Focus on Mallett in Alabama vs. Arkansas

The Alabama Crimson Tide faces the Arkansas Razorbacks Saturday in a top 10 showdown. A rare event in Fayetteville. There is a strong focus on Ryan Mallett in this game.

So what does Alabama coach Nick Saban have to say about this game? The AP provides the answer. “I think our team will find that you really are only as strong as your weakest link, and I think everyone has got to fight a better fight against better competition,” Alabama coach Nick Saban said. “I think that’s the challenge for everyone in terms of doing their job.” (read more about the Alabama-Arkansas game below.)


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    If Bama jumps on them early, I see it being similar to last years game. With all the hype, it seems there is going to be much more pressure on Mallett to over achieve in this game than there is for Alabama. I don’t think Arkansas can run the ball, nor do I think Arkansas can stop Bama’s strong running game. Bama’s superior depth wins out in the fourth quarter.

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    Totally agree Brando. I’m really not buying the 7 point Vegas line. I think we’ll get ’em in the high 40’s. I’m thinking, 44-20 (+/- 3pt. field goal’s for Arkansas). I think our offense will stay on the field longer than our defense.

    After getting a physical beating from Georgia (yes I know, they still do play SEC football in Athens, sort of) — it will be hard for their defense to line up with our O-LINE. They will be forced to be one dimensional which they already are in my opinion with the passing attack. If our pass rush isn’t up to par tomorrow — look for a closer score but in the end — look for some defensive turnovers on our side for TD’s to seal the deal.

    And yes, fear our depth. Word. RTR.

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    Yeah, I predicted 38-21 Bama earlier this week. But Mallet was a rising star last year before the Bama game. And it sounds like Arkansas is not fearing the defense like they did last year. They are even saying Bamas wins this year should have been different because the other teams that Bama has faced didn’t execute well. I am sensing a lack of respect, and I hope Bama comes out with a strong start like every game so far. Roll Tide!

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    Wow — didn’t know that issue on the execution. I did hear Mallett in the post-interview after the Georgia game and that chick asked him about Alabama coming up — he told her they were a “much more mature team than last year” — and on and on. It is a lack of respect, everyone hates us because we’re on top.

    I hate to even call out some of my Crimson faithful who are “concerned” about this game (so far not on this blog site but in real life). I’m not — I think we are going to go up there and take care of business, SOUNDLY. I just think we are going to “handle the situation”. Simple as that RTR! See ya at 4-0 bro!

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    (cont.) — as far as the strong start — I sure hope so! I’m just accounting that this IS conference play and not cream puff games. So don’t sweat it if we don’t jump out to 17-0 with 5:00 left in the 1st quarter —

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    Well, I believe this Bama offense can be as explosive as any one else, including Arkansas. So even if it comes to a shoot-out, I think Bama still wins. I do believe that Bama is better defensively than Arkansas too. Should be an interesting game given all the hype around it.

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    Tarter Sauce with a side of Shrimp

    Come on! Arkan(T)sas always folds after a few games. Its basically happened to them ever since they joined (the SEC) in the 90’s.

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    You know this is just a hugh game, huge. Bigger for us than for Arky. What with our awesome offense. talented defense and impressive first three games, we still haven’t proven squat! If we can’t beat 10th ranked Arky in a hostile situation – we can’t win the National Championship, and maybe not even our own division much less the SEC. What a disappointing though that is. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. And more important it is the day that Alabama 2010 version finds out if they will defend their Champioship or just be normal like every other team who has won the BCS National Championship before them! Roll Damn Tide Roll!!!

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