Alabama football: Ingram returns!

Alabama Crimson Tide star Mark Ingram returned in style. Some quotes about the game and a story follows:

AP: “We always approach every game the same way: Just come in, wanting to dominate the opponent, make them never want to play us ever again,” Ingram said. “That’s the mindset we want them to have when we leave.”

“That’s the best Alabama team that I’ve seen,” Cutcliffe said. “Our whole team, because of the way they started the game, you get shocked early.”

“I just really wanted to make an impact right off the jump,” Ingram said. “It was very satisfying knowing we got the call and I was one on one with the corner and had to make the play. It was good to just set the tone early.”

“I think we obviously have the opportunity to be a very explosive offense. I think we’ve known that from the start,” McElroy said. (read the entire story on the Alabama victory and Mark Ingram’s return below)


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    At least 80%. On tv the stadium looked red all the way around. Even the Duke student section looked kind of purple from the combination of red and blue. Thought we were playing in BDS! Ha Ha!

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