The gayness continues at Auburn

The gayest thing I have witnessed in a while…after the little tiggers sing the fight song in a triumph over a down-to-the-wire win over pitiful Missy State, listen to what they sing next…

My favorite, go back and watch again how gay Ryan Pugh looks singing his little heart out up on the bench.

This is what happens when the dipsy-doo offense infiltrates your team. Thank goodness we still play big boy football in Tuscaloosa, and are the best in the country at doing it.  That keeps this kind of gayness out of our locker room.


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  1. 1
    You gona need sombody to lean on

    They are going to need somebody to lean on after November 26th when they can’t stand make it out of the stadium cause they been beaten so bad.

  2. 3

    Gay traditions at Auburn:
    1. Throwing toilet paper in a dying tree. Imagine if auburn ever won a legimate national championship, there would be a nationwide shortage of TP.

    2.Placing a tiger tail out the back of their car. Most of the time it’s been pushed over to the side and looks like it’s been run over.

    3. Having a hayride for recruits to celebrate a national championship in 2004 that was awarded to them by a 17-year old high school student.

    Feel free to add more.

  3. 5

    Strange, then again they live in a cow town plus, Abarn can’t do anything right and that fight song is terrible. The best song is Rammer Jammer, completely non bias, really (other schools songs are… its just bad) Alabama got it right with that one and so many other things too. Roll Tide

  4. 7

    There must be 50 ways to leave your gay Barner lover.

    Just hop on the gay bus Gus.
    Find a new scheme Gene.
    Go on the lamb Cam.
    Make a new plan Cam.
    Chop his knee Lee.
    Quit your cryin’ Ryan.
    Peddle your trike Mike.
    Crash your Harley Farley.
    Go into a stupor Looper.

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