National disbelief continues’s Stewart Mandel provides some interesting commentary in his weekly “mailbag” on the Cam Newton case. Nothing new, just more of the same shared disbelief with the rest of the country at what’s flagrantly taking place in Lee County.

“If Cam Newton’s father has admitted to soliciting money during the recruiting process, as has been reported, and the rule clearly states that soliciting money on behalf of someone is a violation, why is he still playing? This makes no sense. If the NCAA doesn’t step in, others could miss out on a national championship to a team that is clearly playing an ineligible player.”
— Chris, Boise

“Only the Auburn administration could possibly tell us why Newton is still playing — and it’s exercising a strict “no-comment” policy. But believe me, there are a lot of folks around college athletics right now wondering the same thing. Standard procedure in these matters is to sit a player and apply for reinstatement if there are any questions surrounding his eligibility.

“It’s what Georgia did with A.J. Green. It’s what Alabama did with Marcell Dareus. Auburn, an NCAA member, is basically flaunting NCAA protocol, and it sends a terrible message to the rest of college sports. If you get caught selling a game-worn jersey to a runner, you miss the first four games of the season, but if your father stands accused of soliciting six figures for your recruitment, but you happen to be in the midst of a national-championship hunt — play on.”

Everyone except our local mediots continue to scratch their heads in disbelief at what they’re witnessing. Thankfully the big boys in the business and the NCAA aren’t as concerned at securing a first-of-the-year trip to Arizona, and the story is not going to die.

Which means a dream season eventually will.


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    Lowder probably created a huge slush fund before the bank went under and they think they can grease some palms to make it all go away. That’s how those douchebags operate – under the assumption that anyone can be bought. They’re playing their shell game right now.

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    Yeller Feller had something to do with it I would bet. Auburn has plenty of boosters you could point the finger at when it comes to paying players. And Auburn is very good at hiding the money trail. They have had plenty of practice, going all the way back to 1957. Some things just never change.

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    You can count it as done. IMO, Slive has decided Auburn is going all the way and therefore nothing will be done. It’s make sure an SEC team gets to the title game no matter what. As much as I love the SEC, I want fairness. If Oregon and TCU wind up playing for it, so be it.
    This kind of underhandedness is precisely why the rest of the conferences talk about us being cheaters.

  4. 4

    All the whining in the world is not going to stop Cam and Nick from kicking Bamas teeth down their throat.

    Never before have I seen the Bama nation collectively have their panties in a wad about what is happening at Auburn.

    After all the chest thumping done last year about being “back”, and then having Auburn do what you are SUPPOSED to be doing must reallly hurt.

    Get over it, and get ready for a beatdown…There is no way around it turds…..

  5. 5

    Ahha! The northern edition of the Lee County mouthpiece has farted again! Go ahead rube, fluff them feathers and strut around crowing all you want. Try to convince yourself of that bullshite. You tards are gonna catch Bama being all they can be and all they were expected to be 3 months ago. Your gonna play the team that could have won the national championship going away. Bama’s gonna tear your head off and shite down your neck. But more than that you still have 8 days left for shite to happen and with the speed it’s been moving, that’s an eternity. You’ll be lucky if you’re not missing Camilla, Dwyer and Fartly for the IB. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  6. 6

    Bama is back! Even if Saban left tomorrow the program will be in good shape for years to come. Look at LSU!

    I am not so sure about the other program in the state though! I wonder how many kids are going to want to play for a program that will likely get the death penalty soon? I do not care how much you pay them!

  7. 7

    BP, Milton McGregor says you can be a winner too.

    Your program is not only about to be wiped out, if you avoid the death penalty you’ll be kicked out of the SEC.

    Enjoy this:

    Any resemblance of competitiveness ends after this season. I won’t cuss in here, but in short, your Auburn Tigers are “tucked” (rhymes with). What is about to go down is the biggest scandal in college football since SMU.

    Forget the Iron Bowl…which we still win, by the way…that’s just a battle. You are about to be DESTROYED in the war.

    You may not field a team in 2012. Serious as I can be, pal. 2011 will suck as most of your coaches take the fall for what’s coming, and no one wants to come take their place.

    You think Franchione was scared? Auburn is about to be out of business.


    And. I. Freaking. Love it.

    I will enjoy your pain for AT LEAST the next decade.

    War Cam Eagle!!! Thank you FBI! Thank you Milton McGregor! Thank you Bobby Lowder! Thank you Pat Dye! And thank you for your stance against gambling Bob Riley, for facilitating the biggest sting in the history of college football.

    The name Cam will soon be synonymous with Eric Ramsey, only 100 times worse. Ramsey didn’t force you to rename your crappy field.

    Oh, I am manic right now. I just looooooooooooove this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You’re through, barn. Through!

  8. 8

    Look, give the barn a break! Remember the day you found out Santa was not real. You had been fooled since birth. It all seemed so real.

    The reality will take some time to set in. Who I am kidding? Reality has never set in and unlikely ever will.

    I can’t think of a better fan base for this to happen to.

    The worst thing for the barn, they will lose the Iron Bowl twice this year.

    Wear the orange and blue with all of the pride of what you are, a lesser culture.

    It sux to be an aburn tiger!

  9. 9

    I’ll put this in the same file that I put the “Auburn is now irrelevent” and “Auburn will never compete with Bama” or maybe the “Chizik can never be as succesful as Nick Saban” folder…

    I just don’t put a lot of stock into what you say ITK…Why ? because you are full of crap…

    Your hatred for Auburn blinds your objectivity.

    I’m not saying that Cam couldn’t one day be ruled ineligable…I don’t know..

    That is what the investigation is for.

    But my zeal for Auburn does not have me on here saying that NOTHING will ever come from this.

    However you will believe ANYTHING negative about Auburn…

    And to be honost..the Rogers story has too many holes in it.

    The FBI is after McGregor, not Newton. and have been since the spring.

    Anyhow, get a grip.

  10. 10
    crimson hammah

    poll – au’s punishment a)std. so cal type punishmebt b) forced to d2 and into the gulf south conference c)volunteer death penalty

  11. 12
    crimson hammah

    told u so – so at least u r not surprised – so i am sure being on death row last 5 months has helped out with advancing through the 3 stages of death …denial anger acceptance – glad to be of service – am i not my lilsis’ keeper?

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