CAMGATE: Milton McGregor speaks about Cam

According to a Montgomery television station, “McGregor spokesman Bill Cunningham released this statement to WSFA 12 News through Joe Espy, McGregor’s attorney:

“Contrary to postings on celebrity and sports blogs, Milton McGregor has never had any contact direct or indirect with Cam Newton, Cecil Newton – Cam’s father, Kenny Rogers or anyone purporting to represent Cam Newton. Mr. McGregor has never been asked to provide money for any recruitment or compensation of any current or perspective student athlete including Cam Newton at Auburn or any other school, and has never provided any type of compensation in that regard period no exceptions. As a proud supporter of Auburn University Mr. Mcgregor wants it known that he does cheer loudly for Cam Newton and thinks he is the best athlete in college football.”


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    LMAO what a phucking joke! WSFA is an auburn media outlet they are one and the same with the montgomery advertiser and of course mcgregor aint gonna say he knows them shit the dude has already been indicted for the same thing basically! i guess the powers that be are just sitting around saying ohh ohh i know i know lets say so and so did this and so and so did that! DUMB ASS PHUCKING BARNERS!

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    Big D

    Where is the stuff about Alabama? Are the writers of this website so consumed with trying to make Auburn look bad that they forget how great Alabama is? I want to here reports on Alabama.

  3. 5
    Alex Hamilton

    Yeah, WFSA has always been a Barn mouthpiece. Isn’t that where the Phil guy that did the AU coaches show was the sports director?

    Isn’t it funny that there are always Auburn fans that run the AU beats and real reporters that cover the University of Alabama program?

    Aside from Gary Harris, who does a great job at WVUA, I don’t know of one guy you could call a homer for Bama. But every AU writer/reporter/blogger wears Auburn panties.

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    This forum is so informative and very awesome. Thank you for your great service to the community of Birmingham and the rest of the great state of Alabama. I am very impressed with the graphics and flash on the website.

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    Shane – as much as I think you’re a joke sometimes on PF show, I think you’ve pretty much nailed this story. Reflecting on some of your comments a few weeks ago I think you must have had some inside info.

    Heard you mention Trooper Boy a couple times this week … do you have inside info on this? Come on … tell us what you know.

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    CAM is done at Auburn.

    They got Reggie Bush with less evidence.

    The NCAA will find CAM ineligable based on the fact that at least 3 people have come out and said his father approached them.

    The NCAA rules state that a family member can not benefit from a player.

    Even if CAM had no clue about what his father did he is still toast. That is the way the rules work. Your stupid family members can doom you.

    Its just a matter of time when the NCAA will come down and annouce CAM ineligable which in turn will cause Auburn to have to forfeit all their games this season cause he played in them.

    Auburn fans know they are doomed. That is why they are so quite about it.



  7. 12

    The “CamGate” is just a byproduct of a bigger political scandal going on in the state. Hence the FBI. These guys do not get involved with collegate sports with out being instigated as in this case.

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    One Point

    What is “eligable?” Cam is most likely not ELIGIBLE but I will trust you are correct about him being “ELIGABLE” – what ever that is.

  9. 16

    Camelbreath is not eligible. It just has not been made official yet. And when the NCAA suggested that he not play in the Georgia game and Awbie ignored it, that was the nail in your phucking coffin. RTR!

  10. 19

    do any of you idiots have any idea what you are talking about? or are you just a bunch of dumb rednecks, that sit at home reading the tabloids? wait never mind i forget, you are all fbi agents that know everything. get off of your pedestals watch the games and let the ncaa fbi dea boarder patrol and whoever else you think are involed do their jobs. if newton is guilty the wins will be vacated. his records will have an asterick next to them. but until the ncaa comes out with a decison let one of the best players in the game play. history will tell the story. its not up to us now.

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