The James Madison effect

AP: If Boise State is the only undefeated team at the end of the regular season, or one of two without a loss, it has a shot. But even in that scenario, regular-season perfection might not be enough for Boise State — again.

That’s where James Madison could impact the Broncos’ chances.

There are still many who believe that if a team such as Alabama, Ohio State, Texas or Oregon finishes with one loss, it would deserve a spot in the title game over an unbeaten Boise State.

Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban said as much Saturday on ESPN, when he made the point that teams with more difficult paths to the title game should be rewarded. (read it all below)


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    That’s a no-brainer excepts for the non-AQ schools who for some obteuse reason think they’re entitled to play for the National Championship even though their undefeated record was compiled against 9 or 10 Sisters Of Mercy schools. I invite any non-AQ conference to put together an allstar team and send them to play Bama. We’ll settle this crap once and for all. They can go to Hell or play Alabama, It’s the same thing! RTR

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    Va. Tech is not a good football team. I saw that in their play against Boise. Undisciplined, and to me , they didnt give any effort. Not a suprise . They were not good last year either.

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    I think last years Va. Tech was pretty decent. They had a better record than Auburn did. This years team may be Beamers worst one ever. Roll Tide and Go Clemson!

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    I got two buds who are VT fans and they told me Beamer is starting to get the “Bowden” syndrome one Blacksburg. Everyone wants Bud Foster as the head coach up there – when I watched the game, it seemed like Bud Foster was the only one yelling and coaching. Only thing Beamer does is call special team plays and occasional offensive/defensive changes on schemes. The coordinators do the rest. I just think VT got complacent after a loss to Boise St.

    One thing is for sure though – James Madison should be paid millions by the BCS committee for “making everything all right” for this year because James Madison “took care of business”.

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    “While James Madison provided further evidence of increased parity in college football, how the gap between the haves and the have nots is not as wide as it once was,”

    MY ASS!

    this kind of drivel makes me pull my hair out!

    a championship caliber div. 2 program beating a michigan or va. tech or alabama in an extreme down year is NOT, and i repeat, IS NOT an example of parity!!!

    i heard musbuttwipe refer to va. tech. the other nite against boise as the establishment.

    uhhhh, excuse me, no they’re not! in va. tech.’s best years they are a ten to fifteenth ranked team.

    the establishment is alabama, texas, oklahoma, usc, penn st., florida, (barely) ohio st., michigan, notre dame, you get the idea.

    va. tech doesn’t belong in that group. va. tech is much closer to boise than they are to nebraska. they don’t have the history, they don’t have the tradition.

    teams that have a national championship:

    ga. tech.
    mich. st.

    va. tech?? don’t think so.

    people who play this parity crap justify scholarship restrictions. scholly restrictions doesn’t create parity, money does.

    florida state built a championship program without scholarship restrictions. ditto miami.

    it’s about the benjamins. if you don’t have alum and boosters that want it, you don’t f’n need it.

    but let’s please stop with the implication that scholarship restrictions create parity or advance the same because it doesn’t. upsets happen. david is gonna bitchslap goliath from time to time. everybody gets their ass whipped from time to time, i don’t care how big and bad you are.

    when you show me one four star james madison beat nick saban for head to head, well, i’ll start making prep for the apocalypse.

    but until then, i see that result as more about how bad the hokies are than how parity bit them in the gobbler.

    (soapbox down)

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