Wishing won’t make Nick Saban head to the NFL

Keep wishing Volunteer fans, but no matter how much you pray, Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban isn’t going to coach the Dallas Cowboys.

You can blame Volunteer apologist Clay Travis for the latest iteration of the daydream about Nick Saban going somewhere else. Travis’ latest Volunteer fantasy hints that Alabama’s coach would be the object of Jerry Jones’ desire. Travis wrote, “You think Dallas Cowboys billionaire owner Jerry Jones isn’t casting a loving gaze in Saban’s direction? You can think that, but you’d be wrong.”

While the NCAA investigates cheating at the University of Tennessee, Volunteer apologist Clay Travis attempts to distract us. When you have Derek Dooley as your coach, Mike Hamilton as your athletic director and the NCAA looming over every major athletic program because of a culture of cheating, you have to distract yourself with something.

One day Nick Saban may want to try the NFL. However, Jerry Jones is not the type of owner Alabama’s coach would pick. But keep praying and dreaming. That is better than watching the mess at Tennessee. Well, that is if you are a Tennessee fan. For the rest of us, it is kind of fun to watch the chaos on Rocky Top.


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  1. 1

    yall bammers just cant see the forest for the trees, can yall?
    Saban will leave as soon as someoe offers him $4 million and 1 dollars. Cos thats the way he is… mercenary coach. Dont beleive me… ask Miami…. They know… he left town cos he was gettting more money and a boatload of free cocaine offered by Jimmy Johns.
    He will be gone soon and Gene Chizik will be the cause of it. Gene Chizik will roll into Bryant -Chizik west and annihalate the Godless Bammer turds by at least 2 points.
    It will be horrible… There will be great gnashing of teeth. Many may commit suicide.
    Have fear Bammers.
    Gene Chizik is coming and HE’S BRINGING HELL WITH HIM!!!!

  2. 3

    “Chizik is coming and HE’S BRINGING HELL WITH HIM” I agree, it must be hell to watch your AA team struggle with inferior opponents week in and week out!

  3. 4

    Saban might try the NFL one more time, but it certainly won’t be with Jerry Jones. Saban wouldn’t do it unless it was with a team that gave him total control. That ain’t happenining with Jerry Jones.

  4. 5

    He wouldn’t do it period. He took a cut to come to Bama. He doesn’t like the atmosphere in the pros. As for another college team, Bama would and could outbid anybody that tried. He’s exactly where he wants to be to fulfill his ambitions. And this defending national champ won’t be letting him down like LSWho did. RTR!

  5. 12

    Julia, can you tell Brando where you buy your bras? Do you use the same ones your mother wears? Where does she buy hers? Go wake her up and ask her. By the way, when are you going delete your subscription to PlayGirl. I heard Gene Chizik backed out of the centerfold shoot, and I’m sure you are disappointed.

  6. 13

    13andcounting…futilely attempts reponses in support of fellow bammers by doing nothing more than repeating same material already used…apparently hangs out on gay porn message boards to get inside scoop about upcoming photo spreads…

  7. 14

    What is “futilely”? “hangs out on gay porn message boards”. Man, you are stupid. Nothing more pathetic than a stupid person trying to “type” smart.

  8. 17

    You can do better than that. Your insults are pretty weak, much like your defense when you try to stick up for Auburn on here. You keep trying, but you just get worse. What’s up with that?

  9. 18

    These comments are hilarious – I really get a kick out of the gender bending stuff in these threads – lmfao!

    As for Clay Travis – he is trying to make a name for himself because his rocky flop book was only bought by the Fulmer faithful and libraries. Another poster said he was a PF Jr. – exactly right – he knows if he stirs the pot up, it produces results.

    As for Saban leaving for the NFL again – give me a break – he has stated that he enjoys teaching the game to young men – not a bunch of grown ass men who are paid millions that won’t buy into his system and won’t stay disciplined. IF he were to leave – it would be to another college team. He would have to “lose control” of the program from the AD – his wife would have to start “hating” the place also – I could go on and on but the real fans know the deal – he’s almost 60 and he said this is his last stop. Roll (censor)ing Tide Roll.

  10. 19

    Shh… don’t tell Julia, she is a little sensitive on this subject, and I think her hormones get a little out of whack around this time every year.

  11. 21

    See what I mean? Julia, stick to the topic. You are here because you wish Saban would go away, but instead you are fantasizing about me in your homo erotic daydreams. And that is just crazy. Saban isn’t going away, and you are just really creepy.

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