OUTRAGE: SEC won’t suspend Fairley

The Southeastern Conference (SEC) has abdicated its responsibility to protect players. According to the Birmingham News, “The Southeastern Conference office has reviewed the tape of the Auburn-Georgia game and has decided it will not suspend Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley for the Iron Bowl against Alabama.”

Auburn’s Fairley put on the most despicable display in the modern era of college football, yet the SEC refused to take action.


SEC Commissioner Mike Slive’s job should be in jeopardy for his incompetent handling of the Cam Newton scandal and for allowing this type of dirty play.

The SEC will become the SWC unless Slive takes strong action to stop the dirty tactics both on and off the field.


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    Good grief Cap…..I thinks you went a little overboard dude…Get a grip. The second paragraph is t-total bull–it and you know it…Your letting your fear of losing get the best of you.

  2. 4

    Look guys, I’m sorry. I know I get on here and talk a ton of shit on every single article. I just can’t help it, it’s in our shit shoveling Auburn blood. We’re jealous, we always have been, and we always will be. It’s just hard being the little sister

  3. 5

    Given this, you better double efforts to get Cam suspended before the game. Or maybe go after the 3rd best player for something?

  4. 7
    BPI loves the Tide

    Angry and fussy? Haha hardly. I’m sitting here laughing my ass off at your ignorance, troll. How old are you? I see your idiot self posting on EVERY SINGLE article, and it’s always the same, grammatically incorrect bullshit. What a pathetic waste of life

  5. 10

    oh no…..what will we ever do…big bad aubie is coming to bds….whatever.
    nick saban will not allow auburn to walk out of bds unscthed and unbeaten. orhave you forgotten we still havenik saban nd agoodam. this aint kentucky there little buckaroos.or are so inane you forgot who you are dealing with?

  6. 12

    I played defensive line in high school. I am not going to lie, if I could get my hands on the quarterback I would try my best to drive his butt all the way to china. But what he did to Murray late in the game was blatent. He was doing his very best to hit him in the knees. The offensive line did a good job on him that play and the only thing he could do was take a cheap shot at the knees. He was NOT blocked into Murray. That is AU BS! You all know he did it on purpose. Just like you all know that AU bought CAM from his daddy and it will get out. Yall are to good this year, outa no where you are 11-0! Its gonna draw attention. And boy do yall have it. Bama needs to go by some real good players now because in the future its gonna be hard to keep it under wraps. Thanks for screwin it up for the rest of us that know how to buy good players and sneak around the NCAA.

  7. 13
    Shane sucks

    Auburn will curbstomp the inbred bammers. That ginger QB of yours won’t sleep at all next week, knowing that The Punisher is coming to curbstomp him. Cam runs for 200 yards, passes for 200 yards. Stands empty by the end of the game except for 20,000 orange and blue clad fans singing that classy rammer bammer cheer at your pathetic excuse for a football team. Midget goes on butt grabbing rampage.

  8. 14

    Attention Auburn Retards.
    Do you honestly think you are going to walk into BDS and just have your way?
    Not gonna happen.
    I hope Cam plays, I hope Fairley plays, hell, if you can clone Bo freaking jackosn and bring him, I hope he plays too.
    That way there will be no excuse for poor little aubuie when they get beaten.
    Nothing but shoulda, coulda woulda, and moral victory #72,394.

    Oh yeah “the punisher” does aburn ever come up with a nick name that isnt a plagueism or a trademark/patent infringement?
    Gring the Punisher.
    We got something for ya at BDS.

  9. 15

    11-1 has never hurt so bad as it will when the goat humpers wake up Nov. 27.

    Wait, make that 0-12*

    *ll wins were vacated from the 2010 season.

  10. 16

    Can you imagine? Bama smarting from their own errors causing them to miss all of their 2010 goals, then bringing the undefeated #2 ranked mortal enemy with the leading Heisman candidate, into BDS for the final game of the season. One last chance to exorcise the 2010 demons. Bwaa Haww Haww! It’s a suicide mission! No survivors! Adios Barnie! RTR!

  11. 17

    In reviewing Fairley’s last hit on Murray, it seems Fairley was not in a position to see Murray’s hands just prior to the tackle.

  12. 18

    You don’t need to see the hands to know not to attack the knees, or drive the crown of your helmet into the QBs back. You don’t need to see the ball to know not to freaking take your facemask and cut the QB’s face while you lay on top of him.

    The guy is a piece of crap that shouldn’t be playing football.

  13. 20

    we all seen it fairley keep trying to injure the quaterback and then try to start a fight and you think he doesnt deserve to to be suspend you auburn fans think nothing you do is wrong

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