OUTRAGE! Corruption in Knoxville

What can a University of Tennessee football player do?

He can kick the shit out of a cop and get away with it. In fact, you can riot and coach Derek Dooley, the inept athletic director Mike Hamilton and the legal system won’t do anything about it.

According to Wes Rucker, “As expected, local DA office will longer pursue charges in the Vols Bar Knoxville incident. Close the book on Vol Brawl 2K10.” Also, “As soon as we learned there was no visual evidence, it was going to be tough to prosecute. No evidence and Vols had their stories straight.”

If you care to read more about the outrage then you can go to GoVolsXtra.com. That story will give you all the rationalization.

The story is simply this; you are above the law if you are a player for the University of Tennessee.


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  1. 1

    The tennessee fans are blaming the off-duty cop. Unbelievable !!!
    This sends a message to all football jocks that play at Tennessee…If you break the law, keep ya mouth shut.
    Move on? really? At least until the next incident involving vol players.

  2. 3
    Alex Hamilton

    They aren’t above having their britches yanked down and being spanked on National TV by a team that spends more time picking out its uniform than on watching film. Now that should be more than enough punishment for the thugs. And when we kick the excrement out of the undisciplined bastards next month, at least they can take turns with Lacey Earps while they watch Bama win in Glendale, AZ.

    Nothing sucks like the Big Orange. Go Phuck Yourselves VOLS.

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