Auburn’s non-denial denial over Cam’s academics

I actually feel sorry for Jay Jacobs.

AP: Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs says the allegations against Tigers quarterback Cam Newton are “unfortunate and sad” and reiterated that Newton is eligible both academically and athletically. Jacobs said Monday the “rumors” seem designed toward “tearing down the reputation” of Newton, who Jacobs says has done “everything we’ve asked him to do.” Jacobs says discussing the academic records of a student violates federal privacy law and declined to disclose Newton’s academic history. Below is the entire breaking AP news story.


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    It’s a shame when people who claim to be Christians take joy in the mistakes and misfortunes of others. I hate when this happens to players at Auburn AND Alabama. It goes on from both sides all the time and it would be nice if it stopped. If he did cheat he’s paid a price. He had to leave Florida, his school of choice and work to get back to where he is now. This is not an excuse but many, many athletes cheat. In my time at both Auburn and Alabama I’ve seen it on several occasions. If it happened, no one should excuse it, but people need to stop acting like he is the first to ever do it.

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    “Done everything we’ve asked him to do.”

    Could that mean…

    …give us (Auburn) significance

    …give us a chance this season (without him they’re 6-4, at best)

    …play football, forget academics (apparently he does that fine)

    …give us our money’s worth

    Time will tell, it’s just the Cam worship that has become most disturbing, even for Auburn fans.

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    Logic says that Auburn wouldn’t be so stupid that they would let him play, if they knew there was a chance he got paid, etc. I mean, if any of this has any merit would they still play him to save face right now and just hope it all blows over? Auburn isn’t THAT stupid, are they? ….are they?

  4. 5
    crimson hammah

    what? dye and the pay for play was win until u get caught …this is the only way we can beat bama …every scholly player at au is paid….it was worth 4 yrs of probation to have 1 recruiting service have us ahead of bama and higher ranked than bama for 2 months

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    You can’t believe a word from the liars at Auburn Undercover or the Rivals’ Auburn site. Both have been exposed as shills in the past. The Rivals site actually redacted video it posted illustrating NCAA violations at Big Cat Weekend.

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    That is the skepticism I apply to Alabama’s version of those sites too. I call them Pravda for a reason over at Bama Online and Bama Mag. 😉

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    I am starting up a “Cam Newton Dick Lickers Club”. If you are interested in joining, you can email me for an application. All applicants information will be kept confidential.

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