Recap: Alabama 23 Mississippi 10

“The goal of this game was for us to get back to playing with the kind of effort and toughness … play with the intensity that you need to play with,” Tide coach Nick Saban said. “We probably hit on the toughness part.

“I thought we gave much better effort in this game. The guys really played hard. The intensity was good, the execution was not what it needs to be but that’s something we can improve on.”


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    well, isn’t alabama’s schedule looking tough now???

    we all know what san jose, penn st. and duke are……..tomato cans.

    but how about mr. spurrier now? after the masterful job of coaching usc to a win over us, he completely blows the game against kentucky last nite. and what of that mighty ellis johnson defense??

    and florida. to quote the great former georgia radio play-by-play announcer larry munson, “my god almighty!”.

    one touchdown at home against mississippi state???

    and that brings us to the “bounce-back” game at bryant-denny last nite.

    after getting their asses handed to them by what we now know is a average (at best) usc team, you would think there would be a little more motivation to shine before a homecoming crowd against a team that lost to jacksonville state in oxford.

    if you think a 13 point homecoming win over yogi was a “bounce-back”, well, i’ve got a “shovel-ready” job waiting on you.

    and what in the hell was julio jones doing playing at all???

    but there is a silver lining to this dark cloud.

    now those of us with some level of common sense don’t have to listen to all the braying and chest-thumping and bellowing about how alabama will never lose another game and the sec rules the world.

    more good news. alabama’s better than this. we CAN still get to glendale as is evidenced by the losses of ohio state and nebraska. but right now the nasty little secret about the bcs (which, yes, i do hate) is right now you’re rated on style over substance.

    (for you, eg, that means it’s not what you ARE but what you LOOK like)

    auburn is now the media darling after that fireworks display yesterday. nevermind their defense was shredded by a redshirt sophomore for four touchdowns.

    while we flop around in a “bounce-back” game.

    yes, we’re better than this. and we CAN get back. (remember the 2 loss lsu championship) but this coaching staff has start making better decisions than one’s like starting julio last nite fresh off having a plate put in his hand and insisting on taking the ball on offense first after winning the toss and trying to win games without putting the ball in the (healthy) hands of our two best playmakers, trent and mark.

    i still believe we have the best college football head coach in the country.

    but he’s not without flaw.

  2. 2

    Crimsonite where you at dumb ass? You made this statement last week and now you will eat your words.

    Crimsonite Says:
    October 10th, 2010 at 8:26 pm
    When the BCS comes out next week the phucking Barn will not be ahead of Bama even if you beat Arky, which you won’t. You’re going to lose 3 games in the regular season. Bank on it. RTR!

    BCS standings come out tonight. Can’t wait. Stupid bitch.

  3. 3

    I haven’t seen a game that dirty against us in awhile. There were so many unnoticed clips, hits, hand twisting on Julio, biting legs in the pile up – it was obvious Ole Piss knew they came there to lose after about 2:00 into the 2nd quarter.

    This team just “looks” like it just wants to “get by” the “doormats” and focus on LSWho and Aubarn. Simple as that – we need to get our sh|t together and the team knows that. But this while notion of “we just want to get to Atlanta” is the absolute wrong way to go about the remainder of the season. As bad as UcheaT is – don’t think for a SECOND that they won’t try to upset us and give it all they got at Neyland.

    I just don’t think we have the “one week at a time” philosophy that we had during the runs right now.

    Don’t get me wrong – no doubt I’m happy we came out with the W, but we should be putting style points up against teams like that.

  4. 4

    Finebammer – u nailed so many points – I agree – why the hell were they playing Julio? What’s funny is I think he had an all time career high last night though with 100+ rec. yards – Ole Piss’s CB got caught (yea it’s on you tube) purposely twisting Julio’s hand – it was so blatant – I’ll get a link.

  5. 5

    It’s obvious that we have some big problems on Offense and it starts with the QB.
    I will take the Win. Defense looks good and is motivated again.

  6. 6

    Today was the worst officiated day in the history of football. The SEC should hide it’s face in shame. Nobody could miss some of those calls. There were calls made correctly on the field and then overturned in the replay booth, that were so phucking obvious that it could only have been done if the officials were on the take. I’m embarrsssed to be associated with the SEC. The shite happened in every game I watched and there were ample phucked up calls for each team. But the inexcusable one was the Barnie – Arky game. The officials should have just told everybody to go home before the kickoff as the game had already been decided. Arky was the better team and on a neutral field with refs from another conference Arky would win by three or four td’s. Arky got a bad call late in the Florida game last year, but that was nothing. I’ve never seen a team butt phucked by the refs from start to finish like today. I’ve kind of ignored all the SEC ref BS since it popped up last year, but no more. I’m just phucking astounded and dismayed. I have no other option but to believe the SEC is fixing games using the refs. The FBI should get involved under the Rico act. Phuck the refs and phuck Aubie! And I told yall Bama wasn’t gonna look like world beaters and blow anybody out just because they got embarrassed last week. In fact they didn’t look a whole hell of a lot better than last week other than they played a team that couldn’t do shite instead of one that did everything right. If they don’t improve across the board before LSU, we are going to lose two more games in the regular season. The rest of the country is trying to help us. Hell the two teams I thought had the best chance of going undefeated, lost today. Now I feel confident that Oregon, Oklahoma and Mich. St will all lose one also. The problem is with Bama looking like shite and the computers liking Boise and TCU, we will not jump them if they are undefeated. We will gain if we beat LSU, Auburn and a 2 or 3 loss East team in Atlanta, but we will never gain the almost 4 points we are behind playing the way we did tonight. Sorry guys, but I think we can quit worrying about the BCSNCG and start thinking about next year. And how about that loudmouth Ole
    Piss lineman Powe. The SOB came across and leveled Vlachos who obviously hadn’t moved since Ole Piss got an offsides call on it. Then there was the arsehole who twisted Julios hand, the arsehole who made an extra effort to rip off was it Darius Hanks or Maze’s helment and the worst one of all was the Ole Piss lineman who casually moved over after the play and stepped on McElroys throwing hand. Mac kept checking and shaking that hand for several plays after that. I think Ole Piss just might be dirtier than the Barnies. Lowlife Bastards. RTR!

  7. 7

    Get off it Pluto. Is it Mac’s fault Julio dropped an open pass because he has a broken hand? Is it Mac’s fault teams are onto McElwain’s screen to Ingram and Richardson, which was our bread and butter? Is it Mac’s fault that everybody is playing 8 and 9 in the box and our RB’s haven’t been able to buy a yard for three weeks? Shite happens. Look at Nebraska who was averaging 350 yards a game rushing. Lowly Texas made their RB’s and running QB look worse than ours have. The truth is Mac has been the only shinning star we’ve had on offense the past 3 games. He’s taken advantage of the men in the box and piled up some nice passing yards and td’s with no interceptions, while averaging over 70% completions. He can’t make the receivers get open for a td on every play. If you don’t like the play selection then bitch at McElwain and Saban. Don’t expect him to run like Newton. If Newton was our QB you think he could find holes that Ingram and Richardson can’t? Not a chance. Newton finds holes because that’s what the spread offense is supposed to create. The helter skelter style makes it very difficult to play 9 in the box because of the danger of the passing attack. He has yet to play a D like our’s or LSWho’s. And even Arky did a nice job on him for most of the game. They couldn’t beat Aubie and the Hanky Masters both at the same time. We’ll see the real Aubie offense this weekend when they play a real defense. Personally I’ve got no answers to our running woe’s. The way Greg throws the ball and doesn’t get interceptions, if we still can’t force the D’s to back off or block them so we can run the ball effectively, then what options do we have? I mean did you notice Ole Piss’s intensity and their intention to hurt out players? Teams actually hate us. It won’t get any easier. Hell, Ohio State found out damn fast just what a burden the target is. We wanted it, now we’ve got to live with it. RTR!

  8. 8
    crimson hammah

    all games are fixed shaved college d1 and nfl….just check the spread and whichever team the public money is on the opposite wins in balanced betting look for pushes…the over under is fixed as well

  9. 11

    Good points E.G. —

    The officiating, I agree, was horrendous. I can’t believe they gave that touchdown when the guy fumbled the ball BEFORE the white plane. Unreal. It was ALL there in video, HI-DEF TOO! They say you have to have INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE to overturn a call — well it doesn’t take a whole lot when the fans are telling you with the jumbo-tron. ALL TYPES of dirty hits against Alabama — sure they got a couple of 15 yarders but they sure deserved a helluva lot more. I just about to rename Chopblock U to Ole Piss instead of Aubarn. Unreal man.

    I disagree with your synopsis on Mac — I just don’t think everything is being accomplished to get the job “done” in a convincing way. With McElroy calling audibles, running up the middle — absolutely NO ZIP on the throws — I mean come on, everyone knows McElroy is a pocket-passer — not a Fig Newton or Michael Vick. Just some real fuck@d up plays from McElroy in the last 2 games but he got the job done yesterday.

    Again as I have stated — if we just think we’re going to go up to Rocky Flop and just walk all over them and do the job — we got another thing coming to us — they WILL give it all they got to get a signature win and we just need to stay FOCUSED on what’s at hand on a weekly basis and quit worrying about what’s down the road . Last thing for this post, ever heard of NC Hangover? Complacency?

  10. 12

    This is the end.

    As i watched the Ark-Aub game yesterday I realised that somehwere the proud ghosts of Bear Bryant, Frank Roya;, Robert Neyland, Shug Jordan, and many more looked on in disgust.
    SEC football has always been known as a smashmouth, tough defensive struggles. Yesterday looked more like 2 drunks trying to sucker punch each other.
    Thanks Auburn, Thank Arkansas. For taking a proud tradition rich conference and trying to turn it into a gimmick driven creampuff weak clone of the Big 12. Even Pat Dye would have wretched over all of the points freely given away yesterday.
    Meanwhile all of the Auburn juggheads are at a pinnacle of delusion. Too ignorant to realise that every point you give away is one you have to make.
    Auburn fans are a gullible lot. But I have to give the powers that be at Auburn a nod here. Between the sucker punch offense and the soft scheduling they have managed to make the War Eagles look good. hell they have managed to make them look great. But gimmicks and soft scheduling only go so far. Eventually a real team walks in and sets the record straight.
    In the mean time Auburn/Arkansas has managed to bastardize the image of the SEC. And what is really going to suck.
    Given the Auburn “Yall score, so we can score again” offense as a variable. it is very easy to see that if Auburn,Oregon and Boise State did go udefeated. Once again, Auburn would be left out.

    Congrats on your BIG win Auburn. it was an embarrassment on the rest of us that actually still play defense.

  11. 14

    Everyone has 2 weeks to prepare for this Bama team that is injury ridden. Bama needs to get to the break. Badly.
    Just win one at a time. Thats all that is required right now.

  12. 15

    Thanks Damage.
    I am still waiting on the Aubbo hordes to show up here at the CAPSTONE REPORT and tell us how aubsessed WE are. Followed by The endless analogys that AUBURN IS BACK IN A BIG WAY. And of course… all of the “stats” that prove it.
    The only stat that I find relevant is that Ole Miss led the league in scoring and had there offense shut down by an injury ridden Bama team yesterday. Imagine what could happen if Bama got a little rest.
    Here are a few more observations.

    I hope that Auburn wins every game from here to the Iron Bowl by 50 points. Because lets face it. The win over the SEC east in the SECCG isnt going to be very good for the power rankings.

    SEC east….. WTF is going on over there?
    I imagine that Urban Mark and a couple more are sitting on the hot seat by now. Even the mighty visor cant close the deal.
    The SEC is clearly in disarray and is having an off year. This is the perfect time for Auburn to step up an take a shot at the big Taco. Unfortunatately, Auburn is still Auburn. And we all know that even if Auburn managed to get to the big show in Glendale, they would choke. Thus is the nature of the Aub. The coulda/shoulda/woulda will always be the War Cry of their culture of mediocrity. Because to an Auburner, talking about a near accomplishment will always be the golden standard.

    Gee WTF is going on there? Les Miles has femonstrated (thats right femonstrated)that the talent does the winning at LSU. Lets face it LSU has the worst coaching staff in the history of the SEC. They could not be more incompetant if they were all soccer coaches. Fire Les Miles, Hire Jeff Bower.

    Urban is really starting to show som major coaching flaws. The whole man of steel image is starting to suffer a bit too.

    Mark Richt? Lost it.

    Gus malzahn… gone after this year. Why? 2 reasons.
    1. A head coaching job.
    2. Auburn’s offensive line will be decimated. (more like eviscerated). And if Gus stays another year at Auburn his stock will go down like a cheap hooker trying to pay rent.

    I really dont like the SEC right now. It is looking weak and unsure (which explains the brief resurgence of a team like Auburn)
    Tennessee is hopeless. Georgia is hopeless.

  13. 16
    Indiana Vol


    You are a complete moron and the reason why Bammer fans are the laughing stock of college football.

    Nice prediction about Auburn not being ranked ahead of Bammer. You PUTZ!

    I hope the Vols play the best ge of the year and upset the dirty rotten CHEATERS. Hope to see you at the game with you Fulmer souvenir ticket. You remember Phil Fulmer, he owned Bammer’s ASS!

  14. 17

    IV queer, I don’t control crooked refs. My prediction was based on Arky winning. The pucking SEC is scared shitless of losing 15 million dollars by not getting to the BCSNCG, so they protected their best bet to get there cause the stupid bastards can’t count on everybody in the AQ conferences in front of Bama losing a game. But you know what cocksucker? Bama’s gonna be there anyway. We play LSWho in Tuscaloosa West and the Barnies in Tuscaloosa East, and this week we get the criminal school in that shithole Neyland Stadium. So go home a suck on Smokies dick. RTR!

  15. 20

    I buy most of what u said almighty – even though UcheaT is “hurting” right now – I just think a rivalry game is a rivalry – and that this Saturday will be a bigger test than Ole Piss – and yes, maybe Mal Moore should start scheduling the bye a week earlier – but there is just no way to predict *when* the bye week would be most effective before the season starts. It’s my understanding these schedules are made 4 years in advance or somn like that? But yeah – I’m waiting for the vomit to be spewed.

  16. 21

    The Barnies will be here shortly running their collective mouths like the vendicated red headed step children they are. Right now they are all in their bathrooms cleaning the cum off their collective hands after the emmass orgasm they had over beating a wounded Arky with the help of the officials, and their new but very temporary ranking. Prepare yourselves for for the coming world class bullshit session. RTR!

  17. 22

    I knew it was only a matter of time before one of the hypocritical bammers blamed Ark losing on Mallet’s injury. Now, it’s completely different when Bama wins the BCS Title game after Colt McCoy gets injured on the opening drive of the game, right?

  18. 23

    poor Julia. can’t ever catch a break with the bammers. quit whining so much dude. enjoy rolling the trees and quit worrying so much about what Alabama fans think of you and your team. Which obviously has no defense. hehe.

  19. 24

    Difference is numbnuts, we both played Arky so we can compare the games. We beat them at their house and held Mallett to 3 points in the second half, while you gave up 4 TD passes to a freshman. Second, Gilbert was a third year red shirt sophomore with experience, and 3rd we put McCoy out on a clean hit unlike that dirty crap you did to Mallett. He was horsecollared and driven into the ground. Of course what do you expect from Awbren and Old Piss, the two dirtiest teams in the SEC. And I’m not saying Arky would have won with Mallett anyway. I’m saying the game was taken out of the players hands by the damn officials. And there is NO ONE in the whole country except Awbren fans that think any different. It happened. It’s a fact. RTR!

  20. 25
    Indiana Vol

    Crimsonite (aka BAMMER MORON NUT JOB),

    Please explain to me how “refs” have screwed over the Crimson TURD????

    I hope LSWHO and Auburn beat the SHIT out of Bammer and Bammer looses out on the SEC game and a NY Day bowl.

    Please come to Knoxville this weekend overconfident and looking past the Vols! Maybe to Vols can play an entire game like they did against LSU (except the final play) and the 1st half against Oregon. If this happens, Bammer goes down!

    Hope you Bammer Morons enjoy looking at Fulmer’s face on your ticket this weekend. I must admit, putting Fulmer’s face on the Bammer ticket was a brilliant way to tell the Crimson Turd fans to STICK IT WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE!


  21. 26

    Wow, it was a dirty hit on Mallet?? Gee, I must have missed the roughing the passer call from the ref who was standing two feet away and looking directly at Fairley and Mallet. Strange that not even Arkansas was saying it was a dirty hit. You are truly enlightened, EG.

    EG, why is it that you bammers only notice the calls that go against Bama or AU’s opponent, but you never even acknowledge questionable calls in Bama’s favor?? Do you remember the “no interception” call in the LSU game last year? Do you really think Bama didn’t have the greatest officiating luck in the world in going 42 freakin’ quarters without being called for holding??? It goes both ways.

  22. 27
    Indiana Vol

    Egghead White (aka Crimsonite the DICKHEAD) is a lost cause. He has been drinking the Bammer Kool-aid for too long and has Crimson Turd on the brain.

  23. 28

    There you go running your stupid ass mouth again Julia. If you emerged from your shell for two minutes and quit obsessing over Bama, you might actually learn something. The Arky fans are all over the boards pissed about Mallett being hurt by a GawdDamn horsecollar tackle with, as you say, the phucking ref standing right there looking at it. Just shows how crooked the refs were. Only a blind dumbass could have missed the calls that gave you farts two free TD’s. That’s why I don’t believe they were missed at all. They were part of a fix to make sure Aubie won. And IV you Smokie humping rat turd, I didn’t say anything about Bama. I was talking about Arky and Awbie. But then they didn’t teach you reading comprehension at the reformatory did they? RTR!

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