Tennessee’s Phil Fulmer wants a job

Tennessee's Phil Fulmer wants a job
Tennessee's Phil Fulmer wants a job

Former Tennessee Volunteer coach Phil Fulmer was begging for a job Saturday. He called out Lane Kiffin and by imputation current Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton on television.

One thing we know about Fulmer is that he knows how to campaign for a job. He stabbed former Tennessee coach Johnny Majors in the back to get the football coaching job, and now it looks like Mike Hamilton will soon be saying, “Et tu Fulmer?”


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  1. 1

    Only one thing wrong with your cartoon today, itk, fulmer’s sign should have read:

    “will direct athletics for donuts”.

  2. 5

    I like Phil Fulmer. He has been a good freind to Pat Dye and to Auburn football. Ya gotta like anyone who puts Bammer in the doghouse for cheating. Which is all they ever do. if Bammer didnt cheat they would have never beaten the auburn Tigers. Becasue every body knows an Auburn man can lick 20 Bammers. We also have a creed. Whats Bammer got …. I will tell you what Bammer has got….. CHEATERS. Lots and lots of CHEATERS.
    Thank God For people like Phil Fulmer who will keep the godless Bammer cheaters in check.
    War Damn Eagle!!!!!

    p.s. BAMMER CHEATS!!!!

  3. 6
    Gene Crawford

    Coach Fulmer’s successor used more grace and character than Fulmer did when he led (from behind the scenes) the ouster of Coach Majors. I wonder what fine institution of higher learning is in search of a coach with such qualities.

  4. 7
    Alex Hamilton

    Fulmer is right? That’s a laugh. Someone needs to remind Fulmer that he had highly regarded recruiting classes in his final five years at UT. In spite of that talent, he was 0-4 versus Florida and 0-2 versus Saban. Fulmer refused to reinvent himself (as Bryant and even Bowden did). Fulmer was given every opportunity to be sucessful, yet he joked around and got his ass beat. Fulmer has no one to blame for Lame Kiffin being at UT than Phillip Fulmer.

    What this is, is sour grapes.

  5. 8

    What is funny is he tried to put Bama ‘out of business’ and shortly after he was outed as a secret witness, his own program has fallen into shambles. Karma is a be-otch.

  6. 9

    He didn’t take Majors’ job. Why don’t you sports experts tell the WHOLE truth? Majors was out with open heart surgery. Fulmer stepped up and coached Tennessee to three wins. When Majors came back he lost a couple of games and was fired. What was Fulmer supposed to do…..loose so Majors could keep his job…. get a life folks……Look at what Tennessee has done since Coach Fulmer left….nothing.

  7. 11

    tennvolfan4ever said:

    “Look at what Tennessee has done since Coach Fulmer left….nothing.”

    Now what did he do in his last 5 years there? Obsess over Bama, and look where that got him. Did you not think he was overmatched when he coached against Saban?

  8. 13
    Indiana Vol

    Same old Bammer Moron drivel blaming Fulmer for their NCAA troubles. Fulmer OWNED you and you can’t get even; BOO HOO! Grow up and accept the fact that Bammer cheated, no matter where the evidence came from. What a bunch of MORON CRYBABIES!!

    You MORONS need to get a clue and move forward. You CHEATED, got caught and became a REPEAT OFFENDER in the eyes of the NCAA. END OF STORY!

    Hopefully, the Piggies or the Gators will ruin the 2010 season for THE BEST TEAM MONEY CAN BUY, THE CRIMSON TURD F BAMMER!!!!

  9. 15

    Indy Vol, you are an idiot. Saban embarrassed Fulmer his last few years there, and it only added to what Meyer and Richt were already doing. Even a simple minded hillbilly like yourself should be able to recognize the game passed him by. But the probation is over, Bama is kicking ass, and your program is at the bottom of the SEC.

  10. 16

    He was in the middle of doing nothing when he left. I seem to remember there were some slimey goings on in the Majors – Fulmer debacle. Plus it’s pretty chickens__t to fire an icon right after he had heart surgery probably caused by the pressure of his job. As for Bear dude, don’t even lump him with non-innovative coaches. He was only the 3rd coach to switch to the Wishbone and the only coach who ever made the Wishbone into an efficient passing offense which during the period made Bama the greatest team of all time. Then when defenses caught up and the West Coast, fun and gun offenses came around he turned Walter Lewis loose to fling the ball all over the place. After that I don’t hold any anger for the dropoff in Bama’s performance since Bear was secretly sick and coached “Mama” until it killed him. Now he’s up there sitting on the right hand of God and unleashing Hell on the
    arseholes. RTR!

  11. 17
    Indiana Vol



    I think the Vols beat UGA, Vandy and UK (26 straight)last year. So bottom of the SEC program sounds like a idiotic comment from a dirty, cheating Bammer TURD.


  12. 18

    Indiana Volunqueer, you’re back submitting yourself to more abuse. I’m supprised you would show your face on this board under the present cicumstances. Then again I guess it takes your mind off the pain and suffering of those multiple STD’s. Glad to see you’re surviving. Love to see you suffering and am able to add to it in some small way. Bwaa Haww Ha
    ww! RTR!

  13. 19

    Indy Vol, look at the record Fulmer had against his rivals his last five years. He (and UT) didn’t own much of anything. And you are at the bottom. Vandy has a better SEC record than your school. And you have to go through this season wondering if Vandy is going to beat ya’ll, hillbilly. Have fun with your losing season, while we enjoy Bamas quest to repeat. Roll Tide, you little be-otch!

  14. 20
    Indiana Vol

    “Vandy has a better SEC record than your school.”

    This statement proves that BammerBrando is a true BAMMER MORON!!

    BTW; FULMER beat your sorry CHEATING asses 12 out of 17 years!


  15. 21

    Haha you crazy vol. Fulmer aint even coaching anymore, that how far your ass is stuck in the past. Tennessee hasn’t been beating much of anyone anymore, and yet you are here running your mouth. Which school is being investigated for cheating right now? You look like such a fool. Hide and watch as Bama dominates, and makes crybabies outta people like you.

  16. 22
    Indiana Vol

    BammerBrando (aka Bammer MORON),

    Talk about stuck in the past, all you TURDS want to talk about is how Fulmer got you in trouble. GET A LIFE!

    Our NCAA issues are nothing compared to the player buying that has been going on at Bammer for decades!

    BTW, Fulmer still owns YOU!

    Don’t expect a National Title this year!

  17. 23

    Right now, Saban owns your sorry ass. Shula even beat you a year before Saban. So this will be what, like 5 years in a row after this year? Fulmer got fired, as I recall. You still hung up on him? And hey, I think we should all thank Fulmer, because without him we wouldn’t have ended up with Saban. Thanks, Tennessee! We really appreciate it! Roll Tide little be-otch!

  18. 24
    Bama Fan in NYC

    A few facts for Indiana Vile:

    -Alabama owns you.

    -Four in a row is looming.

    -Nick Saban is Fulmer’s, Kiffin’s, and Tennessee’s daddy.

    -You guys have recently been discovered as the most cheating program of the past 3 years, AND YOU STILL SUCK!

    -Again, you guys are the new cheaters in town.

    -Fat Blubber-butt Phil was a snitch, who lost a bidding war to the same player; therefore, he himself, was a cheater as well.

    -Blubber-butt lost to MIKE SHULA! 😀


    -Alabama put Fatty out on the streets.

    -Your fans are fat.

    -It SUCKS to be a Vile.

    -Four in a row is looming…

    -We own you.

    -It SUCKS to be a Vile. 😀

  19. 25
    Indiana Vol

    Bama Fan in NYC (aka: another Bammer Moron!),

    Your idiotic post just proves what a low class of fans Bammer has.

    Enjoy your no-NC winning season!

  20. 26
    Indiana Vol

    What do you have to say now BAMMER MORONS???

    “On Monday, Wilson told the Kiwanis Club that his book contains details that show Fulmer and Tennessee were not conspiring to bring down Alabama, as alleged by attorneys for the plaintiffs.

    Wilson said shoddy reporting by the state and national media led to a frenzy of anger that resulted in the $30 million judgment against Culpepper.

    “The retired judge said his book contains details that show it was part of lead Cottrell attorney Thomas Gallion’s legal strategy to use the media to mislead the public into believing that there was a University of Tennessee-led conspiracy to bring down Alabama football and that was what led to the defamation of Cottrell and Williams. He also said the book would show that lawyers withheld certain documents from the press to help deliver that message.

    For example, the much-

    discussed memos from Fulmer to the SEC home office that raised questions surrounding Means’ recruitment made no mention of Alabama’s involvement, Wilson said.

    The SEC’s investigation of those memos resulted in the allegations being declared an “unsubstantiated rumor,” which in turn meant that none of its member institutions were warned that violations, specifically by UA booster Logan Young, were occurring in the recruitment of Means.

    “(Another) thing that was not told to (the press) is that the Albert Means violation was not reported by the University of Tennessee,” Wilson said, “but by the University of Arkansas. …

    “All of these facts totally refuted the UT conspiracy in the case.”


    Read it an weep BAMMER BASTARDS; I said all along that Tommy Gallion was an ambulance chaser looking for a story and Phil Fulmer did not get Bammer in trouble; Bammer did that all on its own!

  21. 27

    And if you believe anything a judge writes in a book you are the biggest dumbarse of them all. Especially a judge from Tennessee who ruled against Bama itself instead of only against the actual perputrators and without anything more than what would legally be hearsay evidence. The arsehole has lived with that stigma for years and now he wants to clear his name. HA! Judges are the weak link in our whole legal system. One asshole up there with a gavel decides what to allow and disallow, who can and can’t testify, who’s in contempt and for what, and life or death (figuratively speaking) for the accused. And even in a jury trial the bas__rd still has excessive leeway to usurp the jury decision if he doesn’t like it. And they do this with predjudice and impunity. Dickwad, don’t come around here 10 years after the fact spouting a crooked cocksucking judges memoirs to me! Get back to Ufelon. RTR!

  22. 28

    Hey, Vol – OK, so you’ve learned how to “cut and paste” – can you actually come up with an original thought that doesn’t quote from a biased source that has only himself to answer to? If you think that, just because this dude is a judge, he is unbiased and cares only about the truth, then you need to take a look at this land I’ve got for sale. I am tired of seeing the same little post from you on every Bama site – get a life and follow the felons through their season(s) of mediocrity in the SEC. Maybe ya’ll can learn how to bowl or play women’s lacrosse or something.

  23. 30

    Aw come on. Indy Vols posts here are gold for the entertainment value alone. When the federal judge made the NCAA release the ‘secret witness’ information, it showed that Fulmer was at least piling on, and doing whatever he could to bring Bama down. Of course, the NCAA rejected much of what he was saying. And which school is currently under investigation for recruitng violations?

  24. 31
    Indiana Vol

    Hey Crimsonite (aka DUMBASS SHI#HEAD BAMMER MORON)

    Get you facts straight before you let the SHI# fly out of your mouth. This judge sat in Tuscaloser, not in Tennessee.

    “Circuit Judge Steve Wilson sat on the bench in Tuscaloosa County for 25 years, but quietly retired last week, leaving Gov. Bob Riley to appoint someone to fill the vacancy.”



  25. 32
    Indiana Vol

    Hey Crimsonite (aka DUMBASS SHI#HEAD BAMMER MORON)

    This judge was one of your own Bammer grads!!!

    “Wilson earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s in counseling from the University of Alabama. He attended law school at night while working as a counselor and received his degree in 1979.”


    Come on DUMBASS, explain your way out of this!!

  26. 33

    I still believe what the federal judge ordered the NCAA to release. But your school is being investigated for cheating RIGHT NOW as we speak. Man, you are more ignorant than the Auburn fans on here. But keep it coming dude, this is funny as hell! GET A LIFE YOU MORON! haw! That is great! You got anymore?

  27. 34

    Phat Fulmer will still go down as one of the biggest rats in college football. He got what he deserved by his own actions. Defend him all you want, but he was washed up years ago. Maybe he can go into his own Private Investigating business, since he is so good at that. Did you ever wonder maybe if he wasn’t so busy with his side job, he could have focused on winning more games? Nah, Saban destroyed him by 20+ points before he was embarrassingly fired, after all of his hard work. Enjoy that last NC, probably the last one you will see in your life. So F*ck you Vol, get ready for a Bama repeat!

  28. 35

    Yeah asswipe the link wouldn’t connect on my cell, but now I’m on my computer. I thought you were talking about the Federal Judge in Memphis. However asswipe, this judge is talking about how frivolous in his opinion was Cottrel’s lawsuit. In my mind all of those defamation of character lawsuits stemming from Albert Means were frivolous. Everybody that had their dirty little fingers in the pot but thought there was no real evidence, all wanted to be disassociated from it. Nobody is denying there were dumbarse recruits, high school coaches, agents and boosters involved. But the University was not directly involved other than by rumors of what was going on. Anyway the University cannot police the boosters then or now. They can only say don’t do it and hope they listen. All that being said, the damn judge has no right to put in his book for fact that UcheaT and Phat Phil were not involved. He can state an opinion, but he can’t state it as a fact. Just because there is no reference to it in documents does not mean it never happened. You think the UcheaT administration or Phat Phil were going to have in hard copy their implication in ratting out Alabama. Give me a break! The whole phucking country knew it idiot! Alabama had the NAZI’s who had their noses up our arses for years, to be pissed at. We did’t need to make up bullcrap about Phat Phil too. You bas__rds narc’d on us. It’s that plain and simple. Shite like that comes out from undisclosed sources who don’t want to be implicated. Doesn’t matter if it is written down in court documents or not. The dumbarse judge is tired of being a pariah in his own town and state because of his ruling. He would say anything to clean his arse. It happened. It’s fact. No one person can refute it. Your x-coach is a narc. Get over it Ufelon. RTR!

  29. 36
    Indiana Vol

    Hey Crimsonite,

    You are too fu##ing stupid to read, you make decisions by what you are told from the other Bammer Morons.

    Bammer cheated, got caught and is still pissed about; END OF STORY!

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