Auburn’s Chizik dodges questions about Newton

AP: Chizik declined to answer questions about an ESPN report that Newton told a Mississippi State recruiter that his father wanted him to go to Auburn because “the money was too much.”

ALSO: Cleveland Browns rookie cornerback Joe Haden said Newton isn’t worried about the allegations being leveled against him. Haden lived with Newton for 1 1/2 years and considers his former roommate when the two were at Florida his best friend. Haden spoke to the Heisman Trophy hopeful on the phone for an hour on Tuesday night. Haden said Newton, who has been accused of cheating while he was with the Gators, “is not letting this stuff get to him too much. He said, ‘Joe, I got a plan and everything is going to work out for the best.'” Below is the entire AP report.


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    decline does not equal dodge. And the “plan” he is referring to can only mean that he is going to take the money and hijack a plane to Cuba.

  2. 3

    I feel sorry for Chiznik. He has obviously been a puppet in an expensive experiment all along, and he’ll be the fall guy too.

  3. 4
    crimson hammah

    i told u everything – still not out lane kiffen and tn staff can collaborate all this as well and miss state followed up and knows exactly how au funneled the money to camdad

  4. 5
    crimson hammah

    bpi – u got beat down and showed up on every detail to the last minutae almost all out – still to come kiffen and tn collaborate the story and miss st asst coach followed up and knows how au funneled camdad the money

  5. 6
    crimson hammah

    bpi u sore loser just like au football program cannot stand being second fiddle to the greatest football in history – when there is no shame in that – au just needs to take it like a man – cheaters never prosper

  6. 9
    crimson hammah

    not worried b/c he doesn’t give a ratz azz about the heisman,,,,and all he cares about is getting an nfl contract – screw au i never wanted to go with these cheaters anyway i was just their rented mule – cam

  7. 10

    Ican relate to Chizik in a way…Why should I respond to people who don’t know squat…like hammah.

    If you don’t communicate with him, he might shut up and leave.

  8. 12

    The burden of proof is not on Chizik, it is on those spreading rumors. Does anyone here have any proof? If not, they are guessing at best and promoting a sick agenda at worst.

  9. 13

    Proof of what?

    There is sufficient evidence to say Newton was shopped by his father and a third party.

    We have at least three individuals now quoted in the press and having provided evidence to the NCAA that Newton was shopped.

    Of course, these individuals have an agenda—they are angry that Auburn landed Cam Newton. But is that enough to discount their eye witness accounts to the slave trading?

    The biggest question in my mind deals with outside corroboration. Will some other schools come forward with information confirming they too were approached? Maybe there are tapes or other forms of evidence?

  10. 14

    If that is the only evidence, then any hope of allegations against AU are doomed. The first had to backtrack and admit that it was actually 4th person hearsay. The last two, unnamed, have two other (known) persons providing conflicting testimony– and they have inconsistencies like why would they continue to recruit someone after a demand for money. Notably, there are only reports of the FBI wanting to talk with MSU persons, and not Auburn, Cam or Cam’s father. No one knows exactly how all of this will play out, but it is definitely not a case to bet your credibility on by essentially declaring Auburn/Cam’s guilt.

  11. 15

    haden says all this is because newton is playing so well? aside from reggie bush when is the last time shit like this came out on a heisman candidate? its coming out cuz him and his dad aint nothin but stereo typical shakedown thug ass blacks that got caught and as we all know you cant spell caught without AU!

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