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    If Ohio State would of been in conference play – there is no doubt we would of dropped to No. 2 – which would of been fine with me. That “1” digit is an extra double target. The No. 2 team isn’t talked about as much and remains under the radar IMO which in turn is a mental advantage on the players. I can’t deny that being number 1 IS nice though 🙂

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    damage, thanx to Coach Saban, we’re front runners now. just like the team, we as a fanbase have got to learn to be front runners too.

    “I can’t deny that being number 1 IS nice though”

    you got THAT right!

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    I hear ya – I’m 29 years old and the first year I REALLY started watching football was in 1991 with my dad – so I guess you could say I’m not “used” to this unlike the old school fans – know what I’m saying? It’s not a knock on our program or anything – it’s just that we’ve been through a decade a probation and bad coaching as well as players and I think we are just getting started to a dynas, nope can’t say that word … Yet.

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    OSU wins 73-20 and we took away half their first place votes. I’m just waiting for some inbred trailer trash Barner to make a smartassed remark about the close win over Arky. Before you tards even waste your breath consider that the professionals all increased our lead in the polls. Now it’s almost unanimous #1. They know what they saw Saturday. May be the first time in history a team didn’t cover and still increased their lead in all the polls. I saw a team grow up Saturday. That D went from giving up 302 yards and 17 points to giving up 120 yards and 3 points. And half of those 120 yards came on the drive for the 3 points. After that Arky ceased to exist. Bring on the Gayturds!!!! RTR!

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    i hear ya, damage.

    i grew up with bama football in the sixties and seventies. damn good time for us. especially the late seventies. we expected to win every game. on the rare occasion we lost, the sun didn’t rise.

    9 in a row over auburn.

    back-to-back national championships (we were robbed in ’77!)

    the air is starting to smell the same again.


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    I’m just gratefull that Auburn can compete with our “dipsey doo” “smoke and mirrors” offense. As badly as we stink, and as terrible as our quater back is , I’m blown away that Cam can be in the talk for the Heisman. Coach Chizik had no business saying that he had the same skills as Vince Young and those other great quarterbacks. He obviously has no talent , so it’s amazing to me that he is leading our pathetic team to a top 10 ranking. And not only that , but also to have the #1 rushing offense in the SEC …We are just overrated. This cant be true. And its not only Cam. But the whole team . Just because we have at least one SEC player of the week on offense or defense since the season started means nothing, right ?

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    Heisman for Cam! Two years in a row! Auburn is coming! We should all be scared! Don’t worry BP your team will be put back in its place soon enough. Just keep getting your hopes up.

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    For any of you trash that post on bammermag or even here whinning, moaning and groaning about chop blocks and spears…etc. You got to be kidding me. If you pussies cant handle that then take ya ass home and suck yo mommas tits. I say any thing goes. Im a girl and I would kick your asses whatever way I can. Tell ya what, if for some reason we get thru the rest of our schedule undefeated. My Tigers will kick your ass come Iron Bowl time busting heads breaking necks, knocking brains out, whatever it takes. If you dont like it to dam bad. You pussies

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    You phucking idiots do realize that the spread was designed to enhance the running game – not the passing game don’t you? A one leg cripple could run through the gaps in the line created by the “spread formation”, especially when 4 receivers are running helter skelter all over the field pulling the D out of position. But there is one problem. When the spread was designed there existed no defense like Alabama’s. Just because you grind out a lot of rushing yards by trickery does not mean you have the best running game in the SEC, tards. And before Fig Newton tries that scramble shite against Bama he better have a heart to heart with McCoy, Jefferson and Tebow, or you better bring a body bag. You’ve only played SEC Lite so far. You’re lucky you don’t play Florida. Arkansas will eat your D for lunch. And you ‘aint seen a D or O like Bama’s yet. You get down two TD’s to us as is your normal motif and you won’t be storming back like you did against ACC and SEC Lite. I hate to even suggest that you stupid inbreds might be considering implying that phucking McCaleb and Dwyer are better than Ingram, Richardson and even Lacy. Be damn careful who you say that around. They invented Thorazine for people with Dementia. RTR!!!

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    I just figured it out. Mandingo bitch ‘aint a bitch at all. It’s a guy with a tit problem. In Mexico it’s called a Joto. Bwaa Haww Haww!!! RTR!

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    Our S.O.S. has been tougher than Bamas for the season so far. And guess what ? We have more yards. Exlain it away any which way you like Egg. Facts are facts.

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    And I don’ wear Orangel and blue goggles. I will not and can not argue that our defense is better, because it is not.

    It’s just comical the way Auburn’s success has made most of these guys shut their pie holes.

    But I have no doubt that they will have a collective orgasm if/when we lose. And ITK will crawl out from under the rock he’s been hiding under with a gay cartoon and spitefull story.

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    Bull crap BP. Arkansas was ranked higher than S. Carolina. Penn St. was ranked higher than Miss. St. Florida is ranked higher than LaMonroe. FACTS. And Auburn is barely beating middle of the road teams. Play a really good team before you start feeling so mighty. You need to learn to stay in your place, before you get your feelings hurt.

  14. 16

    Have you played FLorida yet ? So far means up till now…..Not in the future. Penn State Sux…..Period. If you try to deny that , then you are without hope.

    Duke and San Jose Suck…

    You have had one decent game. Arkansas.

    We have had SCAR. Clemson. Miss St. You S.O.S. SO FAR is not on par with that.

    SCAR was a whopping two places behind ARKY at 12 in the A.P. when the game was played. Arky was tenth. Boy, what a huge chasm between the two.

    Remind me how your game went with Arky ? Oh yeah. Mallett lost the game for them. Keep drinkking the Saban wizz……..

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    BP: But who have you played but an overrated S.Carolina? Really? And Auburn could have easily lost 3 of the 4 games this year. Hardly dominating. I am saying the ranked teams Bama has already played and WILL play are ranked higher than what is on Auburns soft schedule. FACT. Now shut the f*ck up and get back to shoveling cowsh!t, and wash your hands before you get back on your mommas computer.

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    Ok brandii, here’s reality. The only real difference between AU’s schedule and Bama’s is that Bama picks up Fla on the rotation and AU picks up Kentucky. That’s not a matter of soft scheduling, it’s a matter of timing. Bama played Kentucky last year, and AU picks up Fla next year. That’s the rotation that everyone has to play. As to comparing PSU and Clemson, that’s a freakin joke. PSU came in with a true freshman qb who was scared of his own shadow. Clemson had a returning qb who passed for 20 tds and over 2500 yds last year. As to Tenn and GA, that’s probably a wash. They both suck wind. Other than that, both teams play everybody in the West and three patsies.

  17. 19

    A soft schedule is a soft schedule, timing issues or not. Bama’s strength of schedule is ranked 12th, Auburns ranked 22nd. That does not include the fact that 6 teams get a week off before the Bama game. So Bamas schedule this year is a lot tougher than Auburns. Bama has to travel to Arky, S. Carolina, UT, LSU. Auburn gets its toughest games at home, except Bama. Timing or not, it is what it is. But we are only 4 games into the season, and I know you Auburn people haven’t had much to cheer about, but you can’t compare the state of the two teams yet. All I am saying is Auburn hasn’t played much of anyone yet. Bama just beat a top 10 team on the road, so I think Bama has passed a larger test than Auburn so far. And most people that are not an Auburn fan would agree.

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    Beating Ark on the road was a bigger test than beating USC at home. Beating Clemson at home was a bigger test than beating PSU at home. Beating MSU on the road was a bigger test than beating freakin’ Duke on the road or anywhere (on second thought, I’m gonna give bama more credit for beating SJSU at home than than for beating Duke.)

    You say Auburn “hasn’t played much of anyone yet”?? Sorry brandii, but Clemson and S.Carolina qualify as “much of anyone”. Beating MSU on the road counts as well, and if you don’t think so ask Mark Richt. Most people that are not idiotic mullet bammer fans would agree.

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    You think Georgia is good? Then you are pretty stupid julia. Miss. St. isn’t all that either. Sorry, but those are the facts. Where are they ranked again? I think beating a top 10 team is better than beating 2 unranked teams. But of course you are blinded with ignorance, so you wouldn’t see that. I know you are pretty sensitive on these things, but you really need to just stop. Auburn Math is not considered as gospel around here.

  20. 22

    brandii asks, “You think Georgia is good?” Gee, I guess he forgot that I just posted 3 spots above: “As to Tenn and GA, that’s probably a wash. They both suck wind.” Guess that kinda makes you the stupid one, huh?

    As to your brilliant calculation that beating a single top 10 team is better than beating a series of solid but lower ranked teams, I can only offer that Boise State wholeheartedly agrees with you. The rest of us BCS Conference purists and non-bammer mullets acknowledge that beating S.Carolina, Clemson, and MSU on the road this early in the season is an accomplishment worthy of a top 10 ranking.

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    “Beating MSU on the road counts as well, and if you don’t think so ask Mark Richt”

    Thats what you said. Like Georgia is relevant. And where is Miss St. ranked again?

    What top 10 team has Auburn played? Yes that top 10 Arkansas team is better than an unranked Miss. St. and unranked Clemson.

    But as I said, after 4 games, Bama has passed a bigger test than Auburn, and after the Florida game, there will be two top 10 teams Bama has been tested against. Can’t you see that dimwit? Auburn has only played middle of the road teams so far. No top 10 opponents. Bama has played 1, Auburn has played 0. How many ways do I have to explain it to you dumbass?

  22. 24

    Oh, so now you want to simply compare the single top ranked opponent that each team has played instead of standing by your previous statement that beating one team ranked #10 is a superior accomplishment to beating a series of solid teams (aka Boise State theory)? Yeah, if you’re going to keep radically changing your position every single time you post something I am gonna need you to explain it to me.

    BTW genius, as BPI already pointed out, you haven’t played Fla yet.

  23. 25

    Nope. I just said Bama just beat a top 10 team on the road. That is a more impressive win than any that Auburn has had to date. I also said that we were only 4 games into the season too. I said Auburn had a weak schedule. I haven’t changed anything. You keep trying to equal or 1-up anything with your crazy Auburn math, and thats okay julia, that is how you are. Did I say Bama has played Florida? No, I said after they play Florida that will be two top 10 teams in a row. Does Auburn play anything similar? No. I am done with the pissy Auburn fans delusional thought process conversation. I wasn’t comparing Duke to Arky St, or any of that other nonsense. Clemson wasn’t ranked, Miss. St. wasn’t ranked, Arky St wasn’t ranked, S. Carolina was a lower top 20 team. SJSU wasn’t ranked, Duke wasn’t ranked, Penn St. was lower ranked top 20, and Arkansas was top 10.
    Can you figure it out now?

  24. 26

    “Nope. I just said Bama just beat a top 10 team on the road.”…however, what you actually said was – “I think beating a top 10 team is better than beating 2 unranked teams.” That’s the tough thing about a post, brandii. It’s kinda hard to deny you said something when it’s right there in black and white.

    South Carolina was a “lower top 20 team”? No you freakin’ imbecile, SC was ranked #12. Arky was #10. 2 spots. Wow, what a major difference!! You act like one is the NE patriots and the other is Vandy.

  25. 27

    Like I said, Bama has played 2 ranked teams already, about to play a third. Auburn has played exactly 1 ranked team. And you do have a weak schedule. That was the whole point. You have tried to change the argument. I said beating a top 10 Arkansas team on the road was more impressive than any of Auburns wins to date. I think beating Arkansas is more impressive than Miss. St. and Clemson. And Auburn barely escaped two UNRANKED teams in those games. And very well could have lost to S. Carolina too. Bama escaped Arky kinda like Auburn has had to do in nearly every game so far. So, feel proud Auburn is finally making a little noise in the SEC after being at the bottom for so long. Maybe the iron bowl will settle the west this year. But there is a lot more football to be played, and you act like Auburn has just been unstoppable. I don’t see it yet. But I will give you props if Auburn maintains winning. 4 games in, you’ve played 1 ranked team to the wire. You are the one with the Boise St. mentality. Sure Auburn moved up 7 spots. Bama gained more first place votes. Which is more impressive?

  26. 28

    Man you Barner tards are really getting booring. You think anybody here gives a flying phuck what you morons think in comparing Penn St. and Clemson? Phucking idiots, use real stats not dumbass opinions! Clemson wasn’t, isn’t and probably won’t be ranked. They are nothing – nothing, you understand! Penn St. is coming off a 11-2 season. Were ranked #16. After we beat’em down they are still ranked #22. They have the statistically #1 running back in their history, Royster. We held him to 32 yards. Clemson may have an experienced QB, but they have all new RB’s. Before you say something dumbass like a QB is more important, I’ll phucking tell you right now that Bama could play Phillip Simms at QB and just let him hand off to Ingram and Richardson and we’d still win 11 of 12 games! So Royster trumps Clemsons damn QB, and Penn St. big time over cough, cough, cough, ACC Clemson. Next – Arkansas could beat an allstar team made up of the best players combined off all 4 of your opponents, moron. To wit – Arkansas dropped 5 spots and USCjr dropped 8 in one poll and 10 in the other. Arkansas big time over USCjr. Duke and Miss. St both had the same record last year, except that Duke never got blown out like MSU did twice. And Duke has a top 10 ranked passing spread offense and I’d take coach Cutcliff any day over a 1 year removed OC. I’ll give you a break and call this one even. SJSU and Arky St are both 1-3. But Arky St plays in the cough, cough, cough, Sun Belt whereas SJSU plays in the WAC with you know who. Also SJSU stayed within 13 points of #9/#11 Wisconsin while Arky St lost to Troy who LOST to cough, cough, cough, Bama UltraLite by 1. Give you another break – even. That sort of clears that SOS shite up tards. OK Butt Play your turn. And you lost to ACC Lite and unranked Clemson if a center had not made an itty bitty unforced moronic error! More yards. What yards are you refering to dude? You have a few more YPG rushing simply because Bama has a perfectly balanced offense. We have lots more YPG passing and it’s you that has the ‘spread’ offense. What’s up wit dat boyo? We are ranked #6 in total offense way ahead of you. What’s up wit dat? We are #12 in scoring offense and #1 in scoring defense, both way, way ahead of you. What’s up wit dat? #6 in total offense, #12 in scoring offense and #1 in scoring defense. Dangerous combination. Looks like somebody’s arse is grass. Ya’ll come back when ya got somethin’ ya heah? Bye now. RTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 29

    And no arsehole, the only reason you are in the top 10 is because Texas, Iowa, Penn St, Arkansas, Va Tech, Miami, N. Carolina and Florida St. all lost. Not because you deserve it. Deny it fool! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  28. 30

    If only if and buts were candy and nuts….If , if ,if……Whatever. If Bobby Petrino had a brain and did;t call for a pass down the center of the feild you would be 3-1.

  29. 31

    If Miss. St. doesn’t drop that wide open last pass, Auburn would be 3-1. If the Clemson holder doesn’t double-clutch the ball in OT, Auburn would be 2-2. If the SC QB doesn’t fumble away the ball in the fourth quarter, Auburn would be 1-3. Auburn has been living on the edge of disaster all season. How long before it catches up with them?

  30. 32

    EG, Andre Ellington is as much of a “new RB” this year for Clemson as Trent Richardson is for Bama. Ellington was Clemson’s 2nd leading rusher last year, and actually had more yds per carry than CJ Spiller did. Boy, that “newness” really showed up when ran for 140+ yds against AU. PSU sucks wind, and Clemson would beat the crap out of them if they played tommorow.

    You’re calling Duke and MSU even?? Are you freakin’ serious?? So I guess you’re saying that Bama is gonna beat MSU by 50 pts, too. No, the truth is that you say MSU and SC suck right now, but when Bama plays them later in the season you’ll be saying they’re both the NE Patriots.

  31. 33

    Well, Bama beat Ark. 35-7 last year, and Arkansas blew out Auburn. When Arkansas does it again this year, what will be your excuse? See, it works both ways. For every thing negative about Bama you say, there is an idiot Auburn fan that does the same thing. Your crap is really getting old, julia. The difference between you and me, is that I would never even want to visit an Auburn board, because I know what to expect. You being here though, acting like anyone here really gives a crap about your opinion, well, that just makes you look like an ass. And when you are wrong, you just look like a stupid ass.

  32. 34

    Ellington was a ghost hiding in Spiller’s shadow. He only did shit because everybody rotated to Spiller on every play. Spiller had less ypc because he was a marked man and because he was also used as a primary receiver, the Wildcat QB and the punt/KO returner dumbass. And you are the only moron on the planet stupid enough to say phucking ACC Clemson is better than Big 10 Penn St. Where are they ranked dumbass? I guess they’re better just because they’re on your schedule? Miss St sucks – period. We nearly beat em by 50 last year and we’ll do it again this year. They lost one of their best ever QB’s and their very best ever RB and you think they’re something special? What a dumbass! You’re damn right I’d compare Duke to them. Two teams in FBS/AQ conferences with the same records. Just like Vandy couldn’t beat Ole Miss either, huh? Moron! Don’t even try Barner. Your fan base is the only people in the country that think your team is tough. This year at least at this time in the season there is probably the widest gap in talent between #1 and #10 as there has ever been in the history of college football. RTR!

  33. 36

    “Your fan base is the only people in the country that think your team is tough.”

    Yeah, our fan base and the unbiased sportswriters around the country that vote in the Associated Press Poll, and the FBS Head Coaches across the country who vote in the USA Today Poll. Other than that, there’s nobody.

    EG, when comparing Clemson and PSU you belittle the ACC, but five sentences later when you compare Duke and MSU you place the ACC and the SEC on the same level as simply being “FBS/AQ conferences”. You just kinda make this up as you go along, dontcha?

    brandii, you repeatedly want to form an argument based upon something that hasn’t happened. Bama has not played Fla yet. Auburn has not played Ark yet, despite your absolute assurance that Ark will blow AU out this year. I’m an intelligent guy, but my mind can only operate within the boundaries of our current space-time continoum.

  34. 37

    Of course you missed my point. Again. But I wasn’t talking to you, and if I wanted any sh!t from you I would squeeze out of your head. But you do make my point, by running your mouth though. Quit trying to change the argument. So, what I said to your sister applies to you as well, stupid-ass.

  35. 38

    Auburn has a soft schedule this year. Bama has the toughest SEC schedule. Those are the facts. Auburn has struggled to win 3 of the 4 games they have played, and have only played 1 ranked team. Somehow, these crazy Auburn fans are feeling like that number 10 ranking was earned, and that the teams that got beat in the top 10 had nothing to do with that big jump. I predict that much as it was last year, Auburns depth problems will catch up with them in the second half of the season. And then the Aubies will hang their heads, fold the flags up and put them in the closet, and go back to rooting against Bama with all of their black and hateful hearts and gnashing of their remaining teeth. It must suck to be an Auburn fan, only to be let down over and over again.

  36. 39

    I would not call it soft. #22 SOS in the country (according to you) can not be considered soft. We have the luxury of our higher ranked opponents at home.

    In about 5 games you will see that your PSU world beater ranked team will not longer be ranked. Also you will see that Clemson will be ranked. Also. MSU and SCAR will continue to climb th polls as well.

    What gets under your skin is that we were “down” for one year…2007. After that year , Jay Jacobs pulled the trigger, and made a tough decision. One that so far , is paying off. On the flip side, Bama wallowed in mediocraty for 10 years, before falling backassward into the best coaching hire since bear.

  37. 40

    No, BP. I have an opinion and that is compared to Bama, Auburns schedule is soft. Bama plays the 6 best teams in the SEC. Auburn does not. If you don’t agree, that is fine. On the flip side, Auburn has wallowed in mediocrity for 90 years of its history. What gets under your skin is Bama wins NCs, and Auburn hardly ever makes the top 10, so I see your reason to celebrate. Enjoy your ranking.

    But you are jumping ahead of yourself there, just like you were accusing me of doing. But one good recruiting class and 4 wins into the season is not enough to say you have turned the corner yet. When the wheels fall off, don’t forget I told you they would. But your toughest game is at the end of the year.

  38. 41

    Paragraph three post 39. “so far is paying off “….I’m not sold on Chiz yet. So far , we are undefeated. As far as the wheels falling off….If they do, it will ot be as big of a fall off as last year. If there is a fall off at all. As I have said all along, time will tell. Also as I’ve said all along, I believe we are a couple of years out. But, who knows ….If we beat LSU (probable) and Arkansas (possible), it all comes down to the Iron Bowl.

  39. 42

    Of course I make it up as I go along. Don’t you? That’s what blogging is all about isn’t it? Of course some people make it up better than others. But since you mentioned it. Miss St and Duke are bottom dwellers, and bottom dwellers are roughly the same in all major conferences. In fact most of the conferences fans will tell you that the SEC bottom dwellers are the worst and that only our top 4 are better than anybody elses. And that the Big 10 and Big 12 and SEC’s top 4 are far superior to the ACC’s. That is pretty much a universal opinion. Therefore my argument is completely legitimate that bottom dwellers SEC Miss St and ACC Duke are roughly equal. And that last years Big 10 #3 Penn St is better than ACC #2 Clemson who was not the 2nd best team in the ACC by a long shot. The three best teams in the ACC last year were all in the same division. Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and North Carolina. Butt Play, accidents happen. I suppose you really think the Barn was only 5 points worse than Bama last year and they nearly whooped our ass too? Anyway that #10 team isn’t there anymore. Now there is a team in that position that got there only because 6 or 7 teams ahead of them unexpectedly lost. If not for that you wouldn’t even sniff the top ten before we flatten that arse in November. RTR!

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