Julio Jones sets record despite pain

Alabama Crimson Tide star receiver Julio Jones set a record at Alabama with 221 yards on 12 catches. And he did it not only fighting the Tennessee defense, but the pain of a broken hand.

“My hand hurts every time I catch the ball,” Julio Jones told the AP.

But the AP provides an even more impressive view of Jones and his mental toughness.

“I was like, ‘I think I broke my hand,'” he said. “I told him don’t tell anybody, we’ll just wait until halftime and see. It’s just a mental thing. I just blocked it out.”

Greg McElroy had a few interesting things to say about Alabama’s star receiver.

“I think I kind of realized that probably the second play of the game,” quarterback Greg McElroy said. “They had pretty good coverage on him and we were able to put one on the sideline. It just worked out perfectly.

“It’s almost — I wouldn’t say it’s disrespect, but any time they press Julio without a safety over the top, it’s kind of, ‘What are you doing?’ That’s kind of what I’m thinking.” (you can read more about Julio Jones and the Alabama Crimson Tide in the story below)