Tommy Tuberville vs. Mack Brown

Who has the advantage in this coaching match? Is it former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville or Texas coach Mack Brown?

AP: Tuberville says he’s got a good record in playing top 10 teams. And a formula.

“I’ve learned … just get out the way and let the players play,” he said. “Don’t try to out coach. Just give them an opportunity to play and do what they do best and see what happens.”

Despite never having faced one another, Brown and Tuberville have spent time together. The two visited troops in the Middle East the year after Tuberville left Auburn at the end of 2008.

Brown said he seized the opportunity, quizzing Tuberville on what he’d do were he to get another coaching job — what kind of offense he’d run, do you run on third down, how about fake punts and kicks. And so forth.

“I’ve got all my notes ready now,” Brown said this week, smiling. (read the entire preview story below)


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    Yeah he actually cashed in, and got the hell out. He knew he was done once Bama hired Saban. He will probably be holding his fingers up going into the stadium this weekend.

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    Yeah I was wondering what moron wrote that crap. Tubby ended his career at Barnietown with the worse arse whippin’ of his life! Bama 36 – Barnies 0! RTR!

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