Herbstreit fun fact

Here were Kirk Herbstreit’s picks this past weekend:

Notre Dame over Purdue: Correct!
Cincinnati over Fresno State: Nope!
UConn over Michigan: Nope!
Illinois over Missouri: Nope!
UCLA over Kansas State: Nope!
Washington over BYU: Nope!
Oregon State over TCU: Nope!
LSU/NC and VaTech/BSU he called the games and did not pick a winner.

For those keeping score at home, that’s 1 for 7, or 14%.

Herbstreit if you’ll remember was the lone voice in the wilderness not predicting Alabama to make it back to Atlanta this year.

With the obvious grasp he has on the game, who can argue with him?


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  1. 1

    Change his name to Tim Brando alla Ole Miss.

    But he’s just trying to morivate the Bama team……….yea right. Bosie still sucks!!!

  2. 2

    Speaking of Tim Brando, I finally had to stop following him on Twitter. All he does is whine about fans who whine at him about what he says. It’s really sad and annoying. One of the final straws was when he misspelled your/you’re. Dude’s supposed to be a professional journalist or something. Twitter is no excuse.

  3. 6

    You can trace his Credibility Factor sliding when he was paired with Brent Cheeseburger.
    Lest we forget – Brent has been Anti- Bama his entire Career. The Poop has rubbed off on Kirk.

  4. 7

    herbie smoking the free stuff from california per finebaum

    herbie just throwing mud at the wall and sees what it sticks and then can say he was right about something.

    herbie – be careful with your picks – u will judged by the audience on ur picks…a shot after his ridiculous au west pick

  5. 8

    Didn’t ya’ll hear? He likes Auburn now. Like what he says really makes a difference. Just like BP and Julia think what they say will magically come true too. Herbie fits in fine with that bunch.

  6. 9

    All this from the same guy who said “even with all of Bama’s emotion, it wont be enough to beat Florida for the SEC Champ.”

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