Who can beat Alabama?

AP: Who can beat Alabama?

Conceding that there is no such thing as an unbeatable team, it’s simply hard imagine the Tide losing.

The best chance might be Saturday, when Alabama visits No. 19 South Carolina, ‘Bama’s third consecutive week facing a ranked team. (read more below)


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    Hmm… Paul Rhodes could go to Iowa St. and win. I wonder why Wonder-Chiz couldn’t do it? He has Auburn going, and this is his best start as a head coach. But the only real challenge he has had was against South Carolina. Is Awbun for real this year? Looks like they may be the only team left and the last team to have a chance to knock Bama off, if Bama gets through this stretch of games. I think if Bama makes it to the Iron Bowl undefeated, they will destroy Auburn this year in Tuscaloosa. Auburn, on the other hand, has only one more real test, and that is Arkansas, who seems to have Auburns number.

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    Yes, the work Chizik did at ISU has absolutely nothing to do with the success that Rhoads is having now. ISU is winning by playing nothing but true and and redshirt freshmen.

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    Your ‘sarcasm’ wasn’t missed Julietta. But it appears he may have coached up Cheeze Butts players. Hell, he even whomped your x-hero, 6 fingers Flubberville. And remember Newts, the Barn was 5-0 this time last year too. How did that work out for you? Don’t kid yourself. We’re gonna have a tough time in Columbia, Knoxville, Baton Rouge and the Iron Bowl. If Abarn comes in undefeated or with just 1 loss and we lose to them in 8 overtimes by just 1 point, our season is over. There would be no SECCG and therfore no National Championship. That’s the Cow Humpers fantasy. Our schedule will take its toll before this season is done. Julio is already back to the limited status of last year. And don’t underestimate for a moment his importance to this team. He replaced Javier on punt returns. We use his leaping ability on field goal attempts. We have no other WR with his size, speed, agility, clutch catching and run blocking. Did you see that catch where he knocked that Florida LB 3 yards backwards on his arse? RTR!

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    BP, you’ve eked out wins in three games. One of them you shouldn’t have even won. The difference in this years team to last? Plus one very good QB and minus one very good RB. You’d think that would balance out. Maybe it has with the competition you’ve played so far. But as far as Bama’s concerned, you’re just a one man show. Stop Fig Newton and you stop Auburn. Very simple. You haven’t played anyone yet with the D to stop him. Nor have you played anyone with the O to outscore you. Both are coming soon to a stadium near you. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

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    5-19 in two years was pretty bad. I think Chiz was a bad fit there, probably a better fit at Auburn. But he is no Saban type coach. Sure, he has bought some good recruiters, but as far as being good coaches, the verdict is not in yet. Like EG said, Auburn was 5-0 last year too. Sure this years team is better than last years. But right now, Auburn is a one man show on offense. The defense, while pretty good, still gives up a lot of points. Obviously you Auburn people don’t want to see the flaws in your team. This is the highest ranking you have had in a while, but really, who has Auburn played this year, besides South Carolina? It doesn’t matter, it will all play out in the coming weeks. Auburn hasn’t caught up with Bama yet. You will see the difference in T-town next month. Onside kicks and flea flickers wont get it done this time either.

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    “This is the highest ranking you have had in a while, but really, who has Auburn played this year, besides South Carolina?”

    It’s funny how South Car. sucked a couple of weeks ago when AU had just beat them, but now that bama’s gonna play them in a few days they’re suddenly a good team.

    Who is this straw AU fan who doesn’t see the flaws in the AU’s team? Do you think we were all out getting popcorn during the 1st halves of the Clemson and SC games? Neither BPI or I have said anything resembling that.

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    Who said S. Carolina sucked? Way to answer the question, like a whiney little girl. I said before, the only ranked team that Auburn has played was S. Carolina, and Bama had played two, now three. All your argument was then was Bama hasn’t played Florida yet (just like BP) wah wah wah… dodging the real question with your hyper Auburn sensitivity. Seriously, if you are going to twist the facts around, don’t get so whiney about it.

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    i like Andy Staples of SI’s analysis. With the way things turned out in the Arky and Gaytor games and leading into the Chicken game, it is the Perfect Storm scenario for Bama to lose. However, if they go into Columbia and smash USCjr they will become the SEC version of the Death Star. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

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    You’re right Brandi….We don’t know yet. With every game played we see the teams morphing into what they really are. As far as being a one man show on offense : Not so. We are still #1 in the conference in rushing. Granted Newton is our leading rusher, but it is pretty well distributed amongst the team. We have good recievers. A good line. Good running backs. Great quarterback.

    On defense we have the conference leader in sacks and tackles for a loss. I wouldn’t trade Fairley for Marcel D. if you gave me the rest of your d-line to boot.

    I wouldn’t trade Josh Bynes for any of your linebackers.

    I might trade some d.b.s becsause ours are average to good , and your’s are great.

    I think that SCAR will be a close game , but that Bama will win.

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    I’ll certainly admit that Juice Newton seems to be a fine QB. But so was Tebow. How did that work out? Let me warn you about your new hero. If he tries to carry the team on his shoulders against Bama like he has against everybody else – he’s going to die (metphorically speaking). There’s a rumor that Brantley may not play against LSU. Florida is guarding that secret carefully. That was a devastating hit that Barron and Mosley put on him. QB’s who try to run a lot on Bama like an RB, generally don’t make it through the game. I’ll also say this, if anybody has a chance to put up a 100 yards rushing on Bama after nearly 4 years – it is probably Juice. However, if he does it will be a shame that it won’t count; because he is a QB, not an RB! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

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    I hear ya BP. But sorry, Auburn doesn’t have a player that I would trade for. Fairley is good, Bynes is good, but like I said, Auburn has played exactly 1 ranked team so far. Bama will be more tested and conditioned for better competition than Auburn when the IB gets here. Padding Cams stats last week won’t help him against Bama. But yes, if Cam is stopped, so goes the passing and your leading rusher. And your defense is giving up lots of points. Keep beating your chest.

  12. 13

    That’s fine BP cause we guarantee we wouldn’t trade Hightower, Johnson, Upshaw or Harris for all the cattle in Lee County either. And that goes double for Chapman and Darius who’s first game since January was Penn St, and who’s had a bad wheel ever since. You can quote stats till hell freezes over. But there’s only one stat that counts in any game of sports. POINTS! And Bama’s D leads the nation – by a wide margin. In this age of spread offenses, giving up only 9 pionts a game to the calibre of competition we have played, is unheard of. I don’t give a damn what excuses anybody makes for Florida. A perinnial power ranked 7th and averaging 35 points a game was just held to 2 patheic field goals. When your defense does that on a regular basis, then you can argue with me about not trading players. RTR!

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    “I’ll certainly admit that Juice Newton seems to be a fine QB. But so was Tebow. How did that work out?”

    I’ll tell you how it worked out. Two national titles, two SEC titles, a Heisman trophy, a career record of 48-6, and a consensus belief that he was one of the greatest college qb’s to ever play the game. I’d say it worked out pretty well.

  14. 15

    Yeah numb nuts, all of it BNS! For the unenlightened of you, that means Before Nick Saban. In ’08 even with a decimated team of only 9 seniors Bama came within a gnats ass of whipping Fla, and poor ol’ JPW actually out performed Tebow in the loss. Not even gonna boor you talking about the sissy tears last year. Bwaa Haww Haww! It’s pretty easy to shine when the King is out of town and leaves you with a bunch serfs to play with! RTR!

  15. 16

    Who can beat Alabama? Well let’s see. The Texans? I doubt it. The way they looked against the Cowboys? Awful. They weren’t supposed to have a running game, but the Pokes exposed their passíng too. D pretty much sucked too. Naw, we beat the Texans and Kareem Jackson. The Saints? Don’t have a great D, and their running game leaves a lot to be desired. plus we’ve already beat Mallett who will be better than Brees. Tossup. The Jets? Tough and confident. How do you go against Willey Joes old team which has the balls to declare they will go to and win the Super Bowl? Yeah, I guess maybe the Jets could beat us. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  16. 18

    Cam aint Tebow by any stretch of the imagination. Tebow had a distinguished career, won two NCs, and never stole a laptop. Cam is a reject, and only a reject school like Auburn would accept taking in a player, because they would sell their souls to the devil to catch up with Bama right now. And the whole while, fans like Julia and BP point at Sabans integrity. But wait until Auburn plays a real team and see if Cam is a man. Beating 1 quality opponent gets you in the top 10? At least Boise St. beat 2. And yes Va Tech is better than LAMO.

  17. 19

    What? Are you phucking deaf Julietta, or just stone cold stupid? Our ’08 team had 9 seniors, started and or played regularly 17 true or redshirt freshmen and had NO rotation. It was 1 deep period. Why the hell do you think after losing 9 starters off of defense, we are so Gawddamn awesome this year fool? All those freshmen from ’08 have 3 years experience now, that’s why. You’re damn right we were decimated, and still playing a few of Shula’s asshole troublemakers too. Really you would strengthen your position considerably if you didn’t make statements as dumb as a box of rocks. RTR!

  18. 20

    So, your definition of “depleted” means a lack of seniors? It doesn’t matter that 11 of the starters on that team have already been drafted in the NFL? Not to mention that Julio Jones and Donta Hightower were also starters on that team and will be 1st round draft picks come April. Maze started that year, and he’ll be drafted. Ingram was also a significant presence in the backfield that year. Gee, ya think he might get drafted?? So let’s see, that’s at least 15 of the regular players on that team that are or will be in the NFL…and EG wants us to believe the team was “depleted”. Gee, I’d hate to see your definition of “stacked”.

    You need to talk to ITK about the definition of “depleted”. He uses the term tirelessly when explaining how the NCAA unjustifiably gutted bama thus resulting in a 6 year winning streak for Auburn. Depleted doesn’t mean a lack of seniors. It means a lack of talent.

  19. 21

    Julia: wah wah wa wah wah. 6 in a row wah wha wa. Ancient history julia, you argue over the most unimportant things. Don’t your head ever hurt from trying to argue so much about nothing? And coming to a Bama site to do it now, come on. You always sound so surprised when someone here doesn’t agree with you. Every little thing sets you off. It’s a wonder that you have any friends at all. Auburn is ranked 8, they have a good QB, maybe things are turning around for your team, and you want to argue about a bama team from 4 years ago. It makes no sense.

  20. 22

    Motherphucker Julietta, you can make up your own Gawddamn definition of depleted if you want to. Dumbass, you were the one that changed my word from decimated to depleted! Decimated means reduced below full strength, asshole! 16 less seniors than normal from which to draw talent, experience and leadership. Playing 17 freshmen at critical positions because of a lack of talent left behind by Shula. This all falls under the definition of ‘decimated’. Although I’m sure they don’t teach you that in English For Barners .0101 at Abarn! And you think those names you just listed were 1st round draft choice quality the first 6 games of their careers? Little bitty snively nosed high schoolers? Well, maybe a few of em’. That’s why we haven’t lost in 19 games and have a damn good chance of not losing for the next 29 or so. In fact I feel pretty good about Bama breaking Oklahoma’s record of what was it, something like 45 straight wins. Yeah, I drink the Koolaid. RTR!

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