REPORT: Cam Newton to be suspended

Accurate report? You be the judge:

According to this tweet from Paul Finebaum, “ESPN Dallas’ Ian Fitzimmons is reporting that within 3-4 hours the NCAA is going to suspend Cam Newton.”

There is substantial chatter about this, but this is the first hard report that has surfaced.

This would be horrible news for Auburn and its star quarterback Cam Newton. It has been a rough week for the quarterback with new revelations hitting daily.

UPDATE: New tweet from Finebaum: “WJOX Jim Dunaway has spoken with ESPN Dallas’ Ian Fitzimmons and apparently he claims he isn’t reporting that Newton will be suspended.”


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    Per the Roadtable, Lance Taylor called Fitzimmons and he is denying the he broke this story….but Vegas has closed betting on the Auburn-Georgia game.

  2. 2
    One Point

    I think the term “suspended” in the tweet called its credibility into question. The NCAA could say he’s “inelgible” but I don’t think they can “suspend” him – that’s up to AU

  3. 5

    Why should Chiz operate above reproach now, BP? At this point, he’s going to dance with the Scam he came with. This season is a complete wash now anyway.

  4. 6

    Chizik will not declare Cam ineligable until the NCAA does. That has not happened. So much for your next few hours prediction.

    You just keep on hopin’ that it happens before the 26th.

  5. 7

    Hope not.Would like to see him finish out season.He will make our defense look like more shit than it already is…;;;Hope that Nick Farley dude picks Greg Mac up and body slams his ass then we might see another QB who is not scared to run the dam ball…I know i will catch hell over this being a Bama fan but just telling the truth.

  6. 8

    it really doesnt matter if you think about it.
    Chiz and Co are not going to do ANYTHING but back Newton.
    1. He is the leader of the team.
    2. If Newton starts talking Auburn is screwed even worse.
    Its a great day to be Cam Newton. He has made serious money for about 1 year of playing time.
    If he can just hold it together a little longer he will at least catch on in the CFL. And Auburn conversely will catch the full gale force of the coming s*** storm.
    Aub fans. Take my word for it.
    The NCAA will not rest until they have aubie the tigers stuffed head over the mantel in thier rumpus room.

  7. 9

    War Cam illegal. He is so going down. I hope he wins the Heisman and they yank it from him a year down the road. He is such a thief (according to reports). Auburn will get beat by Georgia and Bama and not play for their second title. LSU wins the SEC and wins the Championship game.

  8. 11

    Poor Bammers!!!! All you want to talk about is Auburn (SEC West Champs) and Cam. Know why? Because your team is IRRELEVANT! HAHAHAHA… all this Cam hatred is so funny… making a dream season for us Aubies even more enjoyable. Watching you mullet head bigots getting unhinged is hillarious. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…

  9. 12

    Hey Bammers…. how’s 2011 looking for you all? No Jones, Ingrahm. McCelroy, Kirby Smart…. yup, looks like the whells come off the bus for all in 2011.

  10. 13
    crimson hammah

    2011 looks like 14th for sure
    upgrade at qb and if nfl lockout some studs might stay – yound d experienced and a full yr in 4th qtr program scott cochrane the master builder….eddie lacy trent richardson backfield at worst…great wr’s big and or fast…
    brandon ivory?? the big memphis kid in the middle will solidify run d…

    14th book your 12 travel plans to New Orleans,LA

  11. 14

    Hey Dan….I am not a Bama fan but I can tell you that Auburn will not win their 2nd !!! Only 2 Dan?? Is that all you got boy! Auburn is a cowtown and always will be. Bunch of inbreds. HA Hahhhaahhhaahhhaaaaaaahh Dan

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