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    indy vile is happy about Bama losing after her own team gets used like a diry dish rag by the feared Georgia Bulldogs, it must really suck to live vicariously

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    Well, well well, boy did they look bad. There is so much division on defense and gmac has lost the team. Boy alot of you touted Hightower for years…he sux compared to Ro. Never even heard his name today. Guys. The prophet called this in march. Bama moves to 3 in polls. The national championship is a pipe dream. Loss to Auburn and the Outback in Jan. Prophet told you about Ian Fitzsimmons leaving and telling u know. Its over. It had to happen, but to south carolina? Yes, prophet said so. I also will dismiss the ex con on finebaum with the most pathetic website I’ve seen since 1995. I consider the season over and they do to. Got a call fro Don and Tab. Team is divided guys. Nick is thinking about retiring. This is the end of an era. Never been wrong on anything I’ve posted. Fran leaving. Shula hire, CNS is ours as I stated on al.com 2 days b4 it happened. Auburn will kill us. Lance Taylor isn’t happy with Jim Dunnaway. Loathes him. Its over guys. No dynasty. No national. Not even a sec or iron bowl. And fk some TN fan or LSU. They sux worse. Derek Doogey Howser fired beginning of next season.

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    Prophet you need to get committed. Bama is still a top ten team who will kick TN ass. I hope you guys go down in the IB, but you played in one of the toughest venues in the SEC. He’ll AU almost lost to Kentucky because on the road in the SEC is impossible. Boise St and TCU cannot compare.

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    Ye3ah Bama just looked flat. I gues thats what happens when every conference team you play has 2 weeks to rest and repair for you.
    Oh well . If we had to lose now was the time to do it.
    I can hear the Aubbos now….. Yer no, that makes us like a 3 touchdown favorite over bammer!!!! We yer gonna win the Irn bowl fer sure!!!!”

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    SC is a good football team. I said last week that they would be a much bigger test than Florida. Anyhow, yall can’t win forever. It was bound to happen and it did.

    As far as Auburns game goes, that is the best thing that could have happened to them. It was a major reality check for our defense.

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    lmao Prophet! — I picked South Carolina to win the EAST but jeez — we just didn’t execute — I got it in the first quarter — the vibe — team JUST didn’t want to be there. You could totally tell it. Florida hangover maybe? Possibly but that’s no excuse. The eyes were not on the prize. CNS said he takes full responsibility. I’m glad he was man enough to say that.

    McElroy — jeez man. It was the 4th quarter and I was like — bench him. Fugg it, put McCarron in JUST to send a message to McElroy. We could of won it if McElory hadn’t of got killed and our secondary would of stepped up. I think we are a better team than South Carolina, it just didn’t show. Sad man. Good news — watch us BLOW OUT Ole Piss and everyone will be in a better mood before the UcheaT game.

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    Oh and all this talk about Ohio State being number 1 now from Buckeye nation — at least wait until 1pm central — the Buckeyes only “signature” win this year fell to Florida State last night — look for a TCU/Boise State number 1 phux.

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    Indiana Vol

    “indy vile is happy about Bama losing after her own team gets used like a diry dish rag by the feared Georgia Bulldogs, it must really suck to live vicariously”

    Hey Yeller Hammer,

    Everyone knows the Vols are down this year and have won the games they were supposed to and lost the games they were not.


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    Tennessee sucks….Thats all you need to know.

    That is why you are here, because noone cares about Tennessee enough to go to their blog(s).

    You are douche.

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    Prophet, you’re a stupid motherphucker. I was hoping you died or something so I’d never have to read your bullshit again. Never wrong? You couldn’t predict the Goddamn sun comming up tommorrow. Go back to your room and smoke some more Hashish. The rest of you that are making your dumbass disses about McElroy are all more ignorant than a box of phucking rocks. The O-line didn’t block shit for the running game and Richardson was more tenative than I ever thought I would see him be. Be that as it may 21 points should have been enough to beat those bastards and Shelley out to be kickrd off the damn team. We’d have had 6 or 7 more points if not for him. The blame falls directly on the entire defense, Kirby smart and Nick Saban – not on the offense! RTR!

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    What a sorry ass effort. They whipped our asses. That is the Story. Not ready to Play.
    I don’t give a damn what anybody thinks about us right now.
    We have to get our Shit Together.

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    Well I guess thay’s respect. We’re still ahead of undefeated LSU, Utah and Michigan St and ahead of South Carolina even after that beatdown. Tight on Aubies arse too. #8 isn’t too bad. I mean it’s not like it was double overtime. We had a 14 point beatdown. I like GMAC’s style. He went straight to Garcia and promised him a rematch in the SECCG. He also made a Tebowesque promise to the team and fans that this won’t happen again. Hmmmm! RTR!

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    Yeah Sagarin is fairly reflective of the BCS and today the Barn is ranked 17 and Bama 8 as in the human polls.

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    Check again Crimsonnite……the Elo Chess part of Sagarin’s ratings is the part the BCS uses. THe Elo-Chess has Auburn at 9 and your Bama boys at 17. Sorry. Dumb Ass.

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    Bryan you’re the dumbass, motherphucker. Go back to your damn Barner math .0101. The BCS uses the Elo-Chess part of Sagarin and averages it in with 5 other computer rankings which generally ends up with the top 10 of the BCS just about the same as Sagarin has it after he does his calculations which include the Elo-Chess. The average of six computer rankings which includes Sagarin, together with the Harris and the Coaches are generally are all pretty close to the same for the top 10, which is why Sagarin and the others are all about the same as the BCS. It’s the way it has always been and always will be. Hope all you want Barner trash, it won’t change a damn thing. When the BCS comes out next week the phucking Barn will not be ahead of Bama even if you beat Arky, which you won’t. You’re going to lose 3 games in the regular season. Bank on it. RTR!

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    There is no excuse vile Bama was out played and out coached, and speaking of sorry excuses, what’s yours for going to double overtime with UAB? That’s not down and winning the games you are supposed too, that’s downright sucking ass!!

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    Indiana Vol

    “There is no excuse vile Bama was out played and out coached, and speaking of sorry excuses, what’s yours for going to double overtime with UAB? That’s not down and winning the games you are supposed too, that’s downright sucking ass!!”

    Hey Dumb Shit,

    Why will Bammer never schedule UAB?? FEAR!

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    Know Your Facts

    They won’t do it because it’s apart of the UA university system. Looks like that Tennessee education didn’t help much. Alabama played HORRIBLE. Greg looked like a dear in headlights, Trent was jogging all day on kick off return, The punter couldn’t punt the play more than 20 yards, and that fake field goal what was with that? Terrible play call!! The Defense couldn’t wrap up their tackles. So many blown tackles. Bottom line Alabama played sloppy.

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    I think we all knew that the first loss was going to sting. But I believe Saban and his coaches will regroup and be stronger than ever now. This team is full of talent, they aren’t playing to their potential yet. And Saban is one of the best to get them to that point, because we have already seen him do it. All of the goals are still obtainable for this team. A loss to Arky would have been worse.

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    Indiana Vol

    “They won’t do it because it’s apart of the UA university system.”

    What kind of a lame-ass excuse is that?? Bammer could still schedule UAB.

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    Crimsonlite…you are a droid, a follower, a poser. You spew filth and misnomers.you curse like like a kid. Don’t believe everything you hear. Cajun Red was shutdown by CNS, you may be a Believer soon. See the needles prick the skin of liitle dolls. Don’t believe everything you read. Are you a Christain? Then act like one! Tonight I will make 3 predictions just for you Crimsontight. I came here to discuss Bama and wjox. That’s what I do. Not dead bra…pay stubs and country clubs bra. News conference, not very telling. Don’t swallow it all. Its part of the process.

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    Don,t Christian me asshole. Nobody who does that mystic voodoo shite that you do is a ‘Christian’. Go channel another phucking demon from hell moron. There is no God or Satan equal to what the Bible would have you believe dude. Oh there are powers out there no doubt about that. Entities 100 Trillon years older than us. If the ignorant, superstitious idiots from 6000 years ago believed their abilities made them Gods – that’s their problem. So don’t ever judge me by your phucking false values. What’s more I love to cuss. It pisses off my adversary worse, and has nothing to do with education. What’s more asshole, todays cuss words were yesterdays polite conversation and completely visa versa too. Make all the phucking prophecies you want tard; only the weak minded either believe it and or let it affect them. Anyone can see just how assinine your predictions are by only waiting. Case in point – Saban is going to retire? No shite sherlock! He’s phucking 60 years old give or take a year. But it won’t be soon! RTR!

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    One more thing moron, just to show everybody how stupid your insights are – you called me a droid and a follower. Bwaa Haww Haww!!! I’m at the oppsite end of the spectrum moron. I don’t follow anybody period. Nobody tells me what to do; Not the police, not the FBI, not anybody. I am an anarchist. Even Randy Weaver was a wus compared to me. So take your phucking coded and twisted predictions that nobody can understand but you, and shove em’ up your arse! RTR!

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