Remember when Auburn wasn’t implicated in all this Cam Newton stuff? Those days are over.

This new report indicates Auburn was up to something while recruiting quarterback Cam Newton.

ESPN’s Joe Schad reported: “Two sources who recruit for Mississippi State told school compliance officials in January that quarterback Cam Newton and his father each admitted in separate phone conversations that his college choice would be about money, ESPN’s Joe Schad reports. The sources said that prior to Newton’s commitment to Auburn, Cecil Newton said it would take ‘more than a scholarship’ to get his son to that school and that a third party could provide specifics.”

There is even more on ESPN. Including what is perhaps the most damning for Auburn. According to the report, “An emotional Cam Newton is said to have later called another Mississippi State recruiter to express regret over changing his commitment to the school but that his father chose Auburn because ‘the money was too much.'”

Auburn’s propaganda arm will spin this as sour grapes, but with the NCAA and now the FBI looking at this recruiting scandal things are looking bad.