons and McGregor….Rogers is looking more like a fool every day…

    Cam is still playing…

    Nick is still playing…

    Yep, no way around it….We win against Bama, then SCAR….Then Oregon.

    I can not imagine the response from all things bammer when this happens.

  10. 12
    crimson hammah

    barners – god has blessed u with the lock of the millenium au and the points – bet everything u got even if its just….

  11. 13

    We’ll see how wrong Curry is when Vegas makes Barnie a dog to a 2 loss Bama team on Sunday. And he’s not the only one that has said that. Before our slump when we did the same thing to Duke their coach said the same thing. And if Duke is so bad, where are all the other 60 point losses?In nearly all of their losses they’ve played every team in the ACC tough. Newton is going to have the same amount of luck running against Bama that every other Spread QB has had – Nada! And when the dumarse tries to throw, the ball will be coming back at him faster than he threw it, just like it has 21 times this year against QB’s who throw better and have better receivers than him. It’s gonna be a record setting field day for our secondary. I’m hoping Smart gives Mosley responsibility to spy Newton. He will eat Camila’s phucking lunch. This is gonna be the worst beatdown of an 11-0 SEC team outside of a bowl game in history. There won’t be any Oregon arsehole.

  12. 14

    What’s more, who gives a shit if the FBI found a phucking connection between Barnie, McGregory and Newton. All that would be is icing on the cake. Your phucking worries are of a much more solid and certain nature dumbarse. It has already been proven what Camila and his snake oil salesman daddy did. The NCAA recomended before the Georgia game that he be sat. Your phucking vacation or forfeiture of wins is a done deal. The only delay is while the NCAA finishes its investigation to determine what other dirt it can find and whom it can pin it on. And Prophet, phuck you. I understand exactly who I’m dealing with Boy! Phuck with me an they’ll find your arse turned inside out, crucified upside down on a cactus tree in the middle of the Arizona desert. Dumbarse.

  13. 15
    4G AU

    Bama boosters, and lord knows who else with bama, paid Means while he was in highschool….Lang says over 60K…..typical of bama rednecks though…

  14. 16

    Lang says? Who gives a shit what Lang says! Did you see any hard evidence of paid money? Did you see any inordinate deposits? Did you see any cashed checks? Dumbarse! And who the hell cares if he was given money in high school? If he was then the ones that gave it to him were dumbarses too, cause they got nothing for their money. Why? Because Means never enrolled at Alabama, stupid! Alabama wanted no part of what was coming down with Means, just like Mississippi St wanted no part of Newton with money attached. But it phucking sure didn’t bother Awbie did it? Dumbarses! RTR!

  15. 17
    Alex Hamilton

    Means played the 2000 season at Alabama. If you’re going to talk smack, get your facts straight. But then again, when arguing with morons I suppose it doesn’t hurt to be one yourself.

    Big Pussie, you call us all rednecks, but what you got to say about that bunch at Colonial Bank that had all the unmarked ATM cards? The slush fund is being uncovered as we speak.

    I fully expect that Lowder and the other big BOT members will have a fall guy take all the heat to save their own ass.

    If you give me the choice of being a redneck fan of a coach and program that does things the right way, as opposed to being a morally bankrupt disgraced CEO of a bankrupt bank, I will take the redneck moniker any day.

    Enjoy your fake season Big Pussie Injun. It will be the last time Abarn football is ever in Atlanta for the SEC Championship for the next ten years.

  16. 18

    You know squat about a slushfund..It sounds real good though doesn’t it Alex.

    Tell me something…Did means see the feild ? If so , did Bama vacate those wins ?

    Anyhow…Crimson..I dont give a crap what Vegasa says, people who have betted against Auburn this year have lost a Lot of money.

  17. 21

    Yeah, I’d like to tell you to go phuck yourself Hamilton, cause you’ve said things that I could prove are bullshit from time to time too. But you’re right. I was out of the country from 1998 thru 2002. I knew Bama released Means from his letter of intent, so I assumned he never enrolled. Didn’t know he played in 7 games first. Should have Googled him. So what, the Barners are so phucking stupid that they didn’t even catch it. RTR!

  18. 22

    The FBI hasnt said crap about Milty and this deal because they cant. On going investigation and all. His Lawyer said Milty never gave anyone anything. But that dont mean some of them didnt roll in to 777 and win big on a couple of slot machines. Like Sonny Langford did. The whole BOT at AU is as crooked as a rams horn, Pat Dye trying to get back into good graces after he disgraced the school. And now yall are tied into the sweet home alabama bill with Uncle Milty and his cronies. Maybe a few years off will do yall some good! ROLL TIDE ROLL

  19. 23

    4G_AU, AKA Cumbucket, Screw Fartly. One dirty play out of him and 360lb DJ Fluker will pick him up and drop kick him for a field goal. By the way all you retarded Barner trailer trash. I’m tired of hearing all this damn Fartly talk. The #1 draft projection from the SEC West is not Fartly, not even close. It is Marcel Darius, and he’s played the whole season on a bum wheel. That’s #1 over all, not just on defense you dorks. Don’t know where Fartly is, but Mallett is second and I’m pretty sure Patrick Petersen, Julio Jones, Mark Ingram and Mark Barron are ahead of him too. So we’re not really worried about Fartly, but you better be worried about Marcel putting a Colt McCoy on Cumilla! RTR!

  20. 24
    crimson hammah


  21. 27

    Dareus #1 overall ???????? Crimson..Dude, you are hpoeless ….I know your all bama , but crap…

    What has Dareus done ? NOTHING !!!!!!!!

    He will go first round , but if you see him as the #1 overall I can’t ever take you seriously again.

  22. 28

    I didn’t say he is #1 overall in the SEC West you dumb motherphucker. and the other NFL draft pundits did. So phuck your gawddamn Fartley. RTR!

  23. 29
    crimson hammah


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