Football: Arkansas defeats Georgia

Recap: Ryan Mallett’s last-minute TD pass leads No. 12 Arkansas past Georgia 31-24

Think the pressure is mounting on Georgia’s Mark Richt? Getting ready for Alabama’s game against Arkansas? Want to know how Ryan Mallett looked? According to the AP, “Mallett boosted his Heisman hopes by throwing for 380 yards and three touchdowns, all of them on badly blown coverages by the Bulldogs.” Read the game story with all the details. After that, share your thoughts on Mark Richt’s future. Is he safe? Is he in trouble?


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    One of the best games I watched this season to date! I wear if Arkansas had a higher caliber of a defense – they would be feared for third place in the WEST – seriously, no jokes.

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    Oh and “Dontcare” – I’m starting a don’t fire Mark Richt campaign because Vince Dooley likes him and he’s a food Christian person 🙂

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