Dennis Dodd: Cam-gate ain’t over Senior Writer Dennis Dodd wrote a brilliant article on Auburn and the continuing problems following the program on account of Auburn quarterback Cam Newton. Here are some highlights:

“Get it out, Auburn. Get it all out now.

“Party your behinds off. Burn the mother to the ground. T.P. the town if you want. Live ’til you Dye. War Cam Eagle and all that. Saturday might be all you have.

“The Cam Newton Phenomenon could be down to a fleeting romance until further notice.”

And this:

“If they keep winning, there’s no doubt they will be (in the BCSCG) this time. But if they keep playing Newton, there is plenty of doubt. That’s why the result had a tentative quality to it. Start with Chizik’s pregame qualifier that Newton was the starting quarterback “today.”


And this:

“There is a real title still out there. Linebacker Josh Bynes knows it. That’s why he may have fibbed just a little when asked what the last nine days were like for a distracted, distressed but still great Auburn.

“Normal,” Bynes said.

“If that was normal, big guy, you may have to get ready in coming days for the new normal.”

Hmmm. Wonder if Dennis Dodd knows what’s coming in the next couple of weeks?

Read the full article on here.