National disbelief continues’s Stewart Mandel provides some interesting commentary in his weekly “mailbag” on the Cam Newton case. Nothing new, just more of the same shared disbelief with the rest of the country at what’s flagrantly taking place in Lee County.

“If Cam Newton’s father has admitted to soliciting money during the recruiting process, as has been reported, and the rule clearly states that soliciting money on behalf of someone is a violation, why is he still playing? This makes no sense. If the NCAA doesn’t step in, others could miss out on a national championship to a team that is clearly playing an ineligible player.”
— Chris, Boise

“Only the Auburn administration could possibly tell us why Newton is still playing — and it’s exercising a strict “no-comment” policy. But believe me, there are a lot of folks around college athletics right now wondering the same thing. Standard procedure in these matters is to sit a player and apply for reinstatement if there are any questions surrounding his eligibility.

“It’s what Georgia did with A.J. Green. It’s what Alabama did with Marcell Dareus. Auburn, an NCAA member, is basically flaunting NCAA protocol, and it sends a terrible message to the rest of college sports. If you get caught selling a game-worn jersey to a runner, you miss the first four games of the season, but if your father stands accused of soliciting six figures for your recruitment, but you happen to be in the midst of a national-championship hunt — play on.”

Everyone except our local mediots continue to scratch their heads in disbelief at what they’re witnessing. Thankfully the big boys in the business and the NCAA aren’t as concerned at securing a first-of-the-year trip to Arizona, and the story is not going to die.

Which means a dream season eventually will.