Wishing won’t make Nick Saban head to the NFL

Keep wishing Volunteer fans, but no matter how much you pray, Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban isn’t going to coach the Dallas Cowboys.

You can blame Volunteer apologist Clay Travis for the latest iteration of the daydream about Nick Saban going somewhere else. Travis’ latest Volunteer fantasy hints that Alabama’s coach would be the object of Jerry Jones’ desire. Travis wrote, “You think Dallas Cowboys billionaire owner Jerry Jones isn’t casting a loving gaze in Saban’s direction? You can think that, but you’d be wrong.”

While the NCAA investigates cheating at the University of Tennessee, Volunteer apologist Clay Travis attempts to distract us. When you have Derek Dooley as your coach, Mike Hamilton as your athletic director and the NCAA looming over every major athletic program because of a culture of cheating, you have to distract yourself with something.

One day Nick Saban may want to try the NFL. However, Jerry Jones is not the type of owner Alabama’s coach would pick. But keep praying and dreaming. That is better than watching the mess at Tennessee. Well, that is if you are a Tennessee fan. For the rest of us, it is kind of fun to watch the chaos on Rocky Top.