MSU issues statements on Newton

November 12th
“During the recruitment of a football prospective student-athlete, Mississippi State was approached with an offer to provide an extra benefit. This offer was refused.

“MSU alerted the Southeastern Conference about the offer. MSU did not have any specific incriminating information about any other school, and thus could not provide any.

“As Commissioner Slive mentioned today, the SEC is not an investigative body. MSU has cooperated fully and completely with the NCAA from the time it began asking for our assistance, and looks forward to providing any and all help in this ongoing investigation.”


November 10th
Mississippi State University acknowledges that it contacted the Southeastern Conference office in January of 2010 regarding an issue relating to its recruitment of Cam Newton.

Shortly after the initial call, the SEC office requested specific information to include interviews with involved staff from MSU.

Due to MSU dealing with ongoing and time-consuming eligibility issues involving non-football matters in the winter and spring of 2010, the specific SEC request went unfulfilled. Some additional information was provided to the SEC during July of 2010. Once the NCAA enforcement staff became involved, Mississippi State University cooperated fully with its investigation. MSU is confident the SEC office has managed this process consistent with its established procedures and the university is committed to the conference’s ongoing efforts to ensure compliance with SEC and NCAA rules.


How long will it take for the NCAA to connect the dots between a father seeking money at a school that recruited his son and a father seeking money at the school that signed his son?

It’s possible they already have. Just keep this in mind: By the time you and I gain access to information on Cameron Newton from the media, this “new” info is cold and stale as compared to the warm, steamy new entrees the NCAA and FBI are being served on a daily basis.

Case in point: Don’t think you’ve heard or seen it all, because you haven’t. When you hear the words “No one has implicated Auburn in any of this,” you may want to silently insert the word “yet.”

It is incredible to believe a father (who multiple sources are on record making this claim) would shop his son at one school then magically cease from doing so at another…the one he ends up at.

As Auburn University continues to defy logic and belief in playing Cam, understand that this saga is far from over. And while they may thumb their noses at the NCAA now, gaining instant gratification seeing #2 prance around the field to their delight, it won’t mean much if and when it’s determined an ineligible player participated in all 13-14 games of the 2010 season, and thus those games must be vacated.

I think back to the movie Back To The Future, as Calvin kept seeing himself vaporize in a photo as the events unfolded that threatened his future. The problem is, the events taking place in Lee County not only threaten Auburn’s future, but their present as well.

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