Pressure building on NCAA and Auburn

Yahoo Sports posted a very important story this evening. Yahoo’s senior investigative reporter Charles Robinson floated the possibility that the NCAA could ask Auburn to sit Cam Newton.

According to the report, “With investigators gathering new information into pay-to-play allegations surrounding Auburn star quarterback Cam Newton, the NCAA could recommend Friday that the star quarterback be held out of competition pending a ruling on his eligibility.”


Try should.

The NCAA, the SEC and Auburn have a major stake in handling this issue correctly. It is clear from the statements of Mississippi State coaches, agent/runner Kenny Rogers and Mississippi State boosters that the Newton family shopped Cam Newton in a pay-for-play scheme. Failure to act now taints the entire football season. It threatens to taint the entire SEC.

Auburn fans who want to split hairs over rule interpretations should read this line from the Yahoo story. Robinson wrote, “According to NCAA interpretations, such an action would be a rules violation regardless of whether money exchanged hands or if Newton eventually signed with another school.”

The moment the family asked for money, Newton’s amateur status was forfeit. It is clear to everyone that this happened. It is time for the NCAA, the conference and Auburn to do the right thing. Will they?