Another joins the conspiracy against Cam!

Remember all those glowing stories on CBS, ESPN and the local media about how wonderful Cam Newton is?


The Smoking Gun provides some interesting details that contradict much of the spin heard around Birmingham.

According to the Smoking Gun, “A University of Florida Police Department report, excerpted here, details how investigators tracked the stolen laptop to the athlete, and how Newton tossed the computer out his dorm window in a humorously ill-advised attempt to hide it from cops (a friend scooped up the laptop and hid it behind a dumpster at a nearby school building). As cops were about to search his room, Newton (then a backup to Florida QB Tim Tebow) was overheard on a cellphone telling someone, ‘There was a computer and I took it.’ After noting that he had thrown the laptop out of the window, Newton remarked, ‘Huh! Cuz, they bout to search my room.'”

Once again: “‘There was a computer and I took it.”

There was a computer and I took it.

It looks like the Smoking Gun has joined the conspiracy against Auburn. You can add the website to a list that already includes ESPN, the New York Times, TMZ, Urban Meyer, Tom Arnold and the Pope.