Alabama’s McElroy and Davis visit Hospice

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Alabama Crimson Tide players Greg McElroy and Luther Davis visit with Herman Hurst.
Alabama Crimson Tide players Greg McElroy and Luther Davis visit with Herman Hurst.

Greg McElroy and Luther Davis Visit West Alabama Hospice (story and photos courtesy of UA Media Relations)
University of Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy and defensive end Luther Davis took time out of their busy schedules amid preparing for Saturday’s road game at No. 10 Arkansas to visit the West Alabama Hospice in Tuscaloosa on Tuesday afternoon to show their appreciation to Herman Hurst, a life-long Crimson Tide supporter who is battling cancer.

As a surprise to Hurst, his wife, Deloris, contacted West Alabama Hospice’s Social Service Supervisor Bethany Powell to arrange the visit between the Tide players and her husband. Because Hurst is unable to attend Alabama football games, Mrs. Hurst requested that the experience be brought to her husband.

When McElroy and Davis entered the room filled with family members, the joy on Hurst’s face was evident, something the two Tide players will not soon forget.

“It’s just nice to be able to affect people in a positive way,” McElroy said of the trip to visit Mr. Hurst. “Obviously to have the platform that we do through Alabama football and the ability to touch people and affect the way they’re feeling on a particular day is just a great feeling. It’s a real blessing to be able to do that.”

As great of an impact the trip was sure to have on Hurst and his family members, Davis said the opportunity to visit with such an avid Tide fan was a rewarding experience for him as well.

“It put a smile on my face to be able to do something,” Davis said. “With us being as busy as we are with football, school and everything else, it’s kind of difficult to show our appreciation to the fans who love and support this Alabama team so much. It was a great experience for me. I feel like I enjoyed it the most.”

In addition to spending time with Hurst family, McElroy and Davis also took pictures, signed autographs and presented Mr. Hurst with Alabama hats, t-shirts, commemorative BCS National Championship posters and 2010 media guides in an effort to help brighten his day.


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