I miss losing

There, I said it. I do.

Losing a game offers perspective, the same kind of perspective I saw in a Tennessee buddy of mine following this weekend’s LSU game.

By losing you fully appreciate winning. And oh how much Tennessee fans appreciate wins at this point. When you stand in elation following a double overtime win over UAB, you appreciate winning.

When Colorado fans storm the field after defeating a 1-4 hapless, impotent Georgia team, your program appreciates winning.

But I don’t think any of us can fully appreciate what we are witnessing in Tuscaloosa. The 2010 Alabama Crimson Tide appears every bit as dominant as the 2009 Crimson Tide that was even better than the 2008 Alabama Crimson Tide.

Urban Meyer sure didn’t appreciate Alabama Saturday night. Alabama head coach Nick Saban completely dismantled Meyer’s “machine” for the second time in consecutive meetings, the second edition with a completely new cast of play makers Meyer will have to live or die with over the next few seasons…if his heart makes it that long.

Maybe I will get my chance to lose this Saturday in Columbia. But I doubt it. At times Saturday night it appeared we were running the new “UT defense”, with 13 defenders covering the field. The revolving door of linebackers, defensive linemen and defensive backs in Crimson spent more time in the Gator backfield than Jeffrey Demps. Alabama sold out to ruining the life of the opposing quarterback, and if you think Steven Garcia is better than Mallett or Brantley, you’re nuts.

Then you have the Bama offense, which was creative and productive enough to lay 24 on the Gators before the goofy dude that made that completely embarrassing video last week could get his tail whipped. If there is a criticism to Saturday it’s that we didn’t go ahead and put 52 on our inferior opponent, making way for chest beating and self-exaltation.

But the Gamecocks have Marcus Lattimore! The Alabama defensive staff hasn’t allowed a 100-yard rusher in almost 40 games, dating back to 2007. Think they’re gonna start this Saturday? Do ya really think a true freshman is going to accomplish this feat?

It is ridiculous how good this team is. The depth is stupid. The talent is unreal. And the collective focus they seem to have in destroying you for three and a half hours on a Saturday, regardless of who “you” are, is, well…depressing. Depressing when you see them on your schedule. And depressing when you want to experience a loss in order to appreciate winning.

19 straight wins. 29 straight regular season wins. And a collective team in 2010 that appears to think it deserves a shot in the NFC east.

Oh well…there’s always next year.

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