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    I seen that during the game. Yeah, it is a dirty way to play. But Auburn is the SEC’s dirtiest cheap shot team by far. They are well known for that more than anything else. Chop Block U!

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    Yeah I saw it also. But the refs didn’t. Man this is just unreal. Here we sat twiddling our thumbs, bored shitless with time moving like molasses in January since January waiting on football. I swear to God the season just started a couple of days ago. That’s what it seems like. And Lord Almighty, here it is the 5th damn game of the season already. Is it possible? By 10pm Saturday we should be almost penciled in at Glendale for the first back to back in BCS history. Somebody needs to slow the shit down so I have more time to enjoy it. Guess I’m gonna have to get back home and grab some of that good ol Mexican ‘bud’, a little Acapulco Gold, and slow it down myself. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

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    What would you expect? Bobby Petrino has roots coming from the Auburn family who as we all know wrote the book on 21st century chop blocking and so on.

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    crimson hammah

    not a chop block – a chop block is one high one low …. nothing wrong with hitting anybody anywhere except maybe the head

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    crimson hammah

    not dirty just trying to block the guy – u can’t worry about hitting a knee or anything else…dial’s 2nd block on the ingram around the end was a shot at the knee so what …the knees are padded

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    crimson hammah


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    “crimson hammah Says:
    September 28th, 2010 at 4:40 pm
    not a chop block – a chop block is one high one low …. nothing wrong with hitting anybody anywhere except maybe the head”

    Its not a chop block, its just kind of dirty IMO.

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    Hammah, that’s the second dumbass thing you’ve said since yesterday. Laughing at and defending that goddamn video of Prothro’s injury was inexcusable, and now you defend a phucking ankle clip. And it clearly was a clip. And on the ankle, where if the cleats dug into the turf it could have caused a bone to snap. Dareus was already gimp on his left ankle and that hit on the right could have cost him the season. He was only still playing to show the young kids if he could give his all injured then they needed to suck it up win the game. He was so hurt that he stayed on the sideline on Arky’s final possesion because he knew we needed to put on the fastest rush possible. Man, if you can’t think straight and intelligently why don’t you go play on the Barner boards. RTR!

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    And Skaska, biotch or bastardo, whichever you are MF. Bring something of value to the thread and knock it off with the dumbass bullsh_t. Bama set a national record 10 straight games without a holding penalty and with three new people on the line we’ve only had 2 or 3 so far this year. Don’t bring that cocksucking horsesh_t over here. Go back over to Lee County where ya’ll actually copulate with horses. RTR!

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    i remember eli talking about the alabama players being upset about the blocking in last year’s arkansas game. not long after that hightower went down.

    dirty play is when a pattern develops.

    marcell was clipped. that’s clipping and it’s illegal. it’s illegal because of the career-ending implications of the action. #71 for arkansas did that deliberately and a pattern is starting to develop.

    petrino coaches dirty ball.

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    Learn the rules!!! This is NOT a chop block. It takes two players to execute a chop block. This is not a chop block and neither was the block that Ryan Pugh attempted two years ago in T-town.

    This IS, however, a clip (block in the back, below the waist). It’s a personal foul, 15-yard penalty. It should’ve been called, but it wasn’t. And Pugh should’ve been called for a clip as well. You don’t see clipping called much anymore. Most illegal blocks are the 10-yard push in the back variety. But it should’ve been called.

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    It was a clip, and a dirty shot that could purposely end a career. It think a chop block could be considered a dirty shot too. When it an honest mistake, I can understand. But the intentional kind ought to have an ejection attached to the penalty. Like the Florida LB last year should have been ejected from the game.

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