FBI, state probe Camgate

REPORT: FBI interviews former Mississippi State player John Bond, who is involved in Newton probe; NCAA to talk with Kenny Rogers

MORE: Phil Abernethy wrote in an e-mail Tuesday to The Associated Press that John Bond met with federal and state investigators and “cooperated fully with both agencies.”

Attention everyone! This obviously means federal and state investigators are busy at work trying to clear Auburn’s good name. It is just a matter of time before Mississippi State gets the death penalty for Auburn signing Cameron Newton. It is clear that Mississippi State and its boosters were the only people who did anything wrong in this whole mess. Thank God, the NCAA is working on this and will make sure Cameron Newton gets his good name returned to him after this “character assassination” is exposed.

Below is more information on what is going on in Camgate.


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    bushsux and obamasux

    LOL. Gotta love the barners. They’re completely ignorant about this thing if they don’t believe something is going to come of it. Only bad thing is that it will come after SCAM has left the building and will pay no repercussions and the barn will be left holding the bag. The FBI will find the money if any changed hands but when Cecil whored his son out like a prostitute he immediately became ineligible according to NCAA rules. Can the barners ever do anything without having to have an asterisk by it????

  2. 2

    One of my husband’s co-workers read the following story on the internet today:

    Does everyone remember Ben Leard? He is a former Auburn quarterback. Anyways, his two brothers posted on their facebook that Ben was at a team meeting at Auburn (don’t know the date) and Cam was in the meeting. So I’m thinking this has been very recent. Anyways, Ben told both of his brothers that Cam broke down and admitted in the meeting that he had taken the money. Now that both of his brothers have posted it on their FB, Ben is now saying he never told them that. Interesting story. Not sure where he found it on the internet but it was there.

  3. 3

    Its deja vu.
    Its 1957 all over again. Another title that is blemished with pay for play. Last time it was as Alabama Polytechnic Insistute.
    Well at least time, Auburn doesnt have to split it with Ohio State.

    But seriously, is there anyone in their right mind who thinks Nick Saban isnt loading up for the Iron Bowl this year?
    He will do everything in his power to make Aubie leaves BDS broken in peices.
    And given Saban’s track record I would bet he succeeds in his mission.

  4. 5
    Lucas-Go Ducks

    Not to worry Bama fan, Oregon is here to put the stop to this scam. Not much else to say, other than just watch. GOOD LUCK this week Bama. I am picking you to win. To bad you have two loses and are out of it all, because you are the next best team. More importantly the most respected. But If you want us to take down the Scam case, OK. If we play the Potato farmers or SMU, whatever… just wishing you were here.

    – #1

  5. 6

    yeah — agreed with Oregon stomping Aubarn — but anyways — they got to beat Alabama and South Carolina first before you guys meet them —

    That’s what’s REALLY funny in ALL OF THIS — sCamputer will go on to the NFL and give Cecil and Mrs. plenty ‘o dough — and leave Aubarn in a crippling probation — LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!! BUT … they will STILL worship him like Bo Jackson!

    X’MAS came early this year for this Crimson guy.

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