BREAKING: Cam Newton violated SEC rules too?

Clay Travis continues to explore the implications of Camgate over at Fanhouse. Today’s post is very important to the SEC.

According to the report, “The Southeastern Conference bylaws offer specific language that could render Auburn quarterback Cam Newton ineligible to play any sport at all league institutions. That’s what careful study of the Ethical Conduct provision of the SEC bylaws has revealed to FanHouse. In particular, Section dealing with Financial Aid states:

“If at any time before or after matriculation in a member institution a student-athlete or any member of his/her family receives or agrees to receive, directly or indirectly, any aid or assistance beyond or in addition to that permitted by the Bylaws of this Conference (except such aid or assistance as such student-athlete may receive from those persons on whom the student is naturally or legally dependent for support), such student- athlete shall be ineligible for competition in any intercollegiate sport within the Conference for the remainder of his/her college career.”

There are many additional details in the article. It is a MUST read.

However, there is one detail that must be highlighted.

According to Travis, “Who makes the determination of whether an ethical violation has occurred under this bylaw? Pursuant to SEC bylaw “The Commissioner is the official interpreter of NCAA and SEC rules and regulations.” So whatever commissioner Mike Slive determines in this regard would govern. What’s more, Slive’s authority to make a determination on Newton’s eligibility is even more expansive pursuant to Section 4.4.2 (b) of the conference bylaws:

“The Commissioner shall have jurisdiction on all questions of student eligibility for intercollegiate athletic competition and may appoint an advisory committee on eligibility and infractions and base actions on consultations with this committee;”

So much more at Fanhouse. But the focus on the SEC is an important development in this story. It explains why so many around the SEC are disappointed in the failure of Mike Slive to respond to this crisis.

Why is Mike Slive asleep? Why has the SEC let this scandal develop? Will the SEC do the right thing?


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  1. 1

    Yeah….I’m sure that Clay Travis knows more about whats going on than the SEC….Or the NCAA….

    You chicken s–ts are scared to death..It’s so funny to see you squirm. You KNOW what is about to happen but there isn’t a thing in this world you can do about it.

    You wusses are even calling the SEC office demanding that Nick Fairley be suspended ? Really now ? Bunch of wusses.

    Try as you may, Cam will play on the 26th. Nick will play on the 26th… And you will LOSE one the 26th…

    “It will have to be vacated / forfeited” …I don’t care !!!!!!! To use a line that you morons used when you had to vacate the textbook wins…”It’s only what happens on the feild that matters ” !!!!!!!!!…..

    I hope Nick Fairey straight up blows McElnerds helmet off on the first stinking play…. Then McCarrons on the second ( that is if Nick can let his favorite “whippin boy” off the sideling that long)….This team is pissed and you turds are all that left between them and a perfect season.

    It must suck to know that EVERYTHING you said about Gene Chizik was wrong…..Well, that and you are all retarded.

    “Nick Saban has put Auburn back 15 years”…Wrong !!!

    “Chizik will never do what Saban has done” …Wrong !!!!

    “You have zero chance at winning the West”…Wrong!!!!!!

    Auburn will beat you homos by three touchdowns.

  2. 3

    stands for?????

    Blind, Putrid and Insolent
    Bipolar, Presumptuous and Impotent
    Banal, Prepubescent and Incestuous
    Baleful, Petulant and Incarcerated
    Blighted, Pathogenic and Idiotic

    Pick one they all are applicable.

  3. 5

    Kinda fixated on American league boys there, aren’t you BP? IF Cam was paid any extra money to come to Auburn, or IF his daddy was given money, or IF his daddy’s church was given renovations, money, a new organ, whatever, then Chiznik will be shown for the fraud he and the Barnie program are – he will not have “done what Saban did” cause he has a semi-pro player(s) on his team. IF it becomes known that Cam in fact did take extra benefits – either himself or his fambly – then you better go ahead and get the grease gun out, cause the NZAA will be so far up Barnie’s collective butt that they’ll see daylight from their mouths. IF Cam did any of the things that the media and NZAA seem to be accusing him of, then there is going to be little doubt that there are others just like him getting benefits as well. BP – that’s a lot of IF’s I know, but only one of them has to fall in place. There is more circumstantial evidence here than they had for Reggie Bush. Get ready to bend over, gay boy.

  4. 7

    Seems like you are backed up in a hole Butt Plug – you Aubarn fans are so delusional knowing that in the history books Aubarn will mean nothing. Sure it may happen “on the field” – but it won’t mean a damn thing end in the end. That’s a fact to 99.9% of the world.



  5. 9

    Barner’s JUST haven’t won anything – they JUST don’t know how to act.

    Even if it means winning at all co$t.

  6. 10

    Hell … even PAT DYE had “no comment” on PFRN last night with Gene Stallings. A week earlier he was telling the world that the NCAA was about to clear Camputer.


    We KNOW you guys are going to play him in Tuscaloosa — so it’s a “win-win” for us! 🙂

  7. 16

    BP* take a deep breath and calm your sissy ass down. No one likes Auburn, and even if they do win out, this year will be tainted with scandal, as usual for your team. But of course, you did get the best player for the money, i will give you that. But he can be stopped.

  8. 18

    Ummmm…..Not by anyone on your team. Donte Hightower couldn’t catch a cold…Someone needs to ask him if he called Jenny yet.

  9. 19

    Ok, it’s time to straighten out some of the dumbarse Barnie rants. It’s you arseholes who are scared, and desperate. You know this whole season is going to shite and you just can’t handle the idea that you might be without Camilla and Fairley for the Iron Bowl. You know your only hope for bragging rights after you’re striped of all your wins, is to beat Bama and then say the only thing that counts is what happened on the field. Look numbnuts, here’s the difference. 1. We suspended our players for 5 games for what should have been nothing more than an internal problem. Then the NCAA made us vacate nearly the whole season after the fact. Whereas you phuckers bought your star QB for up to $200,000 and he is responsible for all of your wins. That’s one hell of a difference. 2. Cheeze Butt has not done what Saban did, because Aubie bought him a quarterback who without whom you would be 6-5 or 5-6. 3. You have not won the West or any other title and you will not, because you are going to be striped of the season.

  10. 20

    Now I have something special for all you useless phuckers. Read it and weep: Cecil Newton played safety and LB for Savannah St. from ’79 – ’83. The Savannah Morning News printed this artical today.- “Records show that CN’s church spent $50,000 for repairs to meet city codes for the first time in 2 years. However, the church looked more like an old warehouse than a house of worship during a visit on Sunday. The front entrance was a locked glass door with drawn curtains, and had a giant garage suitable for a big rig on the side. There was a dusty cement floor with a few folding chairs. A giant plank of wood riddled with nails covered one of the entryways. There was a no tresspassing sign in front and neighbors said the church hasn’t been used in months. However, CN’s name was still on the side.” End quote. Ok guys. Where did he suddenly get $50,000 and what did he actually spend it on, if anything? This irrefutable evidence just put another nail in the coffin. It’s only a matter of time now you stupid retards.

  11. 23

    Are you really as ignorant as you appear to be on here?
    Auburn is the ugliest team in football right now.
    No one but auburn respects Auburn anymore.
    Are you really that blind with your hobrosexual crush on Cam Newton.
    Don’t you know that Cam will be breaking up with Aburn soon and he will start dating the NFL. I bet his old man is shopping him already. ROFLMAO,
    Die auburn Die!

  12. 25

    We often assume things in this life. Those assuptions are generally based on our preferences and bias.
    Every Auburn fan is “all-in”. What does that mean?
    They are willing to ride it out no matter the costs?
    That is foolish.
    Auburn fan. Listen up. Cam Newton will not be in Lee County next season. He (and his dad) are opportunists. They will go were the money is.
    Given it would only reduce his Pro stock? why would Cam want to stay where his offensive line will be weak as water?
    I would bet Cecil is already entertaining phone calls from agents.
    Maybe the FBI should sub poena those phone records. I would bet they could shed even more light on the “Cam Newton Story”.
    I dont really think the auburn family sees the full picture here.
    Cam Newton is still the guy who has the dozen traffic tickets. Cam Newton is still the guy who left Florida amid accusations of academic fraud and theft. Cam Newton is still that guy.
    Did you think that once he took the moniker of “auburn Man” his whole nature would suddenly change? Are you so blinded by sudden success you have forgotten that you are dealing with a poisonous snake?

    You go on the “all-in” philosophy using it as your M.O. but has one of you ever thought for one second? What if Newton and his Dad are as Dirty as several people are claiming?

    Do you realize that your arrogance now will only compound the penalties you recieve? Do you realize that if there is a rogue booster behind the scenes Auburn football could be knocked back to the 19th century?

    And another thing you might not have noticed.
    Walt Williams and the handling of Michael Dyer. Surely you dont think the fine razorback nation will let you skate on that one?
    Perish the thought.
    You can rest assured that little tete-e-tete will be added to a laundry list of greivances the NCAA and SEC have on Auburn University.
    All in now could very well lead to all out later.
    Do any one of you Aubs get it?
    You are messing with some seriously bad medicine.
    Laissez-faire is not the way the NCAA and FBI do business.

  13. 26

    Brando…This is one of those rare occasions I will come out of character, so enjoy…

    I believe that this years Iron Bowl will be one for the ages…In all seriousness, Bama could very well win it ..I think Auburns offense is a little too strong and your offense is struggling a little lately, plus injuries have slowed the Tide a little..

    With that being said, you just don’t know about this game. Bama could ride a wave of 110k plus adrenalin and beat us..Then again our team has a pickup truck size chip on our shoulders and couold come in and punch Bamas teeth out..

    Like I said..It’s gonna be THE game of the year. The most physical..The most intense , and the hardest hitting…I can’t wait.

  14. 27

    Auburn fans.
    The very worst thing that could ever happen this season is for auburn to win a NC.
    The whole nation will scream about your title because there are undefeated teams out there who arent percieved as cheating. And MORE DESERVING to play for the title.
    You are disgracing the SEC. maybe Mike Slive will do something. Lets hope he wakes up before the presitige of the SEC gets completely destroyed.

  15. 28

    Oh zip it tmc….We have a really good shot at it..So get used to the possibility.

    What about all those titles BAHR won with players on payroll ? You gonna give those back for the “honor ” of the SEC ?

    You guys invented the black eye for SEC football.

  16. 29
    Just Sayin

    To BP:

    Many errors in your post. Most of the content is wrong, grammar is atrocious, and spelling errors such as arguement.(should be argument)
    Hmmmm Bet you never dawned the door of any university. Before you ask, yes I have a masters degree, and I’m a retired

  17. 30

    Let me explain something to all of you social virgins out there. I deal in several businesses most of which are pretty normal. But I also deal in some things where the associates are underhanded, low life, sleazeballs (not lawyers – Ha). But these people aren’t like dark alley thugs that you can read from 2 blocks away. They are discreet. Except when involved in their ‘other’ business dealings you wouldn’t know them from the local banker or your next door neighbor. The point is I know slezeballs and I can pick them out from MORE than 2 blocks away. Let me tell you something people. Like so very many ‘Southern Preacher Men’, Mr. Newton and his son Camilla are nothing more than ‘Shysters’, ‘Flim Flam Men’. They are using Auburn and your gullible fan base. You notice Camilla’s shite eating grin on every big play? He’s not thinking of Aubren, he’s thinking of that pro contract. Notice how he lays still after he gets tackled? The showboat S.O.B. wants to give the whole nation a catch your breath moment to (cont.)

  18. 31

    (cont.) worry if he’s hurt or not. He’s a self-centered showboat, grasping for the spotlight. Just like the Faux Tent Revival Preachers where he came from. It not only is comical for me see, knowing what is actually going on, but it pisses me off too. I can’t stand false people who are self-centered. Give me a good old Bonnie and Clyde type anyday. Watch out Awbren. You are being taken for a ride. Then again, considering who your administration is, they are probably right in the middle of it with them with both feet planted. It’s sad dudes. RTR!

  19. 32

    I have been saying since way before this came out that Newton was a “hired gun” for one year and then he’s gone. What is sad about the whole situation is all the barners will have to deal with all the penalties while Newton is smiling(showing those big ole teeth) and making millions in the NFL. Good luck this year, because you guys future doesn’t look very promising. Words of wisdom to all the auburn fans “Where there is Smoke, there is FIRE”

  20. 33

    crimsonite is right. I read the article in the Savannah Morning News. The record shows he spent 50 grand on the church. And I know the guy that poured some concrete to get the building up to code. Still a crappy church though. By the way how do you preach at 5 churches every Sunday?

  21. 34
    ramma jamma

    Word is there will be breaking news thursday. The SEC and the FBI will reveal their investigation facts. I have heard that it will reveal that Pat Dye and “the yellow wood guy” are the two responsible for paying SCAM Newton

  22. 35

    I hate to rain on your wet dream Budro, but nobody colmpletes this kind of investigation that fast; and neither the FBI nor the SEC will reveal facts of any investigation until it is 100% complete and they are ready to implement or drop charges. Ditto the NCAA, who will say nothing until the COI has issued an LOI, which I think will be soon in coming. However, I do think they will rush this investigation because they are being pressured to get the mess straightened out before it phucks up the Bowls, the Heisman and the BCSNCG. RTR!

  23. 36

    Auburn won’t make it to the NC game, Cam or no Cam. The negative reactions are coming from all across the country right now, and the overall perception is that Cam and his dad are looking pretty guilty. In the wake of the Reggie Bush situation, Auburn is about to be made an example. And the only people who are oblivious to this reality are the Auburn fans. They are drinking the cyanide kool-aid and don’t even care. It’s pretty sad to want to win at all costs like that.

  24. 37

    Crimsonite Says:
    November 17th, 2010 at 6:59 am
    I hate to rain on your wet dream Budro, but nobody colmpletes this kind of investigation that fast; and neither the FBI nor the SEC will reveal facts of any investigation until it is 100% complete and they are ready to implement or drop charges. Ditto the NCAA, who will say nothing until the COI has issued an LOI, which I think will be soon in coming. However, I do think they will rush this investigation because they are being pressured to get the mess straightened out before it phucks up the Bowls, the Heisman and the BCSNCG. RTR!

    Crimsonite; I couldn’t have said it better myself. Nothing will be released until they have concluded their investigation. And, yes, they are trying to expedite it because of the possibility of it effecting the outcome of the NC and Heisman awards. Awbarn will be their last stop for the investigation. If they get enough to take away his eligibility, they may go with that before the conclusion of the investigation just to help out the voting and not have another Reggie Bush on their hands. The entire country has become Alabama fans in hopes we crush the barners dreams of a NC. RTR!

  25. 38

    Crimson , you see sleazeballs so easily because you are a sleazeball too.

    Why must everyone crtique my spelling.. I don’t use spell check, and in general type very quickly…It’s not like I’m turning in a term paper here.

  26. 39
    Bama Fan

    Do we really want Cam to be found guilty or are we afraid that we can’t beat Auburn with Cam. Come on guys let this rest until there is proof no hear say. I want to meet Auburn at their best so there will not be any excuses for their loss.

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