Preview of this week’s college football

Need more predictions for this week? Here are a few big game picks by the AP:
No. 7 Nebraska (minus 12) at Kansas State
Daniel Thomas can become a legit Heisman contender with big game in K-State victory … NEBRASKA 31-14.

No. 22 Oklahoma State (minus 24) at Louisiana-Lafayette
T. Boone Pickens couldn’t buy the Cowboys out of this trip? … OKLAHOMA STATE 49-20.

No. 1 Alabama (minus 6 1/2) at No. 19 South Carolina
Stephen Garcia, Giant Killer. Can’t say it with a straight face, can you? … ALABAMA 33-21. (Need more predictions? Then just continue reading.)


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  1. 1

    This idiot picked Kentucky over my Tigers. Have you lost your bammer mind. These bammers arent to bright are they? Different team different yr. Veeeery different. Go Tigers War Eagle

  2. 6

    You know dam well what I mean. You fools have more criminals on your team former and current players than any other team in college football. Stop playing a fool.

  3. 7

    Mark Ingram is probably top of the bunch selling that crap like crazy and hasnt been caught yet. After all hes been well taught and dont play a fool like you dont know what Im talking about. The mans sitting in prison as we speak.

  4. 9

    Kinda like Cam Newton is a criminal? Eric Smith? Robert Baker (cocaine)? Tommy Lunceford (arson)? Come on Mandy, we can do this all day. You are just to easy to beat down. You are not really worth the time.

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