What is wrong with the Florida Gators?

Everyone in college football is wondering what is wrong with the Florida Gators. One theory is that the problem is…practice.

According to the AP, “Instead, the Gators believe better practices — as well as healthier players — will make a difference Saturday against rival Georgia (4-4, 3-3).” Read more below:


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    And, No. 5,6,7 and 8: No Tebow. No one is willing to say it – without his boy Tebow, Meyer just doesn’t have the will to make it happen. Can’t run a Tebow offense without a Tebow. He saw this coming last year when he took sick – and with Mullen gone too, it will only get worse. Brantley is a drop-back pro-style passing qb, not a run threat and certainly not an option qb. The whole offensive scheme needs to be tailored to the personnel you have, not make the personnel do something they are physically unable to do. Urban has it all wrong – it IS the players. And practicing a failed offensive scheme til the cows come home isn’t going to make this team better on Saturday. Florida is about to be schooled by a lesser team at the big cocktail party.

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    Cam Newton.
    Urby made a huge mistake in letting Cam newton get away to the REAL SCHOOL he wanted to go to all along.
    Whats that Bammurs?
    Miss State?
    Nope. Newton had no interest in Miss Stake. Cam’s pappy had to file a restraining order against the Bullfrogs…. I kid you not.
    And the whole computer thing. That was just a story that was made up to besmirch Auburn and the Cam Newton. Whom everyone knows WAS BORN AN AUBURN MAN THRU AND THRU.
    Yall keep making up lies and The tiger will just keep doing what they do best. Winning games in blowout fashion.
    Thats all yall need to know.

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    Fuck Cam Newton! Sick of hearing about him already. I heard he was going to turn pro after this year so you better enjoy it while it last.

  4. 5
    crimson hammah

    great te avg rb turrible qb – can’t hit wide side of a barner – look it up – game on line vs lsu need to complete a 4th and 7 short out route wide left high ….lucky lsu’s qb as bad as he is

  5. 6

    A story about Florida and it’s woes. ATF comes on here and, outta the blue, blubs about the fig and his “geatness”. Wow..just wow.

  6. 7

    You’re not on here enough to know that ATF is an imposter. Not an Aubie. Didn’t you read the bullshit he wrote?

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    Jealousy is coming to a head like a pimple on your midget coach’s butt. You lost, your not #1 and you will probably lose to LSU or Miss St, (bottomfeedera always before they play AU I might add). The heisman will look good when it is passed from Ingrahm to Newton. Both classy players.

    Go post something about TN now since our 5-19 coach is about to powerdrive your midget coach into the ground at JH west, you know the stadium we own you at over most of the IB series. Back to normal, AL a mid tier west team. That eats you.

    We take the Heisman first, your manhood second, and then the crystal which we will not be on the Wal Mart circuit.

    See ya losers.

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    The Gayturd Nation will have to have back to back consecutive recruiting seasons for the Meyer offense to work. No doubt their personnel has to learn new schemes — you build the team around the QB — apparently they forgot that. That’s OK though — let them continue to do what they’re doing. Folks, I’m seriously considering Georgia beating them Saturday.

    Jeremy Foley will give him another season to “get things on track” before he cans him. Then Brian Kelley will regret leaving Cinc’y.

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