Thinking about Nick Saban and the Dallas Cowboys

Cecil Hurt of the Tuscaloosa News addressed the already floating rumor that Alabama football coach Nick Saban might head to the Dallas Cowboys. On the Paul Finebaum Radio Network Hurt said, “It’s possible that someone will float the Saban to Dallas rumor. You’ll hear that until he hires someone for the job. … Saban has totally been up front about his NFL experience. It won’t stop people from speculating though.” (source).

It is unlikely Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban would return to the NFL. He claims he was miserable there.

However, there is one reason that Alabama’s football coach should consider the Dallas Cowboys—Tony Romo.

What was Nick Saban’s biggest problem in Miami? The quarterback position.

Everyone knows Saban made a mistake in picking Daunte Culpepper over Drew Brees. According to reports, Saban and the Dolphins worried about the durability of “Brees’s surgically repaired right shoulder.”

The choice of Culpepper was “ill-fated.”

And, it more than anything else relegated Saban to misery in the NFL. The league requires not only a healthy quarterback but also a competent quarterback.

How bad would Indianapolis be without Peyton Manning?

Tony Romo is a star quarterback. He has matured; he makes fewer mistakes. He is good enough to take a team to the Super Bowl. In 2009, Romo threw for 4,483 yards and tossed 26 touchdowns with nine interceptions. Romo is a dynamic quarterback that reduced his mistakes. Even as Dallas looked uneven in 2010, Romo wasn’t the problem. He was a positive on an offense that never found its rhythm, on a team that never found its focus.

Everyone, including me, believes control is the most important thing to Saban. It is doubtful owner Jerry Jones would relinquish the control necessary to get Nick Saban to Dallas. But, maybe just as important is going to a place with a solid quarterback. Saban’s time in college and in the NFL should illustrate that. Getting a chance to lead a team with Romo should interest any coach—even a control freak like Alabama’s Nick Saban.


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  1. 1

    Who in the Hell wants a Jerry Jones staring over their shoulder ?
    Nothing to this Story . Aubs will try and pimp it to the stupid and naive.

  2. 2

    Who wants Jones looking over his shoulder? It can’t be worse than Bama fans looking over his shoulder. And at least Jones is less delusional.

  3. 3

    Very true. There is nothing like the pressure of AL alumni at Dallas. Add to that, you have to recruit and develop raw talent the NFL can poach at any time, and then there are the AL fans. SEC is getting more and more competitive. I think Saban will consider the offer, but it would still have to be good.

  4. 4

    How did an article about Saban going to Dallas turn into an article about Culpepper and Brees? Nothing to this rumor, just people pulling drama out of thin air.

  5. 6

    He will not go to Dallas. Jerry Jones would never surrender the type of control Nick Saban wants and even if he did Saban probably wouldn’t trust him (and neither would I). There, your point is invalidated.

  6. 7
    crimson hammah

    only a trailer park inbred loser would think for a sec saban would step down the mountain to the dallas cowboys

  7. 8

    Why mention Culpepper and Brees along with Saban and the NFL? Because Nick Saban would still be in the NFL if not for that error. I don’t think Saban will return to the NFL, but any coach would have to think about it if you get a chance to work with a franchise that has its quarterback situation set.

  8. 9

    I don’t think Saban will go to the NFL either.

    However, Alabama fans have to know they can NEVER trust anything he says. He’s lied before and he’ll lie again whenever it suits him.

  9. 10

    I think Terry Saban will have the final say on this situation..She can put the kabosh on this if she wants to stay put in T’town..working with Nick’s kids foundation and other UA scholarship programs..also kids in school as well…

  10. 11

    Whether he is at Alabama, Oklahoma or Wichita State, the man does not want to return to the pro game.

    The producers of Gamechanger, two level-headed, unemotional, anti-rah-rah guys said that if there’s one impression they came away with from their six months with the dude, it’s that his heart is in the college game. He will retire at Alabama at the age of 66.

  11. 12

    Jimmy Sexton DOES hang with Jerry Jones. Fact of the matter is Saban employs Sexton. He DOESN’T want an NFL gig — ESPECIALLY the Cowboys.

    Jerry Jones is a chode. This is a guy who is more of a control freak than anyone in the game. To think Saban would put up with Jerry Jones drawing X’s and O’s in the OC/DC meetings would drive him up the wall. Saban demands control. Jerry Jones point blank was asked if he would give it up today and his reply was, “over my dead body.” How about coaching a bunch of grown ass men who have no discipline and want to do their own thing and make the highlight reel on ESPN? That shit doesn’t fly with Saban. ex. see Miami Dolphins.

    The funny thing is that the DFW area is expecting a Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden or Marty Schottenheimer — well, 2 of 3 of those coaches would take a new gig (excluding Gruden) but not in Dallas. They will have to find another puppet for Jerry Jones a.k.a. the “Savior” who lives in the mid 90’s still. The Dallas situation will be a never ending soap opera in the NFL world for years to come until he croaks like Al Davis.

  12. 13
    saban is a joke

    Remember Sherman Williams from Bama? Was he the last Bammer to play for the Cowboys? I’m sure. He brought Tuscaloosa’s cocaine problem to Dallas. Every beautiful girl I know was on the blow at Bama.

  13. 15
    Homepage |

    […] rumors have already taken root on SEC messageboards.  Cecil Hurt of The Tuscaloosa News said yesterday that he expected those rumors to pop:“It’s possible that someone will float the Saban to Dallas rumor.  You’ll hear […]

  14. 17

    First off, haters… Saban explained why he denied the Alabama job. But to refresh, he denied the job due to his loyalty and commitment to his players in Miami–to finish the season he had started with them. He has balls the size of churchbells and, upon leaving Miami, did not do so by sneaking out of town in the middle of the night as the one coach at Ole Miss felt he had to do when he left for Auburn. So to all the Auburn fans trying to stir the pot, I say “Bless your hearts”–I can only imagine how tough it must be to have a love for a team that has NEVER in the existence of their program brought a National Championship trophy back to their football trophy room, which sadly must be the size of my wife’s shoe closet.

  15. 18

    This is a rumor started by the Abarn fambly camp to take the heat of Carlotta or Camputer or Cheese Wiz. It was started by Al Del Freeko and his side kick Jay Barfer.

  16. 19

    Hey Scubastevo,

    Ever look back at each of your precious 13 championships? Quite a joke to claim 13. Be proud that the NCAA still considers that you have 7 or 8. Only half the state of AL says that Bammer has that many. Why can’t you just claims the one that are legit? Take a look at this link. One of the years (1941), Bammer was ranked 20th in the AP poll and 3rd in the SEC. 1979 was the first unanimous championship and 1992 was the 2nd.

  17. 25
    crimson hammah

    u stupid ignorant slut=they say only 8 because that is when the ap poll started so nobody in their right mind denies the rose bowl champ seasons won the nc so 8 + 1925 1926 1930 1934 all before the 1938ish when the ap poll started so then u r at 12 negate the 41 but add in the most bogus titles of all-time of nortre dame’s 66 77 back to 14 then the 1945 undefeated rose bowl champ and then a one loss 75 team beat out by a media darling cheating switzer and the sooners with one loss and the whole sooner run comes into doubt when lou holtz blew them out a couple of yrs later bringing the total to 15

    irony – college football has au as the team with the most bogus claims to a title

  18. 26

    Saban is run by his ego. As much as Bama fans do not want to hear this – what he has in Tuscaloosa is no different than what he had in Baton Rouge.

    Sure he failed in the NFL, but you have to think with the ego he has that eventually Saban wants to give it another try IF THE RIGHT OPPORTUNITY presents itself.

    If Jerry Jones offered him $8 million a year to head one of the world’s most popular sports teams you don’t think he’d listen?

  19. 28

    I think Alabama would match the salary. And I think he’s still got a bad taste in his mouth from the NFL. It might be wishful thinking but I can’t see why he’d want a rebuilding job again. Why struggle through that when he could win several more national titles at Bama and stay in his god-like position at the Meca of college football?

  20. 29
    The Crimson Hammah

    not a snowball’s chance of saban taking another coaching job ever – next stop retirement or a gm/ad job only

  21. 30

    Sabans Daughter is in school at alabama currently. He’s not going anywhere. Terry will put her foot down on this one.

  22. 31

    Look tide fans…. Face it, lil nicky will leave for a bigger paycheck. Book it. If Jerry jones wants him, bye bye tidey. If Jerry don’t come a calling, look for Nicky to leave within the next couple years to retire in west Virginia. His coaching philosophy only last 4-5 years. So enjoy the a$$hole while u can. Cause he WILL leave. This is 100% fact.

    • 32

      ^^^^^^ Was that an Auburn fans prayer, a rejected LSU retard, or just a jealous idiot from some other random SEC school that Saban has beat down recently?

      Come on dude, y’all Saban haters have been promising this from day one. He ain’t going anywhere, and even if he does, it will be to retire. Bama will be in good shape with Kirby Smart taking over.

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