I miss losing

There, I said it. I do.

Losing a game offers perspective, the same kind of perspective I saw in a Tennessee buddy of mine following this weekend’s LSU game.

By losing you fully appreciate winning. And oh how much Tennessee fans appreciate wins at this point. When you stand in elation following a double overtime win over UAB, you appreciate winning.

When Colorado fans storm the field after defeating a 1-4 hapless, impotent Georgia team, your program appreciates winning.

But I don’t think any of us can fully appreciate what we are witnessing in Tuscaloosa. The 2010 Alabama Crimson Tide appears every bit as dominant as the 2009 Crimson Tide that was even better than the 2008 Alabama Crimson Tide.

Urban Meyer sure didn’t appreciate Alabama Saturday night. Alabama head coach Nick Saban completely dismantled Meyer’s “machine” for the second time in consecutive meetings, the second edition with a completely new cast of play makers Meyer will have to live or die with over the next few seasons…if his heart makes it that long.

Maybe I will get my chance to lose this Saturday in Columbia. But I doubt it. At times Saturday night it appeared we were running the new “UT defense”, with 13 defenders covering the field. The revolving door of linebackers, defensive linemen and defensive backs in Crimson spent more time in the Gator backfield than Jeffrey Demps. Alabama sold out to ruining the life of the opposing quarterback, and if you think Steven Garcia is better than Mallett or Brantley, you’re nuts.

Then you have the Bama offense, which was creative and productive enough to lay 24 on the Gators before the goofy dude that made that completely embarrassing video last week could get his tail whipped. If there is a criticism to Saturday it’s that we didn’t go ahead and put 52 on our inferior opponent, making way for chest beating and self-exaltation.

But the Gamecocks have Marcus Lattimore! The Alabama defensive staff hasn’t allowed a 100-yard rusher in almost 40 games, dating back to 2007. Think they’re gonna start this Saturday? Do ya really think a true freshman is going to accomplish this feat?

It is ridiculous how good this team is. The depth is stupid. The talent is unreal. And the collective focus they seem to have in destroying you for three and a half hours on a Saturday, regardless of who “you” are, is, well…depressing. Depressing when you see them on your schedule. And depressing when you want to experience a loss in order to appreciate winning.

19 straight wins. 29 straight regular season wins. And a collective team in 2010 that appears to think it deserves a shot in the NFC east.

Oh well…there’s always next year.

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    Believe me, as an Alabama fan who watched our team from 1997-2007, I REALLY appreciate winning and hope that other fans will not take our success for granted. Keep the wins coming.

  2. 3

    I “get it” ITK – but I personally don’t miss losing. I’m loving every minute of it. When we do lose one day – it WILL hurt a little more than usual – I mean it will sting. I didn’t get to see the late 70’s – I want a dynasty!!!!!!!

  3. 5

    Hey if you need one that bad you could always become a Barner! I was there for the last dynastic empire. I was there for the heartbreak of being phucked by what was then an unbalanced media who were predjudiced toward their region. Luckily we don’t have that weakness in the BCS system and for that reason Saint Nicky’s Dynasty could surpass the accomplishments of The Bahr’s. Yes we set up camp in Florida’s backfield. Was fantastic to see the pass rush resemble last years for a change. As I said in my post on the other thread, that is why they were completing downfield passes on us. Wasn’t poor coverage. It was the extra man in the secondary because of the blitzes. On every one of those completions Brantly was just a micro millisecond away from getting his arse busted. Credit him for standing in there. RTR!

  4. 7

    Oh by the way. A preliminary BCS poll has been released put together info up to this point and using the polls vand computers that have so far been reporting. Bama is 1st at .98 and Boise is second, way back at .88. RTR!

  5. 11

    I mirror Crinsonite’s evaluation. I was there back in the day too.

    I don’t need to experience a loss to remind me of the feeling no more than I need to put my hand on a hot stove to remind me of how that feels. Once is enough and twice is too many.

    the loss will come in due time and it will hurt…the barners will see to that.

  6. 12

    Here’s a question…when is the last time bama and AU were both ranked in the top 10 at the same time? I think this might be the first time since 94.

  7. 15

    In case ya’ll didn’t catch what I was talking about. Bear got phucked out of two 3-peat national championships by the extremely predjudiced media of that day.
    Both times it included the phucking Golden Gnomers. If not for that, instead of being 1 behind or tied, which ever it is according to the NCAA, we’d be 3 or 4 ahead. RTR!

  8. 16

    Yes, I remember it well. 1977.

    We at no. 2, destroy the no. 3 buckeyes 35 – 6. The no. 5 fighting child molesters beat no. 1 Texas and are jumped over us in the polls.

    Talk about a missing ring!

  9. 17

    Bammers accuse us of whining when it comes to 2004, and here you are crying about polls from 44 and 33 years ago.

  10. 18

    Clint – I completely agree. Watching my beloved Tide for all those years…losing credibility and respect that the school and team had worked so hard in the prior years to gain……was devastating as a fan. I appreciate every single “W” they throw up there. Regardless if they win or lose, I am proud of them. πŸ™‚

  11. 19

    Well actually OSU was #7 and ND was #4. But just the same we got phucked by the voters. Because of bowl tieups OSU was the highest ranked team available for us to play. However, the other one was even worse as ND and Mich St’s tie left us as the only team with a perfect record. ND was #1 and they figured a tie would keep them there. So instead of riskiing a turnover they ran the clock out. Real championship type team, that was. Yellow bastards. Anyway, shite happens. Losing out on the national championships didn’t gall Bama nearly as much as the bastards from the Golden Gnome who backed into them ahead of us. They edged us twice heads up and backed into 2. The phuckers cost Bear and Bama 4 national championships. Reckon it’s a good reason to hate em and revel in the fact that their program has turned to shite. RTR!

  12. 20
    Alex Hamilton

    Yeah. It’s totally rediculous to “whine” about getting jobbed out of a Championship when a team is undefeated, untied, has one of the best defenses in football, two Super Bowl MVPs at QB, and is overlooked for a team with a tie. That’s not to mention that the team had won two prior Championships. The only reason Notre Dame was “given” the National Championship was due to the media purposely refusing to vote for Alabama for the third time.

    Auburn didn’t make the 2004 BCS game because it was not qualified to play in the game when compared to an Oklahoma team that was coming off of years of dominance as well as a perfect season. We all know that going into the game everyone said that Auburn would overtake Oklahoma if it blew out Alabama. And,despite Alabama not even having a QB, the Barn barely pulled away in the third quarter. Furthermore, Auburn failed to be taken seriously because it had fallen flat on it’s face for the three previous years and failed to win the division, much less the SEC, despite being the favorite. Wasn’t 2003 supposed to be Auburn’s year? Cover of SI to start the year and you almost fire your coach. That’s why the media didn’t take the Barn serious and used its schedule to keep it out of the game. The Barn was, and still is, a Johnny Come Lately in the eyes of most voters that isn’t a consistent winner. Voters don’t like being wrong. That’s why they don’t trust or respect the Barn.

    So, to compare 1966 to 2004 is about as cluless as one can get. But why am I surprised? Julia is the most schrill, pathetic loser Ive ever seen post opinions. No Julia, you are flat wrong. Auburn isn’t close to being as good as Alabama this season, in spite of their ranking. And, 2004 was Auburn’s fault. 1966 was anything but Alabama’s fault. And once again you prove to be the biggest moron in the room.

    2004 was nothing compared to 1966. And once

  13. 21

    Whoa, Alex. Sorry buddy, but did you just say Abarn isn’t close to being as good as Alabama this season???

    I thought you knew football. Are you not aware that

    *Abarn put together one good half to beat Arky State.

    *That had to depend on a Missy State receiver to drop a clutch late catch to pull that one out in front of 50,000+ on the road.

    *They were again at the mercy of another receiver to drop an uncontested game winner, and a snapper and kicker to screw up to win against pathetically average Clemson (at home) – not to mention the cheap shots all game.

    *They again were at the mercy of a cold freshman QB driving South Cackalacky all the way down field, getting close enough to heave the game winner into the end zone and another receiver not making the play.

    *Then did you SEE what they did to La.Monroe???

    I submit to you, they have done far more than we have to prove their 5-0 is worthy of praise. Bama defeating two teams in the top ten and another in the top 20, including emasculating a Heisman contender on the road in his house and taking the manhood from a two-time national champion…why, it just doesn’t compare with what THEY’VE done to make it to 5-0.

    I hope you’ll forgive me for correcting you.

  14. 22

    Ahhhhh……That’s what I’m talking about ITK……I was begining to think you lost your testacles…..I haven’t heard you spew anti Auburn bile in a couple of weeks. Good to know that we are still on your mind buddy.

    Seriously though, what’s the deal with the lack of Auburn hate topics ? Are you starting to come around or something ?

  15. 23

    Look at BP trying act like she is all grown up or something. Quit slobbering on yourself about Auburn and making a mess of yourself. You know what ITK is saying is true, but I guess it is better to be lucky than good. Auburn doesn’t deserve to be in the top 10, and it will eventually show. You will need to bring more than luck to T-Town this year.

  16. 24
    Alex Hamilton

    The “Publius” of our times, ITK never disapoints with his biting wit and apropo commentary on the state of Barn consciousness. Through your testimony, we see the world as a Barner sees it.

    I, kind Sir, owe you a Turkey Leg in the pre-Iron Bowl tailgate. Perhaps that will help you overcome your recent reminiscence on losing. I find that Crown Royal helps me forget losing, but to each his own.

    Nonetheless, I’m off to Gator land (central Florida) to wear Crimson and piss people off while I vacation.

  17. 25

    BPI, little help here…when did either of us ever say that AU is as good as bama right now?? These paranoid freaks seem to be convinced we are saying that simply because some pollsters are impressed with AU right now.

  18. 26

    No, julia, you just seem to think Auburn is justified in their ranking. Some here think that it is because of the upper top ten shaking up. Auburn has 1 quality win this year, hardly a reason to believe you deserve the top ten. But live it up right now while you can. Your schedule is soft. Maybe Kentucky beats that ass again. And don’t start crying again about what people say on a Bama board. Crying to BP don’t help either. But it is really fun watching you two girls get your hopes up. Oughtta be real fun when the reality sets in.

  19. 27

    I feel our top ten ranking is justified……And Brandi…I couldn’t give less of a crap if you like it or not. Actually , I am glad you don’t like it. It only proves that you are obsessed with Auburn. But, whatever.

    Auburn is not where UA is at the moment. But don’t think that we can’t beat you. Because we can.

  20. 28

    Well good BP. I could care less about Auburn. Its you goofy ass Auburn fans that come to a Bama board and beat your chest that is stupid. All you do is come here and slam Bama fans and diss on Saban so you can sleep better at night. You being here shows where your obsession is dumbass.

    Sure Auburn could beat Bama, but they won’t this year. But right now, it is looking like Auburn is the only team left in the SEC who may even stand a chance, since it looks like the SEC is having a down year. Those are the only years Auburn seems to make any noise anyways.

    So you stick your chest out and huff and puff all you want. You are still going to be obsessed with Bama and coming here for your daily beatdowns anyway. I thank God every day that I was not born an Auburn fan.

  21. 30

    I know you are but what am I. Thats what you sound like. Honestly, I freakin hate Auburn fans like you. It is the Auburn fans like you that make sure that I root against Auburn, even if they were playing the Taliban. Because of that little big man syndrome that all of you have. During that 6 game streak, I actually had an Auburn fan like you say to me “What’s it going to take for you fools to realize Bama is done? Auburn will win a National Championship (under Tubbs) before Bama ever sniffs at another opportunity.” and he couldn’t stand it because I was just as much a Bama fan then as I am now. And today, he won’t even speak. All I have to to is grin, and the dude just loses it, but he is to big of a puss (like you) to do anything about it. So hate on, but you get what you deserve when you come here.

  22. 32

    Thats okay, little big man. You keep coming on back. But you are the stupid Auburn guy on a Bama board, that says enough about you. I know you think so much of yourself that you wish someone would pay attention and stalk you, but you really aren’t nothing but a punkass Auburn fan who is looking to stir up crap on a Bama site. I guess you can sleep better at night since you get so much attention here when your Tiggers try so hard and fail at it. Man the Auburn meltdown is going to be so much more fun to watch this year than usual.

  23. 33

    Ok brandii, so the reason AU is doing good this year (and any year) as you say is because the SEC is having a down year, right?? Doesn’t that say the exact same thing about Bama?? In fact, have you ever seen a year like last year where there were only 4 teams in the SEC that won more than 7 games in the regular season?

  24. 34

    BP, your fetish or preoccupation with being stalked is disturbing.

    Responding to someone on a message board does not make a person a stalker.

    Now go back to your room, stare at your Jessica Alba poster and continue believing she’s watching you.

  25. 35

    Yeah, except when we do it, we win national championships. But you don’t have to cry about it, julia. BP will hold you if you need some reassurance that Auburn really, really is THAT good. But both of you can kiss my ass, and when Bama whips that ass again this year, please control the moral victory excuses this time.

  26. 36

    Ok Julietta, now I have to jump in. If I’m correct last year was the first year the SEC has ever had 10 teams with a 7-5 record or better. To me that’s balance and a hell of a lot better than 6 teams going 10-2. And where the hell does anybody get ‘down’ this year? We are #1. We’ve already played #7 and #10. We’re going to play #19, #12 and #8. And these are all from the SEC. Where the hell does the ‘down’ come from? RTR!

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