Ingram, Alabama prep for Arkansas

“It was great having 22 (Ingram) and 3 (Richardson) back there again,” Tide guard Barrett Jones said. “It’s a great feeling to block for that combination of running backs. It’s great to know that if one of them gets tired and the other one goes in, there’s not going to be much of a dropoff — or any dropoff.”


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    Shoot, Cam is like Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson, with with a little Bo Jackson and Pat Sullivan mixed together. He will win the Heisman this year and next. You’ll see.

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    Hell, McCaleb, Fannin and Dyer together couldn’t lift one of Richardsons testicals. McCaleb looks like an anorexic runt. Our D will pull him apart like a tortured fly. RTR!

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    Yeah, and since Reggie Bush gave back the Heisman, it goes to Brandon Cox now. So, since Bama won the NC and Heisman, Awbun has won one too, and got another Heisman to boot.

  4. 5
    I want my oilers back

    Abarn fan is just jealous of Alabama’s national championships. Yall go undefeated in 2003 and still can’t make it into the BCS championship game. Stop your complaining.

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    I am just getting on the Auburn Hype Train, since all the cool kids are doing it. Don’t worry, it will be derailed this weekend.

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