Free eye surgery offered to officials of AU v. UA

Last Saturday’s officiating debacle in the Jordan-Hare Triangle has now gathered an official response from the University of Arkansas.

The world watched in amazement as struggling Abarn was handed the game in the ever curious Jordan-Hare stadium in the form of fourteen points that were blatantly in error.

Now it’s going even further (read the full story here).

“Fayetteville-based McDonald Eye Associates is taking it upon itself to make sure Arkansas doesn’t have any more questionable officiating. The company said in a release Tuesday it will offer free laser vision surgery to any on-field or replay booth official from Saturday’s Arkansas-Auburn game. The Razorbacks lost 65-43, but a pair of questionable Auburn touchdowns have had Arkansas fans up in arms.”

The University of Arkansas said in a release Monday that it had officially petitioned the SEC over a number of poor calls from the game, two of which most definitely resulted in phantom touchdowns for the home-standing, and at the time, struggling Tiggers.

So a practice is trying to help avoid future calamity.

“The officiating of the game has come under much scrutiny among Arkansas fans because of two controversial calls that went against the Razorbacks,” the McDonald release said. “Both plays directly led to Auburn touchdowns.

“Errors and incorrect calls from the game could have possibly been avoided with better vision. McDonald Eye Associates believes that a laser vision correction procedure will result in fewer mistakes in the future.”

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    If the crystal football was the pinnacle of the mountaintop ….You must be in the depths of the valley right now….This article makes you look bitter.

  2. 4

    Shane, was there any other calls that led to an Arky TD? Yes, but you didn’t mention those. You are a bammer homer and cannot see anything but the negatives in a game that involves Auburn. That is because you were mired in mediocrity for a decade with one failed coach after another until the bammers got the “hired” gun. Saban don’t give a *^&* about bammer tradition. HE is there for this reason, 4 million of them. There are 11 other member schools in the SEC. They will beat your arse from time to time and tame your arrogance. Why you are aubsessed with the Tigers is beyond me. Cam Newton is coming to a field near you in a few weeks. Whether the Tigers remain unbeaten or not will not matter. This “lackluster: bammer team is in for a beat down at Tuberville West. Now make your little snide laptop jokes and make fun all you want. Your arse will be humbled again before this year is out and all you will be able to do is to do what the Democrats do, make it up. You are stupid.

  3. 6

    It’s not his article Barner. It’s a reprint from Arkansas. And it’s nothing more than what the whole country is thinking right now. That’s alright though. I hope ya’ll make it to T-Town undefeated. We need you like that so we can use you to jump ahead of Boise and TCU after everybody else loses. RTR!

  4. 7

    And that isn’t Shane who wrote this post dumbass. He writes elsewhere. And the forums aren’t where most people visit on this site. The most concurrent users ever on this site was during Alabama’s coaching search and we hit over 20K in one hour.

    So suck it.

  5. 8

    Auburn is the worst unbeaten team after 7 weeks of the season in the history of college football. You assholes are giving up what? 30+ points a game? When you finally play a team with a defense they will kill Pig Newton. Even poor old Miss St shut your ass down. Too bad they didn’t have any offense or you wouldn’t be so damn cocky right now. We’re waiting on your ass in T-Town. Newton will die. Bring it assholes. RTR!

  6. 9

    Personally, and this isn’t just blog-speak, I am totally loving the Abarn enthusiasm. It took a week to grow on me, but anyone with a bum-hair worth of football knowledge can watch Abarn and tell they are a house of cards ready to topple over. Cam is exciting, but eventually the blue print will be laid for how to stop him. It probably happens Saturday, but most definitely happens on Black Friday. Gonna be fun to watch!

  7. 10

    Yep, it’s been 3 years since a back ran for 100 yards against Bama, An NCAA record. If Pig Newton doesn’t get 100+ yards rushing – Barnie loses bigtime. Our DB’s are young, but they are the best talent in the SEC as a group. We can run with Awbies Receivers. Old Nicky just needs to spin that old magic and devise a scheme to pressure Newton and bust his ass when he scrambles. If we do those 3 things – and OUR defense certainly is capable of doing it – we won’t just beat Barnie, we’ll beat them down. RTR!

  8. 11

    “Old Nicky just needs to spin that old magic and devise a scheme to pressure Newton and bust his ass when he scrambles.”


  9. 12

    dave, don’t embarrass yourself anymore in here. You’ve already made a mess of yourself.

    USCe was a totally different scenario altogether. But you are to be commended for trying to connect those dots. It was a fail, but who can blame you for trying?

  10. 13

    So SCAR,
    yeah. whatever.
    Bama has been a bit tired lately and it seems like all of the other brave souls in the SEC are well rested and prepared for the tide.
    Doesnt matter.
    Aftert the UT game B.ama will be rested and recuperated.
    I like the thought of Auburn winning all fohere games by score 70 points. It just make Bama look that much better in the power rankings.
    Black friday…. sweet.

  11. 14

    BTW. there is a reason for the Iron bowl not being held in Birmingham where all of the Iron is.
    Its because Jordan-hare has a way of giving the slant to the taggers. Every time there is a close game in Jordah-Hare some miracle happens and Auburn seems to win. I dont believe in magic. And I believe we make our own luck.
    I will never forget 2004. LSU-Auburn. That game was won by LSU. But then there was the mysterious call. it seems that LSU was jumping to block a field goal. We cant have that!!! so naturally. Auburn got the kick again. And ever since the taggers always manage to get the calls that put them in the game, keep them in the game, and win the game.
    I think that the NCAA needs to investigate Auburn. And even if they catch Auburn cheating the die-hard Aubs will point westward and say they do it because Bammer cheats.
    Aubbos you are inbred hicks, with worthless degrees, a well documented history of cheating and general reputation as being a diploma mill.
    It has always been well known in academic circles that auburn would give a diploma to anyone for anything.
    Aubbos talk about “sidewalk alumni” When every other tobacco chewing lardass redneck in the state of Alabama has an auburn baseball cap or T-shirt on. I have personally never met an Auburn grad who wasnt a total idiot, fake or failure in the real world.
    So keep polishing that “gritty underdop” image there Aubbo hordes. anyone who knows anything knows that Auburn is a joke. And has produced such fine thinkers as those idiots who introduced kudzo to the southeast in a misguided (and juggheaded) attempt at feeding cattle. just for that alone they should burn that f##king place down.

  12. 15

    Do y’all get weekly faxes or emails with these lame bammer excuses? I think so because they are consistently pitiful.

  13. 16


    Seriously, you need to see someone about your anger issues. And, while you’re at it, see someone about your stupidity, too.

  14. 19

    I think I’ll offer free pacifiers. Bad calls? Sure But name a team that has never benefited from a questionable call. We all like to pretend it happens to every team but our favorite team.

  15. 20

    You know what’s pathetic? Scoring 69 points and having your starting QB in at the end because your defense sucks and has given up 43. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  16. 21

    Or, even more patheic. Letting Stephen Garcia throw all over your team and beating you by 14 points, while scoring 35 on you….No that’s funny.

  17. 22

    Yeah, shite happens. But that’s the only time anyone scored like that on us, whereas ya’ll cna’t stop anybody. What’s more it was your ass that Garcia threw all over. USCjr had 104 more yards passing on Awbren than us and 100 more yards offense. You won for 2 reaons and 2 reasons only. 1. They made many more mistakes then they did against us. 2. Dumbass Spurrier pulled Garcia and put in an idiot who in the last 6 or 7 minutes, phucked up everything Garcia had accomplished. Keep it up idiots. You have about 30 more hours before the shite hits the fan. This could be a good weekend. Before it’s over LSWho could be #1 and us #4 or #5 and then in two weeks we’ll be back in the 1 or 2 spot and you’ll be well on you your way to Orlando in December. Bwaa Haww Haww. RTR!

  18. 24

    No EG, Auburn beat SC for ONE reason and ONE reason only….AU scored more points than SC did. You bammers have the hardest time remembering that (unless you’re discussing last year’s iron bowl where bama was outgained and your star RB was held to about 30 yds rushing, then you remember the concept very well.)

  19. 26

    Sorry BP. Been hammered at work lately; business is great these days. I’m sure it’ll be hopping in here Sunday. Don’t go anywhere…

  20. 27

    Actually I don’t have anything against you guys unless you’re as big of assholes in real life as you are on this blog. Hell I can be sensitive to your problem. I know it wasn’t your fault your mother gave birth to you missing some DNA for your brains. the only thing that I really hate beyond explanation is Awbren, not the confused mullets that root for them. I really think that if LSWho can’t devise and implement a way to stop Pig Newton, then Awbren will win the game. RTR!

  21. 28
    Alex Hamilton

    God. Awbren fans are sofaking stupid. Shane hasn’t written a column for this site in over a year.

    Go Corndogs.

    By the way, I’m in Knoxville tailgating and have asked about IndianaVol. One guy that knows him and reads but doesnt post this site said he’s just a 120 lb dork that gets on and flunked out of UT.

  22. 29

    Alex Pimpleton and In The Keyster, your jealousy is just great. No talk about the
    Mayor of the lollipop kids and tmc is a retarded lib just like Gina McElflame, the liberal democratic panty wearing girl QB. I love these posts talking about AU cause why talk about the tire factory city right now…
    I mean what have they done this year? The second beat team in the west? Still gotta play a mad LSU Baton Rouge.

    We first will take the Heisman, yeah thanks. Then beat you down in JH West, calm down redneck. And then rescue the crystal from the Wal Mart circuit.

    I wouldn’t piss on AL if they were on fire. Go talk about TN or whatever makes you feel about Bama being dominated by AU in their prime. No excuses, oh sorry there will always be some from the worst fanbase in the nation.

    Break it off in ya, Blow Tide losers.

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