Roundtable: Previewing Alabama vs. Duke

The Crimson & White Roundtable looks back at Penn State and ahead to Duke. You can view the Roundtable and read what other participants have to say at the Roundtable website. On to my thoughts.

1. What is the most important thing we learned in the wake of the Penn State game?
Not to ride a bus. I guess you mean something that happened on the field. That would probably be the defense. It needs to improve, but it appears to have players who want to make plays. If the unit continues to improve in the next few weeks, the defense will be fun to watch. I believe the coverage will improve and be more complex when SEC play begins.

2. What is the biggest area of concern given the upcoming contest with Duke?
Injuries. Games like this are when injuries become the greatest fear. You never know when something weird will happen and end a season or a career. You want to get out of here with a win and without any serious injuries.

3. How much will the return of Marcel Dareus and (possibly) Mark Ingram affect the team’s strategy?
My guess is that the strategy for Ingram will be to get him some reps. A few carries that allows him to hit game speed and get some contact would be a good prep for the start of conference play that is coming. As for Dareus, I suspect he’ll be ready to go. He hasn’t had the injury issue and that will mean a deeper rotation along the front.

4. What part of the gameday experience are you most looking forward to on Saturday?
I’m looking forward to watching the game on television instead of in the stands. I can see more on television. When the pretty girl you are sitting with hands you her glasses so you can read the player’s numbers, you realize that you are too old to be at a game. Or maybe you just need glasses. Either way, no traffic commuting from the chair. Also, you can view more games on Saturday. That will be nice.


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  1. 1

    Apparently you being in the stadium didn’t see the game as clearly as I did up close with ESPN. So I’ll point out a couple of things. It was not the coverage that was lacking, It was the pass rush. The only times we came close to sacking the QB was on blitzes. Yes the line gave tremendous effort. They pushed, and fought, and pushed, and fought. But they couldn’t get off or through the blocks. Don’t tell me you didn’t notice on play after play when we didn’t blitz, the QB had simply all day to throw. Seemed like a lifetime with our D-line struggling against their blockers and the damn QB eating BBQ and taking a piss before he threw the ball. Now just why do you think since he had all day – he took all day? Because our DB’s had their recievers covered like stink on s__T! Why the hell do you think we had 2 interceptions and almost had 3 others and a fumble recovery in the secondary? Dude our DB’s are lights out. The only reason they completed any passes at all is because NOBODY can cover all day. And that goes back to the pass rush when not blitzing. Now this week I just don’t see Duke’s O-line standing up our D-line like PSU did. Not even the D-line that played last week. But that question is moot, because Upshaw? and Darius are going to take over the opponents O-line from here on out. Without the QB having a millenium to throw, our DB’s are going to be something to behold There’s going to be more passes coming back than going down. I’ll be honest with you. I’m from Foley and I thought Lester was a ringer to entice Julio. But I swear to God, I believe he could cover the whole damn secondary by himself. He was everywhere, doing everything. In fact without the Foley connection (three starters on the #1 ranked team) Bama would be somewhat diminished. All 3 named players of the week. When has that ever happened before anywhere at any school. Nope dude, don;t want to hear nothing negative about our DB’s until they allow an opponent into the endzone enough to make it a tight game. So far, nada, zilch, zero, zip. RTR!

  2. 2

    Who was it in the D-line or LB’s that was hurt and only played a few plays/ Upshaw or Square. I forget. If I was wrong above just chalk it up to a senior moment. HA HA.

  3. 3

    I thought pressure was decent at times. When there was good pressure, Penn State’s young QB made mistakes.

    I’m not negative on the secondary. I thought coverage was pretty good. I think it will get better as the season moves along.

  4. 4

    Defense will get better is for sure.Defense not really that bad,it just needs a little fine tuning.With Dareus back that want hurt a thing matter of fact that might be the the spark plug that was fouled out.And with this new one in it might run a little better.Would love to see defense hold Duke to a field goal like last two games,which i think is very possible.No way Duke stops this offense,we should score at least 30 on this team with ease.If not more.I see this as a big blow out with Saban calling off the dogs at the start of the fourth quarter. 38 6 ROLL TIDE……

  5. 5

    Give up. Okay?
    yall dont have a chance in h*ll, thats why.

    Your little midget dictator has been out recruited by the Auburn war machine and without that talent Yall are gonna lose big time.
    Think about it. Bammer gets run over by the gus bus in Tusculoser. Dyer gets 400 yards. Cam newton unleashes his fury and runs over the entire Bammer Defense including the losers on the bench every time he touches the ball. He scores so much Bammer begs to see Kodi Burns again. The Kodi scores 8 more touchdowns and poses for a hiesman trophy, Which by the way Kodi, cam, Dyer and Lee Zeimba will be the nominees for the hiesman this year. they might feel sorry for some big 10 QB, but one of those guys is a shoe in…Wouldnt it be wicked if they all tied for the honor and they all one one? That would make the hiesman count for the last 2 years Auburn 4 Bammer 1. How do you like that inbreds. It could bery possibly happen. And if they give a hiesman for recruiting and talking top shelf trash Trooper Taylor will win that… that is like what 6-1 hiesmans for Auburn. It could happen.
    And what about 2004. Soembody will give Auburn that championship, then yall Bammers wont be so high and mighty will you…. well heck no you wont. you will be humbled (remember 6 in a row> and LAMO?) that humbled.
    I saw Bowden and paterno on the field with Sabear, the only reason that they did it was because Gene chizik was busy winning real football games ad didnt have time to hang out with 2 old has been coaches from decades ago. Know why?
    I’ll tell you why, Gene chizik is a winner, and he dont need no blessing from some obscure has been worn out college coaching legends, (Ha)
    and whats more if them 2 (Bowden and Petrino, ah… I mean Peterno, came to Pat Dye field he would whoop there butts and run them off Pat Dye field. Cos Pat is one B*d*ss M*therf*cker thats why.
    Bowden, Peturno and Sabear couldnt carry pat Dye’s play book, much less his jock strap.
    so there you have it Bammers.
    Hiesmans….Auburn 6 Bammer one (Is it legit or is like those 29 NCs yall like to brag about?)
    Chizik too cool for Pertunia and Bowden.
    Dye is a Bad*ss.
    there you have it Bammers now gag on it!!!!

  6. 6

    By the way what in the h*ll is Bammer doing playing John Wayne? I thought he was like…. dead or some such.
    Could someone please explain this phenomonom to me? Is this one of those Bammer myths that yall keep perpetualizing?
    29 NCs and you beat John Wayne too?
    Yall’s ignorance disgusts me… yall are so gullible. Everybody knows that John Wayne is dead and aint played no football since he was Maryanne Morisson and he play for One of them teams up north that is too scared to play Auburn.
    Yes Sir… I said it…. Somebody had to… all teams from up north are scared of the pride of Dixieland … In case yall stupid ignorant non book reading book stealing bammerturds didnt know thats Auburn U. runningback U, Linebacker U, Lineman U, Quarterback U, Defensive end U, Place kicker U. Waterboy U.
    As a matter of fact Auburn is EVERYTHING U! Thats right we are world famous for turning out the finest players to ever suit up… Remember Bo jackson? Whats that Bammers???? Did you just shiver ad wet your pants? Your d*mn right yall did. ……

  7. 7

    You are correct Mr. Crinsonite. I think that Bamas secondary is the major strength of the team. To be fair though, PSU had some great O-line play. Dareus will be a welcome relief though for you guys.

    My Bammer buddies are all down of the defense for some reason. I dont get it. Only three teams have not allowed a touchdown so far this year. Bama, Baylor, and someone else. Whats the problem ?

  8. 9

    I’d bet anything that UA not blitzing wss by design. They wanted to diguise coverage and let an inexperienced QB throw into traffic. It was obviously he right call since they were lacking their primo pass-rusher. IMO, folks are worried over nothing.

  9. 10

    I would say Dareus and Upshaw are Bamas best pass rushers, until some of the noobs catch on. The young talent is there that is for sure.

  10. 11

    Post 5 — issues.

    Our pash russ DOES need to be stepped up and I’m certain that they have been practicing that. As far as Marcell getting in there right away and ready to go — well — he will, but not right away — EVERYBODY has to get in rhythm.

    See ya at 3-0. RTR.

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