Pressure building on NCAA and Auburn

Yahoo Sports posted a very important story this evening. Yahoo’s senior investigative reporter Charles Robinson floated the possibility that the NCAA could ask Auburn to sit Cam Newton.

According to the report, “With investigators gathering new information into pay-to-play allegations surrounding Auburn star quarterback Cam Newton, the NCAA could recommend Friday that the star quarterback be held out of competition pending a ruling on his eligibility.”


Try should.

The NCAA, the SEC and Auburn have a major stake in handling this issue correctly. It is clear from the statements of Mississippi State coaches, agent/runner Kenny Rogers and Mississippi State boosters that the Newton family shopped Cam Newton in a pay-for-play scheme. Failure to act now taints the entire football season. It threatens to taint the entire SEC.

Auburn fans who want to split hairs over rule interpretations should read this line from the Yahoo story. Robinson wrote, “According to NCAA interpretations, such an action would be a rules violation regardless of whether money exchanged hands or if Newton eventually signed with another school.”

The moment the family asked for money, Newton’s amateur status was forfeit. It is clear to everyone that this happened. It is time for the NCAA, the conference and Auburn to do the right thing. Will they?


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  1. 1

    Your so pathetic. Why are you afraid to play us head up mullet? Don’t want to be embarrassed in your new renovated stadium? What a spineless football program, the Alabama Crimson tampon. You are the definition of a girl. If Cam doesn’t play, nobody will ever validate your teams win. But that is how the REC plays. Get Fatsimmons to put a prankster on the radio and have him say anything for money. I friend hate your character. You are what is wrong with college football.

  2. 2

    Use proper punctuation and spelling, ‘BamaHate’. Your grammar has more holes in it, than Cecil Newtons storyline.

  3. 4

    Thanks cumquat, I’ll keep that in mind. Also
    mentioned in an ESPN report is that the FBI will be investigating all the players recruited by Bond and Rogers. If Ian Fatsimmons, a Bama homer, if good friends with this loser, your less than stellar probation prone University is gonna be on the radar too.

    All those 5 stars Tatoo got probably weren’t free. All the SEC schools maybe in a world of hurt from this one.

    At least Chizik and the AU staff have been completely exonerated according to Bond. Just saying, karma can be a bitch especially with the runaway boosters in the REC.

  4. 5

    Why is it clear what happened? Because unnamed sources said so or because an FBI investigated person who switches his story from 5 days ago?

  5. 7

    It is clear because:

    We have two MSU coaches (the recruiters reported by Schad) who said Rev. Newton asked for cash and that Cam indicated he went to AU because the money was too much.

    We have Rogers who said he witnessed at least one such request for cash by Rev. Newton.

    We have an MSU booster who says he was approached for the money.

    That is a substantial amount of people providing the information. Four different people.

    Sure they have an agenda, but that is more than enough to reasonably establish the fact that Rev. Newton asked Mississippi State for money and thereby forfeited Cam’s amateur status.

  6. 8

    Funny stuff Bammer ladies. One thing I would like to mention is Auburn, the “Cow” college or “West” Georgia college is closer to Georgia than Mississippi. Wouldn’t you rather be closer to Georgia than Mississippi? I mean Georgia has Atlanta – hell Auburn is pratically a suburb of Atlanta now, you Bammer dumbasses! One last thing, there is a new Unversity in Alabama called the University of East Mississippi; formely known as the University of Alabama.

  7. 9
    One Point

    I had a thought about all of this. It’s been advanced that AU MUST think there is “nothing to this” since they played Cam anyway.

    Au contraire.

    If there was “nothing to it” they would have declared him inelgible before the season, then immediately asked for his reinstatement (which in cases where there are no grounds, are almost always granted quickly). There is certainly enough in the initial material received that AU should have taken that step.

    Instead, AU didn’t declare him inelgible at all and rolled the dice. Why?

    Maybe because they were aware that he WAS inelgible and they WERE involved. At that point, they had NOTHING to lose in playing him. So they went for broke.

    It’s a more plausible scenario than many advanced so far.

  8. 10

    Auburn needs to sot Cam Newton. But not because of this scandal. He currently has a sore lower back so he needes to sit this weekend’s game out.

  9. 11

    The unfortunate fact you left out is no direct proof. The SEC office has received no statements from coaches, direct quote from Bloom at the SEC office.

    No direct proof of Newton, recorded phone call or video. That is where your logic breaks down, thus far. If he is found by proof to be guilty, then I agree bench Newton. However none yet. Rogers already has no credibility, you even reported the NFL was in investigating his recruiting tactics, meaning he is a conman.

    It is still boiling down to he said-she said. What we need to investigate is Rogers bank account, especially after changing his story today. Who paid for that statement on Fatsimmons, the Bama homer’s show? Why would you get yourself in more hot water especially knowing Bond is gonna turn over to the FBI recorded conversations. Either Rogers is an idiot or he just got paid.

  10. 12

    Much as I hate to admit it, there is too much smoke for nothing to have happened. Auburn needs to sit Cam to at least show some integrity.

  11. 13

    It isn’t a he said/he said.

    It is a he said and he said and he said and he said/he said.

    You don’t need more proof that Rev. Newton shopped Cam in a pay-for-play scheme. You might question Rogers….but are you also going to call the Mississippi State coaches liars too? Is everyone a liar and out to destroy Auburn?

    Again, these people all have an agenda, but what is the most logical thing? That this is some grand conspiracy? Or these people while imperfect have told the truth?

  12. 14

    Regarding API’s obsession with the ‘vast red-elephant conspiracy’…

    ESPN’s Colin Cowherd was perhaps the harshest today, saying that Auburn fans were delusional to believe the national media had an agenda against Auburn. “Why would the national media go after the number two program in a small state when it could target Alabama and Nick Saban?”

  13. 15

    BOOM make it five now. LINK

    ESPN’s latest update: “Bell, when contacted Thursday night by, confirmed Cecil Newton did ask for money in exchange for Cam Newton signing with Mississippi State. Bell said he was contacted by the NCAA about the matter and spoke to an investigator earlier this week.

    “‘That’s all I want to say about it at this point,’ Bell said.”

  14. 16

    Cap this does look worse. Now it will be more he said, he said, denial. Probably Cam will still play if no money exchanged hands because that will be the ultimate proof. It’s in the hands of how much does the NCAA believe these hooligans. If MSU coaches come out, it will probably put too much pressure to sit him. However, if we don’t go to the NC, then all SEC schools lose out on that money.

  15. 17
    One Point

    ” . . .spoke to an investigator THIS WEEK.”

    That’s a very important little fact. It means 1) this is an active investigation and 2) there might be pressure for AU to declare Newton inelgible even this late in the year, although I would guess they won’t.

    It might also explain why this is hitting media – the investigation is heating up and people are getting calls.

    With apologies to Chizik, it isn’t ‘garbage.”

  16. 20

    I’ll say this, I hate Alabama, however I did find myself cheering for them in the NC, because I wanted the SEC to win. I think it is sad that when you know your season is shot (like Bama), it is time to huddle behind the best SEC team. That is Auburn, whether you like it or not. This comes down to money for the conference and continued domination over the Big10, etc.

    Slive, in the end, will muzzle the MSU coaches. It boils down to money. Cam Newton will still play to the end, mark my words. The only thing than can screw it up is for Cecil Newton to crack.

  17. 21
    Denny Chimes

    I remember Auburn fans rolling Toomers after we went on probation for Albert Means. No way I could ever not sit back with a Coke and a smile and enjoy this.

  18. 22

    Looks like it’s over. I never thought there was a conspiracy against Auburn but I believed Newton for as long as I could. And do you blame Auburn fans for it? Tell me Alabama fans wouldn’t (and haven’t) been behind a player until the very end. I just hope Auburn comes out in the clear. And I don’t think there is anything pointing to the fact that they won’t. More than likely, Cecil Newton probably felt that MSU was the one place where he could get money, but it didn’t work out. And in reply to One Point, what Chizik called garbage was the cheating allegation not any of the MSU recruiting issues. And I still believe him on that. There is no good reason anyone should have given out his academic records.

  19. 23

    Hate simply put. If Newton was in on the pay for play, HE SHOULD NOT BE ON THE FIELD. mUCH THE SAME WAY rEEGIE bUSH SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN PLAYING EITHER. There. Isn’t that simple enough? Because that is the RULE. If it were say…. Marcell Darieus the Auburn nation would be screaming that he be suspended. Well guess what….. he was…… the second Nick Saban got wind of the rumor. Look at Julio, Darieus,J. Harris… etc.. get the picture? Why cant Auburn live up to that standard and suspend the player the player when the can clearly see that something is not right? It is called compliance.

    And 411. If the NCAA really leans on Cecil Newton he will sing and dance like Beyonce at an award show. He already has Auburn’s $$$. and you can bet he will protect himself and his son if the pressure is put on.

    Very dark days ahead for Chiz and Co.
    The saddest thing is that when this all finally comes to light, there are miles of footage of Chizik acting like a gullible niave fool who would do anything to save his chance at winning.

  20. 24

    Why would Cam pick abarn over MSU? He knew Mullens well, he knew little of the chesse nip, and he also knew the offense. Of course, Cecil may have been thinking we milked Mullens at FL, and we are about to get a second helping!

    Plan B: Go to the most well known cheaters in the conference – “They’ll pay whatever to catch BAMA.”

    abarn sux

  21. 26
    crimson hammah

    all the bs i made up on cam last summer and have been ranting about ever since is now worldwide news – the amazing crimson hammah hoax

  22. 27

    Auburn shouldn’t have to sit Cam. This investigation has been going on for months and they haven’t found anything to convict them. Kenny Rogers probably has some debt issues and knew Cam would be a quick fix. A source close to the Newtons told me the reason Cecil chose Auburn and not Miss St is because Cecil didn’t like the way the program would give money to his son a jeopardize his college career so he made the move to Auburn. The Newtons had their heart set on Miss St but after offered money they wouldn’t send him there. Newtons never received money and all bank histories has already shown the NCAA that. This is now becoming a subject to try and throw Cam off his game and end the Auburn undefeated season, can’t any of you see that? Case closed!!!!

  23. 29
    Denny Chimes

    You’re living in fantasy land. Keep slurping that orange koolaid on down brother. This is getting more entertaining by the day. Auburn looks more guilty as hell with every passing minute.

  24. 30

    If Cam stays on the field bammer trash knows we will tear them to shreds…lol..All these idiots are scrambling like hell to find a connection to Auburn and this shit.By the time they find some and i doubt there is any. We will have beat all your asses on the field. I say play Cam at all cost and deal with it later.Its not Auburns fault Cecil Newton is an idiot. Chiz knows all this shit and has known it. Cam Plays the rest of the way….lol

  25. 32

    From Mandy: “I say play Cam at all cost and deal with it later”….

    Typical Auburn Fan – Win at any cost…Nuff said.

  26. 34

    No one doubts that Auburn has a motive to ‘win at all costs’ since Saban arrived. And Auburn does have a history with powerful boosters funding the hiring of coaches and such. Not to mention coaches paying players… So what choice does Auburn have, they have to play Cam, if he is found to be ineligible, this season would be forfeited anyway. What is it with Auburn? Every time they do well, there is a cloud hanging over it? I guess this Auburn season will have an asterisk too. Which of course I think is pretty funny. This isn’t going to end well…

  27. 35

    Who cares how it ends. Who cares about the heisman or NC. I just wanna kick all your asses on the field and win out. Thats all people will remember really. Theres suppose to be damn near 200,000 fans at JH tomorrow. This shits funny as hell. I feel sorry for UGA. If any of you dumbarses who wanna find out if Cams playing tomorrow.Call the AU atheletic Dept and ask there ass like I do several times a damn day. They will tell ya.

  28. 36

    You stupid motherphuckers don’t have a clue. Invalidate the win if we beat Barnie without Cammila? Bwaa Haww Haww!!!! How about invalidate the whole phucking game if you even play Camilla? How many games would we win if we bought players? Camilla isn’t an amature athlete. He’s a professional and has no business playing in college. What’s more there is no one the nation that would consider the win invalid except Aubies – and Alabama doesn’t look to phucking Aubie to validate anything – period. It’s you tards who seek validation about everything that has anything to do with your stinking Cow College. In fact the truth of the situation is not that we would have to struggle with validation of beating you without Camilla – it’s that your whole season is invalid for playing a paid athlete and if he plays against us and wins then YOUR win is the one that would be invalid. I think we can beat you with him, but if he plays and you win, then Bama goes to a smaller Bowl and we lose a million or more dollars simply because Barnie is a crook. If you vacate the win later that still doesn’t reimburse our losses for the smaller Bowl game. Therefore, even though I’d like the opportunity to kick your asses with Camilla playing, it is a financial cluster phuck which Aubie has no right to cause. Anyway, I think it would stick in your craws worse to use Camilla and later have to vacate the win, than it would if you just plain lost to us without him – you know, Aubie’s moral victories and all. You phuckers did this to yourselves. You have nobody to blame and no excuses. RTR!

  29. 38

    “Instead, AU didn’t declare him inelgible at all and rolled the dice. Why?

    Maybe because they were aware that he WAS inelgible and they WERE involved. At that point, they had NOTHING to lose in playing him. So they went for broke.

    It’s a more plausible scenario than many advanced so far.”


    It was a gamble…but a 10+ win season and a major bowl game (and all the $ that goes with it) looks a lot better that another 8-5 / 7-6 season and playing No-Name State in the Fritos Cornchip Bowl.

  30. 39
    One Point

    Within a few minutes of each other – at around 11:30 CDT today – Caesar’s Place and the Vegas Hilton BOTH pulled the AU-UGA game off the table.

    Anyone else think that maybe at 11:30 today Indy declared Newton ineligible?

  31. 40
    One Point

    Actually that looks like the AU-GA game was pulled at 11:30 EASTERN . . .but now at least 5 different betting stations have pulled the game ALL at around 11:30

  32. 41

    ALABAMA 22 SEC Champs 13 National Champs.

    Abarn 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.

  33. 42
    One Point

    Some of the Veags lines are back, but dropping like a rock – some down 3.5 pts since yesterday . . .the rumors are out there

  34. 45
    crimson hammah

    lsu’s 1210 the score said it best …on au the rivalry with bama and bama’s success just eats them up – camscam is true. – bama 1 auburn 2 – everybody knows auburn has to cheat to do anything against bama

  35. 46
    crimson hammah

    slive just dissed miss state for leaking the truth to crimson hammah…only a retard would see that as positive.

  36. 49
    One Point

    Slive has publicly dissed a member of his own conference for foot-dragging. So if AU gets in trouble, Slive is toast.

    If you were Slive, would you want your fate tied to Cecil Newton right now? Because it is.

    I thought Bloom’s statement was odd, but now it makes sense. Slive has taken a side in an NCAA investigation. He better be right.

  37. 50
    crimson hammah

    au fans are not off their rockers they know cam was bought by au boosters more than anybody – they just won’t give u the satisfaction of knowing they know…rtr

  38. 52
    crimson hammah

    blessing in disguise the au back up is twice the complete qb ceram is – cam cannot hit the wideside of a barner

  39. 53

    SHUT UP! Even your other Bama Brethren think your posts are stupid, incoherent, and border on schizophrenic.

    OnePoint posted that we rolled the dice on Newton from the first game. He is somewhat right, however nobody knew probably other than Dan Mullen how good he was at the beginning of the year or even your Lollipop kid coach would have been after him.

    I think it is becoming clear that Mullen was using boosters to recruit him, offering money, and now they are singing and not realizing they are shooting MSU in the foot. Two options here;
    1. Self preservation – I think Knox is behind some of this but if he claims Cecil Newton asked for cash in Nov 27th and they were still recruiting him in Dec, then they were doing so against NCAA guidelines. Result MSU on severe probation.
    2. Misguided – keep clear from this booster story and let Rogers, Bond, and Bell go down the drain. Rogers is singing now, let him take the fall. Nobody thinks he has any credibility. Bond may have but supposedly he has only tapes of Rogers conversation. Therefore, Rogers was trying to blackmail MSU, maybe a slap on the wrist for rogue booster by MSU with probation.
    3. Something else we don’t know….more to come. I don’t know what else will come out, but I really hope the FBI finds out.

  40. 54

    4. The reason MSU continued to recruit him after Nov. 27 was so they could get text, taped etc. evidence to submit to the NCAA. At least they were smart enough to go straight to the NCAA since Slive was clearly going to just sit on his hands to save his own ass/rep whatever his reasons. Hindsight says that tURDberville was pretty smart keeping Dye away from the program, cuz.

  41. 55
    crimson hammah

    bamahatehomo anybody with any sense loves me including bamagirl and a bunch of other beautiful smart women… may god strike me down into a coma for an hour if u r stupid enough to believe that auburn boosters did not buy cam.

  42. 56
    crimson hammah

    bhate stupid enough to vote for obama and to think oj was innocent but not stupid enough to believe cam not bought = i guarantee it with an hour of my life…

  43. 57
    crimson hammah

    cudos to miss state asst who followed up and found out that lane kiffen also got a face to face extortion attempt by cecil newton…

    also found out exact details of the way au boosters funneled money to cam dad..

    i forgot the details but a complex shell game with an au booster owned general contractor, newton’s construction company,and other subcontractors..

    the scheme was a shell game involved huge construction material orders = delivered undelivered partial shipments returns credits etc that netted newton 200k ish profit – i do not know what cam did with money – i do not know if au coaches were aware of this but they are aware of the pat dye payola scam….

  44. 59
    crimson hammah

    rogers bond bell have little to do with story the miss st asst is beyond reproach unimpeachable testimony and verified

    this case was a slam dunk it is over but the piling on…



  45. 60


    UofA is the most vile place I have ever been, id put my money on the fact that 85% of the students at that school are either addicted to blow or have an STD. Tuscaloosa is a disgusting mix of white trash and poverty….all u have is football…that is the ONLY thing that your school can be proud of…PATHETIC!! You really think anything is going to happen to Auburn this season? or ever? FOOLS! Worst-case scenario: Auburn gets put on probation in a couple of years; however, there is NO PROOF U CRACKHEADS. Stop hating on Auburn, ease up on the blow, brush your teeth, and stop hating on Auburn. GOOD LUCK NEXT WEEK!!

  46. 61

    Everyone hates Auburn, the most corrupt college football program in history. This Cam scandal will be part of your great history of paying players and probation. Which is what Auburn has been known for, for a long time in this state, and now the entire nation. Hey, at least Auburn is getting known for something else besides being Bama’s little sister.

  47. 62
    crimson hammah


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