Alabama needs ‘everyone’s best’ for stretch run

“This team has a great opportunity in the last one-third of the season,” Tide coach Nick Saban said Monday. “We need everyone’s best. We need their best attention to detail. We need their best energy and enthusiasm, the best focus on execution. The focus doesn’t need to be on the finish line.” Read more below on the critical November stretch in Alabama’s drive for another national championship.


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    I guarantee you I will be, BP. Beating #10 on their field should jump us to #3 in the BCS, but we’ll still be behind TCU.

    Oh, and I’ll watch highlights of Abarn’s practice game later that night and Camilla won’t be wearing that fairy costume.

    Both will disappoint me greatly.

  2. 5

    The whole College football world knows who the leading rusher is in the SEC….But can you tell us who is at the #2 slot ?

    I’m sure I will hear “Mark Ingram”..You would be wrong.

    “Well , it’s got to be Trent Richardson then”….Wrong again.

    Well who can it be ? Mike Dyer is tied with the LSU running back as of this week for #2.

    After We play the Mocs, he will be all alone at #2.

    That Dipsey doo, rinky dink, smoke and mirrors offense just keeps piling up the yards.

  3. 6

    Yeah, it’s a damn shame those stats are all for nothing. If we hadn’t phucked up against USCjr, the Barn even undefeated would be nothing more than an afterthought. If you had played 6 of 8 games away like we did instead of at home you would be 5-3 right now. And after November 26 you will be an afterthought anyway. You morons just don’t get it do you? We don’t have a berth in the BCSCG guaranteed this year like last, and we don’t have #1 ranked and #1 on our shite list Florida coming up the week after the IB. We barely even practiced for you last year. You were basically irrelevant. This year all of our plans and goals go through you. After Miss St we have two weeks and a good Saturday scrimmage to get ready for you at OUR house. Can you say ‘Adios’ SECCG and BCSNCG – pendejos? RTR!

  4. 7

    Those stats are results on the field cuz. It’s proof of what we’ve done…All of those yards came as a direct result of our O-line. Bama will get steamrolled by our 0-line. Write it down.

    You don’t have the horses on defense anymore..especially in the front 7 where you need them most against a running team.

    Your )-line is pathetic. #90 is gonna rip off McElnerds head and crap down his neck.

  5. 8

    Front 7? On crack again BP? We play the 3-4 and we have the 4 best LB’s in the SEC. True, our front 3 is not what it was last year, but one reason is the ankle injury to Marcel. But with only 2 games between Tennessee and the IB he just might get back to BCSNCG form. You better hope not. As for #90, let’s just review your schedule this year. Nope, can’t find a single team on there with an offense as good as Bama’s. I don’t consider a one dimensional team like Arky good. When we come out in the empty backfield spread and Mac rolls out away from #90 on every down he can bring his tiddly winks with him to occupy his time. RTR!

  6. 9

    Your linebackers are overrated..Hightower has grown into a defensive end. Way too slow to be a linebacker.

    Your offense sux.

    Arkansas is better. SCAR is better.

  7. 11

    You’re a retard. We held Arky to 100 non productive yards in the second half when they had a chance to win the game in their house. If USCjr could play every week with the hand of God on their side as they did against us, then they would be national champions. Unfortunately their normal style is only slightly better than average. We by the way are ranked #5 and day after tomorrow we could be #3 or 4, even in the BCS rankings which by the way means nothing until the final points are tabulated the first week of December. Fairley won’t be doing his job unless he sacks or causes to be sacked our QB and or in some other fashion disrupts our offense to the point that it becomes ineffective. I got a weeks pay that says it won’t happen. But lets just say that it does. Lets just assume that #90 gets a lucky hit and even knocks GMAC out of the game. HA Ha Ha Ha! You morons would get an early look at the Oregon offense when we send in McCarron, and you wouldn’t even have the chance to practice against it. Bwaa Haww Haww! You tards just can’t seem to get it through your heads that even though you are playing great with your retreaded Florida QB – we still have 80 of the best athletes in the country on OUR team and they haven’t played their best game yet. This year it isn’t Florida who is in our crosshairs. It’s the Barner tards at OUR house. Adios! RTR!

  8. 12

    If Nick Fairley requires a double team, he’s done his job. If Saban has to roll McElnerd every play because of Fairley, he’s done his job. If your team has to adjust its gameplan in any way , he’s done his job.

    Your offense isn’t that good.

  9. 13

    BP, I hate to keep chewing on your ass, but the more you run your mouth and try to back up the Sugar Plum Fairies, the more you look stupid. That’s the consensus dumbass opinion of the retarded Barnie Fambuhly – “Your offense isn’t that good”. What? Did ya’ll read that on some X-Box game or something? Ok, here’s some ‘Football For Dummies’. Awbren 40 ppg offense. 24.33 ppg defense. Bama 36 ppg offense. Ooohhh, big difference. 10.75 ppg defense. Yeah, damn big difference. Awbren is winning by 15.67 ppg. Alabama is winning by 25.25 ppg. And Bama hasn’t been held to 17 points by anybody, much less a team who is the same as Florida whom we scored 31 on. Tell you what SFB, I’ll take our offense together with our defense over your phucking Sugar Plum Fairies any day. And as for Fairly, nobody is going to have to double team him any more often than you’re going to have to double team Darius. RTR!

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