A picture is worth a thousand words

You really can't make this stuff up.

I really can’t add anything to this. I can only thank Alex Hamilton (my vote for capstonereport.com blogger of the year) and the website Sports By Brooks for giving us this gem.

See more here…really…please do….there’s even video.

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    That’s scarey! Don’t even want to know more. Just don’t drop the soap in the shower. If you drop your wallet in JHS you better kick it all the way to Montgomery before you bend over to pick it up! New name – Camilla Newton. Boy, the Awbie fan base is gonna regret this. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  2. 5

    I’m sure they don’t. The big question is why the Gay theme? Bid Bird and Cookie Monster are funny too. And Reno 911 has to be about as stupid a movie as Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes. Who the hell in the national spotlight would dress like that and then let the media in? Maybe they don’t care, but you can be damn sure we’re gonna make sure their fan base suffers for it, cause you can be damn sure ya’ll care. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR! CAMILLA NEWTON – Bwaa
    Haww Haww!

  3. 7

    Yeah, you say that now. But the rest of the Bama boards haven’t woke up yet and gotten in on the fun. Just wait. Anyway, he wasn’t the only one, and the others aren’t superstars and will be around for years after Camilla is gone. They’ll never hear the end of it. Bwaa Haww Haww. RTR!

  4. 8

    Bammers can laugh it up all they want to. There team will be the one who Auburn will make Bamur there woman just like Tubby did for all those many years. Cam and the Tigers will bend Bamur over and rape it repeatedly and stuff there Thunder and Lightning up there candy asses. Mcelroy will be crying his little ginger head off. And by the way, Mcelroy is queer. Have you seen him in interviews? How about tiptoing the sidelines last year? You can laugh at Cam but we will be the ones laughing at Jordan Hare east on Black Friday. It it will be a black one for sure. Cam will have you wishing Wallace could block the stadium to keep Cam from coming in. Fuck every last one of you stupid bamurs who keep posting and mouthing off over hear. Chizik will bring back the glory days where Bamur got beaten by Tubby EVERY year. WE WILL CLAIM OUR RIGHTFUL PLACE AS CHAMPION. WE WON IT FAIR AND SQUARE IN 2004 and we were robbed. WE WILL WIN IT. No one can stand in our way. NOT SABAN, NOT BAMUR, NOT THERE PATHETIC RUNNING BACKS, and definately not there crappy defense. WE WILL FUCK YOU AND IT WILL BE ONE OF MANY FUTURE BEATDOWNS that will come at the hands of the AUBURN TIGERS!! WHAT YA GOT BAMURS? Nothing!!! NOT ONE PLAYER WHO CAN STOP CAM!!! NOT ONE!!!! You’ll have to sit back and watch our trophy celabration in Glenndale. DEATH TO BAMUR!!! DEATH TO BAMUR!!! DEATH TO BAMUR!!!

  5. 10

    BP, your prize QB dressed up like a freakin’ fairy! And did you watch the video on the link I provided??? The theme for the party was homos down on the farm!

    That really makes them singing “Lean On Me” after games that much creepier!

  6. 11

    And who is this brain dead cow humper that just posted above anyway. The typical Barner. Can’t get his facts straight, can’t spell and can’t type a coherent sentence. Your daddy know your cussing on his computer, boy? Go sit in the corner and get your dick out of your sister. Wanna make a bet on all those claims you just made? Naw, forget it. I don’t want to own a 1943 mobile home. RTR!

  7. 12

    Yeah, spin it to try and make it look good BP. I can just imagine the Barnie posts if it had been Bama instead. Forget it. There ‘aint enough icing at Pillsbury to cover that shite up and make it look right. Funny, but I seem to remember a lot of posts in the last six months about the butt slapping and other questionable behavior on the Barner football team. Damn, and all the while it was true, damn! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  8. 13

    Laugh and make fun all that you want to folks. The Auburn Family thinks that the customes are funny and the fact that you guys are tring to make so much of it shows your insecurity as well as your fear. It takes real men to pull off something like that with out being embarassed. We have and apparently you don’t. So enjoy it while you can.

  9. 16

    When players do something like that it just shows they couldn’t care less about what most people think.

    Do I condone it ? No.

    Do they care ? No.

  10. 17

    You tards want to compare your Camilla who hasn’t even played against a real D or complete team yet, to a real QB, a champion? Ha Ha Ha. Lookey here and see what you got a taste of two years ago, and don’t say you weren’t given advance warning. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  11. 19

    Crimson…define ” real D “….Is that a “D” that gives up 35 to the Cocks ?

    How about your offense ? You haven’t scored over 24 points against a team worth a crap, besides Florida…And that’s debateable.

    LSU is going to shut down your offense. I don’t see Bama scoring over 24 on them. If Ole Piss can shut down your offense, LSU will kill it.

  12. 20

    And Crimson…Not even that many die hard Bama fans believe that McElnerd is better than Cam anymore.

    You are going senile.

  13. 22

    Uh huh. LSWho is going to shut us down like they shut down Florida and a North Carolina team without 15 players? Hope so. Gonna beat us with 16 points like they did Tennessee? Right! Look tard, the difference in LSWho’s one loss this year versus their 3 last year is nothing more than a better performance out of a still pitiful offense. Actually their D’ which McElroy ate up last year has to date given up 31 more points. And if you remember they were 7-1 coming in last year too, having lost only to #1 Florida. Look similar moron? Now our D’ may not be as strong, YET, as last year; but it matches up better with them because it is a hell of a lot faster and who gives a shite about their offense anyway? All the while only an idiot would think our O’ isn’t better than last year, albiet banged up. That doesn’t bode well for their defense which has given up 31 more points to a similar schedule and is very reliant on one man – Petersen – who wasn’t enough last year and won’t be this year either. If necessary, this year we have Norwood, Bell, Gibson and Hanks that can burn by Petersen and company. Last year we were limited to Julio and Maze. I respect the Corndog’s, ha ha, sort of. But I’m hoping we’re going to see an Alabama team that has been given new life, rededicated to their goal and taking everything seriously. Only a dumbass would deny the talent is there. If they are ready to take up the cross – watch the phuck out! And I’m saying this weekends game is gonna scare the ever lovin’ hell out of 5 undefeated teams. Bama 38 LSWho 10. RTR!

  14. 23

    I don’t see the problem with college kids getting dressed up for a Halloween party. When I 1st saw the pics I got a good laugh And thought they were pretty funny. The last thing that came to my mind was that they were gay. Says alot about you guys that you came to that conclusion. Now if these guys got dressed up like this when they went out you might have an argument. Sad thing is I’m sure cam is pulling more strange in a week than you guys have i’n a lifetime. Basically the equivalent of a powder puff football game(which u guys might think is gay also, I don’t know) While it obviously gives y’all ammunition to joke, I’m pretty sure this team could care less what a bunch of fans from an opposing team think.

  15. 24
    Alex Hamilton

    Thank you ITK & Cappy for this award. Capstone Report Blogger of the year means an awful lot to me. I am trying to fight back the tears. I presume that effort will be futile when ITK and Cap explain that this award does not entitle me to a portion of the site’s ad revenue.

    I’d like to thank The Academy. I’d like to thank my parents for never dressing me in orange and blue, or a fairy costume for that matter. And last but not least, I’d like to thank Abarn and Cameron Newton. It’s not hard to be a vicious, relentless, SOB to the Awbren Fambly. You jackasses really do all the heavy-lifting and place the ball on the tee for me. All I have to do is hit it.

    Thank you and Goodnight.

  16. 25

    Bullshit Dozier! How old are you? When’s the last time you went to a halloween party and all the men were dressed up like Queers? There’s nothing funny about it at all. And no man I grew up around would have done it ever, even for a joke. Homosexuals may have come out of the closet in their own minds, but it absolutely is not accepted by the vast, vast majority of society. Just like jumping in the stands and other unorthodox things they are doing – this team is out of control, and what’s worse it’s with the permission of the staff. The desperate idiots at the Barn will do anything if it helps them beat Bama. They are starting to make Lame Kitten and Tennessee look conservative by comparison. I’m beginning to think there are Homosexuals on the team and they did this just to show their teammates they are accepted. In fact after that video of Camilla clearly allowing a male fan to feel up his junk, I’m thinking he’s probably one of them. You two faced sons-of-bitches if it was us instead of you, would be tearing Alabama a new arsehole – pun intended. And it would be a hell of a lot more widespread and colorful than what we’ve said, that I’ll guarantee.

  17. 26
    Alex Hamilton

    I just thought of something. If Cam Newton flames out, forgive the pun, as an NFL QB, maybe he has a future in a Disney Fairy? He could be TinkerBelle’s rented mule????

    I can see the movie title now:

    “TinkerBelle and the Giant Jackass”

    Coming soon on Disney BlueRay & Disney DVD.

  18. 27
    Alex Hamilton

    And why are all the Awben fans incensed by our frivolity with these photos. I mean, were they not exclaiming last Saturday that Newton should win the Heisman? Their reason after the Kodi Burns TD pass was that Cammy Cam “PITCHES AND HE CATCHES.”

    My friends, judging from Newton’s choice in attire, truer words were never spoken.

  19. 28

    ITK….The body of work between each quarterback is like apples and oranges and you know it. McElnerd has an entirely different offense. Cam IS the offense. At least he has been most of the year.

    Patrick Peterson will shut down Julio like he did last year. Making your go to reciever a non issue / factor.

    They stop the run and boom , it’s over.

  20. 29

    Still having trouble with that reading comprehension BP? Petersen didn’t shut down Julio last year. When you shut somebody down you make them permanently ineffective. Petersen did a great job while he was in there, but he couldn’t withstand the constant beating he took or the pace running constantly on every play with Julio. Many times he went out to get breathers on the sideline. One of those breathers cost LSU a 70 yard game changing TD by Julio. Bro, that’s not shutdown. IF Julio has too much trouble with Petersen this year, we’ll simply put in speed burners like Hanks, Bell, Gibson and Norwood to complement Maze and let them smoke one of the other DB’s while Petersen’s being occupied by Julio. Nobody can shut down McElroy this year. The sackfest ended with USCjr. and that was the only way to do it, and he still had 300 yard passing. Like I said, the Corndogs have given up 31 more points this year and we have a better offense. On defense we matchup better with their strengths, which is speed in the secondary, than last year. Last year a loss to them would not have hurt us. This year it would cost us everything. Don’t think you’ll see another USCjr game out of Bama this year. Bama 38 – Corndogs 10. And all you did was parrot what ITK had already said above with McElroy and Camilla being 2 different animals. Boy is that ever true more than ever! McElroy is a dropback passer nand a ‘nerd’. Camilla is fleet of foot and ‘light on his feet’! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  21. 30

    You know, I’m starting to worry about Barnie now. All these new revelations that just cement the rumors of their ‘team togetherness’ is really going to be difficult to deal with. You know how pissed “They” get when somebody bitch-slaps their mate. There may be some knock down dragouts on the field. But that’s only if the game ever gets started. I’m not sure Bama will ever make it onto field for the kickoff. I’m afraid the whole team may die laughing on the sideline. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  22. 32

    The “sackfest” most cerainly did not end with USC…McElnerds jersey was feekin green in the Tennessee game. Your O-line blows and you know it.

    And yes while Peterson was in there he shut Julio down. Period.

  23. 33

    Your so damn dumb BP. Just make it up as you go along, who cares. Julio had 4 receptions for 105 yards and the game changing reception. That was above his average last year. Petersen was out of the game at a critical time because of the exertion of trying to keep Julio under control. It’s part of a package dumbnuts. He could not be there when he had to be and therefore actually Julio controlled Petersen. I’m not going to argue such a stupid point with you anymore. About as stupid as saying McElroys jersey was green at Tennessee. McElroy was sacked 1 time against UcheaT moron. His jersey was green dipshit because we wore white and GNS has grass turf. It is still a contact sport is it not? Our QB’s had 325 yards passing and more than 6 passes of 25 yards or more. That means holding the ball extra time and taking a hit after releasing. Do you know anything about football dude, or do you just make this stuff up as you go along? We scored 41, LSWho scored 16. We held them to 10, LSWho allowed 14 in Death Valley. Nope, don’t think we had a problem with sacks dude. Get a life. RTR!

  24. 34

    It doesn’t matter. McElroy will be Auburn’s woman come Black Friday. It won’t be pretty. You Bammers are a bunch of morons. The mighty Auburn Tigers will take them down Bamur will experience pain like never before: The crystal will be raised above the head of Chizik and Newton and the Bammers will cry. You can keep making fun of us all you won’t but it doesnt change facts.
    BUCK FAMA!!!

  25. 35

    No moron, that’s just a Barner fantasy that Bama will cry. Truth is WE’VE been there before, many, many, many times; unlike somebody else we know. It’s just one more big game for us. If we lose then so what. Nobody can win em all. We’ll have to listen to your shite for a year, but we’ll be back next year and the next and the next. But you bunch of retards, now that’s entirely different. You assholes haven’t been ranked #1 or won anything in any of your lifetimes, and if you lose the IB you probably won’t have another chance in any of your lifetimes. So win or lose it won’t be us crying dipshit. But if Barnie loses, there will be mass suicide and 1/2 million cases of clinical depression in the Barner Fambuhly. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  26. 36

    Dream on Crimson….Point I’m making is that it looked like a jailbreak about every other play…They pressured him big time in the first half, and he spent a lot of time on his back.

    It’s been that way all year. I’m suprised the boy still has his health.

  27. 37

    Check out the NCAA records on sacks allowed so far this year. Bama is in the mid to high 90’s.

    Now , what were you saying ?

  28. 38

    I said it is over since the USC game. Do I hear an echo? 2 against Ole Piss and 1 against UcheaT. Don’t give shit what season stats are. In football the thing that counts Is what are you doing now.

  29. 39

    Youv’e got your head so far up your sphinker you can’t see the truth.

    Tennessee will probably not win an SEC game this year. But they still have Ole Miss left of the schedule, so there is still hope.

    Ole Miss will win 2 at most assumoing they beat Tennesse, and that could happen.

    So using the two worst teams in the conference as a litmus test to how your O-line has been playing lately is not very wise.

    The meat of your schedule is coming up, so expect that 98th in the country in total sacks allowed ranking to rise quite a bit.

    Common sense is very inconvenient, I know, but please try to use it every now and then.

  30. 40

    Dingleberry, Ole Piss has one of the better defenses in the SEC. Did a pretty damn good job on Camilla too. And that stat you quoted became inflated against USCjr and Florida. Even you can’t be a big enough dumbass to think Bama will play the same in this stretch run. The team that was and STILL is favored to win the BCSNC and was considered unbeatable before several young players didn’t mature as well as Saban had hoped; has now made that leap, and your ass is grass. RTR!

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