Urban Meyer denies leaking Cam Newton info

Auburn’s spin machine is after Florida coach Urban Meyer. The Florida football coach responded today.

AP: Florida coach Urban Meyer says he didn’t leak any information about Auburn quarterback Cam Newton’s academic record in Gainesville. Meyer adds that no one on his staff would have leaked confidential academic information, calling it a “ridiculous claim and simply not true.”

MORE from Florida’s football coach: Meyer says “for anyone to think that I or anyone on our staff may have leaked information about private student records to the media doesn’t know us very well. It’s a ridiculous claim and simply not true.” Below is the entire AP report on this breaking news.


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    I’m sorta proud of you and ITK….You picked yourselves up, dusted yourselves off, and got right back on the journalistic horse. Yes, there is absolutely nothing with any substance in regards to Alabama football for you two to write about, but by golly, there is plenty of stuff to write about Cam Newton and Auburn..ITK has always been obsessed with all things Auburn, and now you are, Cap…..Good to see he is rubbing off on you. Before long (if you really apply yourself) you can write EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE about Auburn just like ITK does.

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right ?

    Now remind me again who little brother is ?

    I called it earlier in the week. This blog will write soley about Auburn and Cam Newton for the rest of the season , at least. Honostly I see why…Your team sucks donkey balls and there is nothing to write about…I gues you could write another aricle about how Auburn stinks becasue we barely beat Missy St. But, since there is a very good chance they will beat you, there is no need in that , is there ? Na, don’t concentrate on your own crappy team…Put all your efforts into Auburn…

  2. 2

    Hmm, I’ve posted about Nick Saban and the Cowboys and posted a preview about Alabama-Mississippi State in the last 24 hours.

    However, I am a whore and will follow the big story and that is the frenzy around Cam Newton. 🙂

  3. 3

    So Cam and his father deny allegations that have very little support and we think they are lying. Urban Meyer denies an an allegation with very little support and we automatically believe him.

  4. 5
    One Point

    Who has actually been shown to be a liar so far?

    “We decided that Cam should go to Blinn when Tebow stayed” (It is now an acknowledged fact that Newton had not been enrolled at UF since December 2008 and would not have been elgible at UF in 2009)

    “Cam could have stayed at Florida.” (No – he faced expulsion).

  5. 7

    Sucks Donkey balls? A little early with the shite slinging aren’t you? We’re 7-2 which hardly sucks, and you haven’t escaped BDS with your own balls intact yet – moron! RTR!

  6. 8

    “However, I am a whore and will follow the big story and that is the frenzy around Cam Newton.”

    cap, i luv ya to death, dude, but you’ve got to get in the 21st century.

    it’s HO, man, HO.

  7. 9

    oh, BPI, stop being the typical hater…just remember this–the 2010 season will be for nothing when all of this comes to light. So here are a few predictions:

    1)Cam will not win the Heisman.

    –If the voters are stupid enough to vote for him, he may walk off the stage with it, but the “Repo man” will ask for it back just like they did with Reggie Bush and Newton’s accomplishments will be tarnished, the school will fall into sanctions, and the program will be in the toilet.

    2)Cam will declare himself elegible for the 2011 draft.

    –if there’s anything to these “rumors”, you can bet daddy knows what is going on and he will inflict his authority once again and Cam will retract his decision to stay at Auburn and forego his senior year for the reason of what started this whole soap opera…MONEY

    3)Oregon will win the Championship if played against Auburn…convincingly

    All of this is why Aubys are making such a huge angry deal out of this. They all can feel in the deepest pit of their gut that all the allegations are going to be proven true, making any and all feelings of accomplishment and content in finally having a complete, rewarding year fall gruesomely short.

  8. 10

    And keep writing, cap. Why the hell is this doucher browsing the Tide sites anyway? Maybe someone paid him $180k to dismantle our thoughts on Auburn stupidity

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