Alabama-Penn State: A tale of 2 QBs

Another preview of the Alabama and Penn State game. This takes a look at the quarterbacks.

AP: Former Alabama defensive back Don McNeal has split allegiances. He’s one of the stars from the 1979 Sugar Bowl victory over Penn State that won a national title for the Tide, but also Bolden’s great uncle. “I’m torn between the two, but I guess I’ve got to go with Alabama (because) my whole family’s going with my nephew,” McNeal said. “You know what? I want him to do great, but I don’t want him to do that great because we want to win the football game.” Read it all below:


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    Stupid f–king Mochila again. I thought you prided yourself on being a journalist? Journalists don’t link their entire story through a damn site that is difficult to access and requires membership. What, do you own stock in the bast–ds or something?

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    Honestly, the entire story is in the page. It doesn’t require clicking unless your browser can’t load or won’t run java.

    I use Mochila so I don’t have to link the story anywhere else, and you can read it here. If you can’t read it then maybe your security settings won’t let you run java or you need to update your java settings?

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    Yeah that’s exactly what it is. It tells me I need a later version of something. Problem is I normally use my cell instead of my laptop, and you can’t download or update cell browsers except when the phone company offers a system upgrade.

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